3 Reasons Why Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink Is An Essential Part Of Our Grocery List

September 28, 2020

Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is a healthy and delicious milk beverage that is a good source of calcium and B-Vitamins to keep our baby strong.

Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is a delicious and healthy dairy beverage that our eldest son, Miguel, loves. His face would instantly light up whenever he sees his carton of Dutch Mill during snack time. As such, it is one of the essentials that we load up in our cart when Khris and I are out grocery shopping. 

Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink Review

3 Reasons Why Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink Is An Essential Part Of Our Grocery List

    How Dutch Mill became Miguel’s drink-of-choice 

    When I was trying to teach Miguel to sip from a straw, I bought him a small carton of Dutch Mill, which I thought he liked because he was able to finish it. 

    Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink 180 ml. carton

    After a few days though, he began to take interest in Magnolia Chocolait, which I kind of expected because kids naturally love chocolate but we still kept a few cartons of Dutch Mill in the refrigerator. He would drink Dutch Mill from time to time but would always gravitate towards Chocolait. 

    However, after a month or so, he gradually lost preference for Chocolait and shifted to liking Dutch Mill instead. Since then, Miguel would only drink Dutch Mill and nothing else. He loves his lightly-chilled Dutch Mill so much that he would always finish a big carton in one sitting, pausing only to take a breath in between sips. 

    All the same, we are confident in giving Dutch Mill to Miguel because it is made of healthy ingredients. It has milk, yogurt, and real fruit juices. In terms of its nutrient content, Dutch Mill has calcium, amino acids, Vitamins B1, B2, and D, and other minerals. 

    We tried giving Miguel two yogurt drink brands just to see if it would make a difference. Yes, it made a difference because he would not take more than two sips if it’s not Dutch Mill. He just knows it. 

    The other brand’s packaging even looks like Dutch Mill’s in terms of color combination but there is no fooling Miguel. His tastebuds can tell. 

    Why we also love Dutch Mill 

    Aside from the healthy goodness of Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink, here are other reasons why we also like it so much that we’ve made it a part of our priority grocery list: 

    1. It’s delicious 

    Dutch Mill tastes really good. We taste-tested it as well as other yogurt drink brands and we could say that Dutch Mill indeed stands out in terms of the balance of flavors. It’s neither too sweet nor too sour. 

    Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink Superfruits Flavor

    The sweetness tastes natural and fruity. Again, I am comparing it to another brand which tastes too sugary sweet. 

    2. It comes in different fruit flavors 

    Dutch Mill comes in different fruit flavors – strawberry, orange, mixed fruits (apple, grape, orange, and pineapple), blueberry, and superfruits (strawberry, blueberry, goji berry, and raspberry) – so we can switch things up and avoid the taste fatigue. 

    It just amazes us how Miguel likes all the fruit flavors of Dutch Mill, which meant that they equally taste good. 

    3. It is available in two sizes 

    Dutch Mill comes in 90 ml. and 180 ml. sizes. Previously, we would only give Miguel the 90 ml. size for his snacks. However, since he has grown much bigger as the months passed, the 180 ml. is just enough for him. We would only bring the 90 ml. carton for Miguel when we would go out. 

    Where to buy Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink 

    Dutch Mill is available in almost all major supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even in your neighborhood sari-sari stores. 

    Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink nutrient content

    If you feel uneasy about going out, you can conveniently order it from your favorite online store (BUY IT HERE) and have it delivered to your doorstep. 


    Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is one of the products that we trust for our baby. It comes in different delicious fruits flavors, it is healthy as it is fortified with vitamins and minerals, and is made with natural ingredients. In the end, though, it’s our baby’s seal of approval that matters the most.

    Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink product review

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