Why Our Family Chose To Travel To La Union

April 29, 2024

Here are some of the reasons why our family recently decided to travel to La Union for a fun weekend.

Every year, Mommy Khris and I would make it a point to travel out of town for our wedding anniversary celebration. In a way, it has become our family tradition, and we want to keep it that way, especially now that we have two children. We want our children to have happy memories of our travel adventures and also for them to appreciate the value of a good marriage and that it’s worth celebrating.

Why Our Family Chose To Travel To La Union
La Union's waves

Why Our Family Chose To Travel To La Union

    This year, we decided to travel to La Union, famous for its surfing activities and unique foodie spots. Before we decided to go to La Union though, we were choosing between other family-friendly local destinations: Boracay, Bohol, or Batangas. However, the unexpected holidays before our trip sort of disrupted our plans because we had to reprioritize some items.

    With that, we were not able to book plane tickets and hotel accommodation in advance (so Boracay and Bohol were out). On the other hand, we’ve been to Batangas many times in the past years, so we decided to try something new this year. With that, we settled on La Union.

    Reasons for choosing La Union

    Aside from being a completely new destination for us, here are the reasons why we chose La Union:

    There are many family-friendly hotels in the province

    La Union has gained popularity among travelers during the last few years. As such, the hospitality industry in the province has evolved from catering to backpackers and adventure travelers to include family travelers.

    I wanted to go on a long drive

    We have not really gone on a long drive before and I wanted to sort of test the “endurance” of our family car. I thought that this trip to La Union was the perfect opportunity for a long drive. I’m happy to say that it passed the test, but I’d also like to remind everyone that before going on a long drive, make sure that your vehicle is in good condition: brakes, oil, water/coolant, wheels, etc.

    La Union is a haven for beach bums

    La Union’s shores may not be as pristine as Boracay’s or Bohol’s. Nonetheless, La Union has beautiful beaches where you can spend a leisurely day with your loved ones. Just a caution though that swarms of jellyfish can balloon in number in La Union’s beaches so be sure to check for warnings before taking a dip.

    The province has unique restaurants

    La Union is also known for its unique restaurants and foodie destinations. We love to eat out and try new restaurants when we travel so this trip to La Union is also perfect for us. A word of caution though; some restaurants can be jampacked especially during peak hours so be sure to bring with you a lot of patience.

    How to go to La Union

    It’s quite easy to go to La Union. You can take any passenger bus going to La Union such as Partas (I think this is the only bus company with trips from Manila to La Union).

    If you are bringing your own vehicle, just drive continuously through NLEX, SCTEX, and TPLEX, then exit to Sison, Pangasinan, and then drive all the way up north to La Union. It’s just one continuous long drive so it’s generally easy (though it can cause major back and neck pain). Be sure to make pit stops if you are too sleepy or exhausted to drive.

    Also, in case of road emergencies, you may call the NLEX and SCTEX (1-35000), or TPLEX (09178880715) emergency hotlines so that they can assist you. You may also check your car insurance provider if they cover roadside assistance. It's always helpful to know these details, especially in panic-inducing situations.

    Things to keep in mind when traveling with children

    When you are going on a vacation with kids, be sure to bring the following with you:

    • Your kids' clothes
    • Swimming clothes/attire and sandals
    • Snacks for the trip
    • Beach toys
    • Sunblock and bug spray
    • Water bottles
    • Multi-vitamins
    • First aid kit (paracetamol, Erceflora, anti-histamine medicines)
    • Lots of patience (kidding!)

    All in all, we had a wonderful stay in La Union. We wanted to stay longer but we had work and Miguel also had classes. I understand that La Union may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you have small children. Just the same, we enjoyed our La Union trip very much.

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