Welcome to my Printables page!

I used to buy a workbook for my son but, as most parents would know, these are mostly one-time use. In short, they can be impractical to use.

To address this concern, I made hand-drawn worksheets that my three-year-old son can use. The illustrations are not my original ideas though as most of the activities were based on my memory of the many worksheets I’ve seen before.

Nonetheless, it felt satisfying to be doing something for your child with a very personal touch. I also decided to convert these activity sheets into printable worksheets for practical reasons because I could just print them whenever I need new worksheets.

I know it can be really challenging for parents to always come up with fresh ideas for their children. With our many responsibilities at home and at work, it can get really draining at times to think of new activities for our kids.

As such, I'm sharing these hand-drawn worksheets with you for free and I hope you find these to be helpful to you and your children, too. Just the same, please bear in mind that these free printable worksheets are purely for your personal and classroom use only. Please do not alter them for redistribution or for commercial purposes.

If you found this resource page to be of great help to you, I encourage you to share the link to this page with your loved ones and friends.

Lastly, I will continue to update this page with new worksheets. So, do check this page regularly for the additional free worksheets that I will upload.

Happy learning and bonding with your kids!