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Media Kit

Dad On The Move Media Kit by Ivan Jose 

Brand Collaborations

We are proud to have worked with some of the most notable local and international brands. These brands are the following:

  • Alaska
  • Ariel Detergent
  • Bayani Brew
  • Big Oven
  • Bioderm
  • Bioflu
  • Canon
  • Chicken Stop
  • Clearex
  • Coms360 and Page One
  • Ed & Kes soap
  • Glorious Coffee
  • GPSMyCity
  • Home Foodie
  • Human Nature
  • Jord Wood Watches
  • Kidloland
  • Kleenfant
  • Lady’s Choice
  • Liang Crispy Roll
  • Lola Remedios
  • Lumina Homes
  • M2 Malunggay Tea
  • Malayan Insurance
  • Medic Hair
  • Novellino Wines
  • Old Spice
  • Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds
  • Rodolfo Pizzeria
  • Trulife Digestipro
  • URC
  • Vince Dizon
  • Wise Cleaner
  • Yellow Cab

Published Works

Some of our written works have been published in the following respected publications:

GMA News Online

Bags of pistachios

…Very tasty and immensely addicting to eat. This nut, however, is way too pricey for me when bought from a local store. But if purchased abroad, it’s a dime a dozen. That’s why Nanay would always buy tons.

—Ivan Carlo M. Jose

Choose Philippines
  • Tutuban's Old Glory: Travel from Manila to Dagupan Via Train
  • Anvaya Cove: Spend Leisurely Weekends At Morong's Secluded Piece of Heaven

looloo iNSIGHTS
  • Explore Dumaguete City Like A Local In One Day
  • Behold Manjuyod Sandbar, Negros Oriental’s Gem

  • What makes someone a traveler?

Daddy Set Go
  • Parenting Life Series: Ivan Jose of Ivan + Khris’ Travels

John Fisalbon


Dad On The Move is mainly a blog that chronicles my family's travel experiences, as such, we are immensely proud to have received the following recognition:

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