5 Child-Friendly Amenities Of Anvaya Cove That We Liked

July 02, 2023

Anvaya Cove remains as baby-friendly as the first time that we have been here.

Anvaya Cove features amenities for the enjoyment of both adults and babies. That is one thing that we like most about Anvaya Cove; it's family and baby-friendly.

Coconut trees at Anvaya Cove

5 Child-Friendly Amenities Of Anvaya Cove That We Liked

    Going to Anvaya Cove for the second time

    This year, with the birth of our Baby Miguel, we had to forego our annual wedding anniversary summer adventure. We are not yet ready to take Miguel on an adventure because he is still so small at 3 months old. We were all set to spend our week-long vacation at home and in Nueva Ecija.

    Our family getaway at Anvaya Cove
    Our small family

    Fortunately, my sister-in-law wanted to organize a family beach getaway. Since we were bringing our kids with us, it had to be a child-friendly destination. 

    After looking at several options, we eventually decided to go to Anvaya Cove in Bataan since Khris and I have been there two years ago and had a great time during our stay. We got in touch with our old contact and booked a unit at Sea Breeze Verandas.

    How to go to Anvaya Cove

    We went to Anvaya Cove early in the morning. Since it was just an overnight stay, we wanted to maximize our trip and avoid any unnecessary delays. 

    Roads inside Anvaya Cove

    To get to Anvaya Cove, travelers coming from Manila may take two of the popular routes: 

    1. Via the Subic-Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) 

    This is a longer yet straighter route for those who do not want to be bothered by stopovers and the road turns.

    2. Via the San Fernando Exit

    The San Fernando Exit is a much shorter course. Our companions decided to take SCTEX while we made an exit to San Fernando. We arrived at Subic ahead of our companions by several minutes.

    From Subic, we had lunch and then carried on with our journey for another hour until we reached Anvaya Cove. Since our unit was not yet ready after we checked in, we went to the club area for a stroll. 

    Anvaya Cove's child and baby-friendly features

    The Seahorse Kiddie Village is one feature that we loved most in Anvaya Cove. It was made for children and small to ensure that they too can enjoy their stay at Anvaya Cove without compromising their safety. This is a gated area where there are indoor and outdoor play zones.

    Here are the top features that we like most in Seahorse Kiddie Village:

    1. The nursing room

    The nursing room is a small airconditioned room with a crib (obviously for the baby) and a seat where an adult can also lie down.

    Then nursing room at Anvaya Cove
    The nursing room

    When we brought Miguel to the pool, he was throwing a fit in no time because of the summer heat. Good thing a receptionist informed us that we can stay at the toddlers’ lounge. The nursing room was empty when we checked it so we were able to put Miguel to sleep.

    2. It has a large playroom

    The playroom, also airconditioned, was complete with small chairs, slides, and toys. The floor also has soft rubber matting to prevent accidental bumps in babies. When Miguel woke up, we brought him here and kept him amused with all the toys.

    3. It has a reading room

    The reading room is made for kids who can already appreciate books. It's like a small library of children's books where big children can read storybooks and other child-friendly materials.

    4. The children's play area

    The children's play area has swings, slides, and obstacle courses. These are made for big children who can already engage in physically-intensive activities. If you are bringing your toddler here, make sure that you keep a close eye on them.

    5. The children's swimming pool

    This is another feature that we like in Seahorse Village. The children's swimming pool was built separately from the adult pools. Again, with this setup, adults can give their full and undivided attention to their children as they swim.

    What to do at Anvaya Cove

    Use of the swimming pool at the club is free of charge so you can stay here as long as you want and as long as the club is still open. There are about two or three kiddie pools and an adult pool that is about 4 feet deep. 

    Swimming pool at Anvaya Cove
    Swimming pool at the beach club

    There are lifeguards stationed around the pools to give swimmers peace of mind while they enjoy the waters. The admission fee to Anvaya Cove is consumable so you may choose to order and eat by the poolside.

    The beach at Anvaya Cove
    The beach

    If you prefer the beach, then you may head out to the cove. The beach does not have fine white sand but it does the job of satisfying one’s craving for saltwater and sea breeze.

    Beach umbrellas at Anvaya Cove
    Beach umbrellas

    There are beach benches and umbrellas but it can get quite hot out on the beach especially because it was summer. You may choose to stay here until sunset and watch the sun descend on the horizon.

    Anvaya Cove offers a host of other activities but you have to pay in order to avail of the additional services.

    Swimming pool at Sea Breeze Verandas at Anvaya Cove
    Swimming pool at Sea Breeze Verandas 

    The following day, we discovered that there is a swimming pool at Sea Breeze Verandas. We stayed here for about an hour.

    Where to eat at Anvaya Cove

    There is a restaurant at the clubhouse if you prefer to eat out. This also serves a buffet dinner on weekends if you want to splurge a little. 

    Nachos at Anvaya Cove

    However, we chose to bring and cook our own food because it was more practical (and possible even better-tasting). 

    Pizza at Anvaya Cove

    Our unit (and all other units, I think) had a kitchen, complete with stove, refrigerator, and utensils so bringing uncooked meats and vegetables was not a problem.


    This Anvaya getaway was not like our previous summer trips to Palawan, Bantayan Island, Manjuyod, and Dumaguete City in an adventurous kind of way. 

    However, as we often say, traveling does not have to be too far. It’s always about the experience, the people who we are with, and the good memories that we create.

    If you need the contact number of our host, please get in touch with Lordy & Leah Purugganan-Fernando at 09778168998, 09778268998, and 09196083516. Alternatively, you may book a room or check the rates HERE.

    Anvaya Cove family and child-friendly features

    If you are interested, here is our previous experience at Anvaya Cove: 4 Ways To Enjoy A Leisurely Weekend At Anvaya Cove
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