Summer Coastal Suites Review [Bacnotan, La Union]

May 06, 2024

Sharing our review of the Summer Coastal Suites in Bacnotan, La Union.

On our first day (or night) in La Union, we stayed in Summer Coastal Suites in Bacnotan, La Union. We were initially eyeing to stay in Awesome Hotel for our entire La Union trip. However, since we booked late, there were no more available rooms at Awesome Hotel for the weekend. With that, we had to look for an alternative. In the end, we booked our first night in Summer Coastal Suites and our second night in Awesome Hotel.

Summer Coastal Suites, Bacnotan, La Union

Summer Coastal Suites Review [Bacnotan, La Union]

    Our first impression of Summer Coastal Suites

    We found out about Summer Coastal Suites in social media (TikTok & Instagram) and immediately liked it that’s why we thought it was a good option even if the location is not the most ideal (Bacnotan is one of the farthest towns in La Union). It was a beachfront property plus it was small, which meant that it would not get crowded.

    Summer Coastal Suites review and experience

    When we arrived at Summer Coastal Suites, we remarked how peaceful the surroundings were because there were no other establishments beside it. Plus, it provided a breathtaking view of the ocean which was relaxing and enjoyable.

    Our room at Summer Coastal Suites

    We were looking forward to swimming on the beach, but we were informed by the staff that it wasn’t swimmable because of the sharp rocks. You would have to go to the adjoining property to get a decent spot on the beach. Anyway, it wasn’t really such a big issue for us because we could just go to another resort where the children could go swimming.

    The beach at Summer Coastal Suites

    As for the rooms, they were well-maintained, and the beds were comfortable. The air conditioning was strong and there was TV (Netflix was free). There were also complimentary coffee and water. The WiFi, however, was weak but that seemed to be the case in most of the places in La Union.

    If you are booking at Summer Coastal Suites, keep in mind that they would require a 50% downpayment, which you could pay via GCash. They also accept PWD cards for discounts.

    Dining at Summer Coastal Suites

    They serve food in Summer Coastal Suites and we were quite delighted with how delicious the food was. We had fried chicken, lechon sinigang, sisig, and pork binagoongan. 

    Pork binagoongan at Summer Coastal Suites
    Pork binagoongan

    We were expecting the food to be so-so but we were surprised because the food was of good quality in terms of flavor and servings. They also serve iced coffee blends which is worth trying for those who want to beat the heat. Later on, we found out that they do events catering and is also a popular venue for family reunions.

    Sisig at Summer Coastal Suites
    Non-purist sisig

    Our accommodation came with a complimentary breakfast plate of rice, danggit, and fried egg. If you want to order food items outside of the free breakfast menu, you would have to pay for it (naturally).

    Breakfast at Summer Coastal Suites
    Breakfast time

    Overall, we had a great dining experience at Summer Coastal Suites.

    What to do at Summer Coastal Suites

    Swimming with Rafa at Summer Coastal Suites

    Aside from relaxing in your room at Summer Coastal Suites and exploring the beach, you can also spend your time in the swimming pool while enjoying the breathtaking view of the ocean. Summer Coastal Suites is just a small hotel so don’t expect much in terms of the activities and amenities that they offer.

    Swimming with Miguel at Summer Coastal Suites

    What can be improved?

    One of the biggest points for improvement that we noticed was the lack of a security guard at Summer Coastal Suites. If you have kids with you, keep a keen eye on them because they might wander into the highway, which was immediately outside the hotel. Also, I hope they will keep the gates closed while there are no guards yet for the safety of the children.

    Another one is the lack of parking but that’s just a minor suggestion considering the size of Summer Coastal Suites.

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    All in all, we had a good stay at Summer Coastal Suites. While we only stayed for a night, but we definitely had a positive experience. The staff was friendly and very accommodating and ensured that we would have a comfortable stay.

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