Kabsat Restaurant Review [San Juan, La Union]

July 09, 2024

Sharing our dining experience at Kabsat Restaurant in San Juan, La Union.

Kabsat Restaurant in San Juan is popular for its delicious food, spacious interiors, and an airy upper deck that provides a wonderful view of the beach (and sunset!). When we went to Kabsat, the crowd was a mix of both young customers and mature diners. Just the same, I think it’s one of the most family-friendly restaurants in La Union because of the kid-friendly food items in its menu plus its roomy dining area makes it one of the most comfortable restaurants that we tried in the province.

Kabsat Restaurant Review [San Juan, La Union]

Kabsat Restaurant Review [San Juan, La Union]

    Kabsat Restaurant’s ambiance

    We went to Kabsat for dinner and while it was already late at night, there were still a good number of people who were eating and having drinks. It was a good thing that Kabsat had a second level where there were still available tables. There were no windows, so the sea breeze provided ventilation (in addition to the electric fans).

    The interiors of Kabsat Restaurant
    The interiors of Kabsat Restaurant

    The ambiance was generally easygoing. I would think that most of the diners that time were also tourists, and the overall laid-back vibe was palpable. Our table and seats were comfortable and not cramped.

    When it was time to order, the servers were readily available to take our orders.

    The food

    We ordered Fried Chicken, Tuna Salpicao, Bicol Express, Beef Bulalo, Rice, and Turon with ice Cream. After a fair amount of waiting time, our food arrived, and we quickly tried it. I consider the Tuna Salpicao as a standout as well as the Bicol Express.

    Fried chicken at Kabsat Restaurant
    Fried chicken

    The Tuna Salpicao had meaty chunks of tuna, slices of mushrooms, and flavorful sauce. This is highly recommended if you want to give your palate a break from all the meat dishes usually consumed during holidays.

    Bicol Express at Kabsat Restaurant
    Bicol Express

    Meanwhile, the Bicol Express had a nice (tolerable) level of spiciness that was balanced by the coconut milk-based sauce. It was also extremely flavorful and we couldn’t help but eat it with a larger serving of rice.

    Tuna salpicao at Kabsat Restaurant
    Tuna salpicao

    We usually order bulalo for the children because they love the soup and Kabsat’s Beef Bulalo didn’t disappoint us. The soup was warming and also delicious, and also provided a welcome break for a palate from the rich sauces of the Tuna Salpicao and the Bicol Express.

    Beef bulalo at Kabsat Restaurant
    Beef bulalo

    We capped our meal with the Turon with Ice Cream (Turon A La Mode?). It was just regular banana turon with scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was also good but I thought there was nothing unique about it. Of course, the kids had their eyes on the ice cream, which they definitely indulged in.

    Turon with ice cream at Kabsat Restaurant
    Turon with ice cream

    In terms of the price, our bill came in with a total of a little above P3,000. I think it was reasonable considering that what we ordered was good for six people.


    Overall, we had a wonderful experience at Kabsat Restaurant. The food was delicious, the ambiance was relaxing, and the service was commendable.

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    1. So nice resto na talagang perfect for the whole family 💕 the ambiance plus the delicious food 😋