6 Top Reasons Why We Love Hegen Baby Bottles

February 14, 2024

Hegen Baby Bottles are a good investment because they are sturdy, of high-quality, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

If you are looking for high-quality and long-lasting infant feeding bottles, then you should consider investing in Hegen baby feeding bottles. 

The unique design of Hegen baby feeding bottles

6 Top Reasons Why We Love Hegen Baby Bottles

    Hegen was recommended to us by our pediatrician who told us how excellent and well-made the product was. It is a practical investment because it can also be used as a container, not just for milk but also for food and other solids like sliced fruits, cereals, and biscuits. Hegen is quite pricey though as compared to other similar feeding bottles but its superb quality more than makes up for its cost.

    In fact, we have been using Hegen baby feeding bottles for two years now and we couldn’t be happier and more satisfied with the decision to buy a set for our baby. It was our baby Miguel’s favorite bottle because he seemed much more comfortable drinking his milk from it.

    If you are thinking of getting Hegen bottles but are still having second thoughts, we urge you to buy one for your baby.

    To further encourage you, here are 6 more reasons why we love Hegen and why you should also invest in it:

    1. Hegen bottles are easy to open and close 

    Hegen bottles feature a no-screw design for their cap, which means that it can be easily twisted to open it and pressed to lock it. In fact, you can open and lock the cap using only one hand without much effort. Even so, the cap locks snugly, thus ensuring that there is no spillage of its content.

    Moreover, we have seen our baby throw the bottle on the concrete floor and the cap remains securely in place.

    2. It has a comfortably-shaped nipple

    Hegen’s silicone nipple has an elliptical, close-to-natural shape that roughly simulates a mother’s breast.  This nipple design gives a nearly nature-identical latching feeling to babies, hence putting them at ease and making each feeding an enjoyable experience.

    The comfortable and ergonomic design of the nipple of Hegen baby feeding bottles

    Furthermore, the nipple is in an off-center placement, hence, allowing babies to tilt the bottle so that they can drink milk comfortably from it. As I have mentioned earlier, our son loves drinking his milk from his Hegen bottle. While he would usually not finish his milk from his other bottles because the nipple would deform, with Hegen, he would drink his milk with no difficulty almost all the time.

    3. Hegen is ergonomically-designed

    The wide opening of Hegen baby feeding bottles

    Hegen bottles feature a wide mouth and a minimalist design that is unlike any other regular feeding bottles. On the aspect of aesthetics, it has a design that immediately grabs attention. It looks classy and of superior quality.

    On the more practical side of things, Hegen bottles are lightweight, sturdy, easy to hold, easy to store, and quick to take out of storage because of their smooth lines that are devoid of curves. What we like about Hegen is how sturdy the material is. The two bottles that we have had were tossed and thrown around many times from various heights. Up to now, the bottles have held up with the beatings quite well.

    4. Hegen minimizes air intake

    One issue that parents are always keenly on the lookout for after feeding babies is gas. Hegen has air vents that prevent air bubbles from forming in the milk. It also minimizes air intake in babies during feeding, hence, reducing the risk of gas pains. Nonetheless, whatever feeding bottle brand you are using, we still recommend that you religiously burp your baby after each feeding.

    The practical design of Hegen baby feeding bottles that allows it to double as storage for food and other solids and liquids

    5. It doubles as food and beverage storage

    The wide opening of Hegen also makes it a practical food and beverage storage. Even if the lid does not feature a screw, you would be surprised by how secure the cap locks into place. The nipple can be replaced by a lid, which can securely hold milk and solids like oats, cereals, porridge, biscuits, and even slices of fresh fruit.

    6. It is easy-to-clean

    Hegen is made of smooth material which makes cleaning a breeze. Its wide opening allows for easy cleaning using a brush and mild baby bottle cleanser.

    Where to buy Hegen Bottles

    We bought our Hegen bottles from the Baby Section of the SM Department Store at SM Fairview. However, you can also buy Hegen bottles at the locations below.

    Taguig City
    Baby Company, SM Aura
    SM Department Store, SM Aura

    Cebu City
    Baby Company, SM Cebu | Baby Company, SM Seaside
    SM Department Store, SM Cebu | SM Department Store, SM Seaside

    Quezon City
    Baby Company, SM Fairview
    SM Department Store, SM North Edsa

    Mandaluyong City
    Baby Company, SM Megamall
    SM Department Store, SM Megamall

    Ilo-Ilo City
    SM Department Store, SM Mandurriao
    Bacolod City
    SM Department Store, SM Bacolod

    Pasay City
    SM Department Store, SM Mall Of Asia

    Makati City
    Baby Company, Rockwell Power Plant Mall
    SM Department Store, SM Makati

    Davao City
    SM Department Store, SM Lanang

    Las Pinas City
    SM Department Stores, SM Southmall

    Paranaque City
    SM Department Stores, SM BF Paranaque

    You can also conveniently buy Hegen baby feeding bottles online: CLICK HERE TO BUY HEGEN BOTTLES

    Hegen Baby Bottles review

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    1. Wow! This Helen baby bottles sound fantastic. I love the ergonomic design.

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    4. I wish we'd had these for my son. Our bottles were just terrible.

    5. These bottles are fantastic! I love their design. They're so much easier to hold and so much better for the baby than what we had.

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    9. As a mom to be I am looking into so many products for my little one. Thank you for the reccomendation!

    10. I like that they're easy to open and close. We just got a different brand and it was so nice, but after one use, we couldn't twist the top off very easily. It took a whole army to get it open. Trashed it, which was such a shame.

    11. Hegen baby feeding bottles seems like a quality product. I will refer this to my mommy friends!

    12. Totoo po yun. Anyway, basta para kay baby, okay na okay lang. :)

    13. Sulit na sulit sya, Mommy. Super tibay n'ya, up to now gamit pa din namin sya, more than two years na si baby. :)

    14. Kristel Yamzon-Oliva8 May 2022 at 03:09

      Agree po ako.. Okay lng may kamahalan pero investment naman kasi talagang pang matagal. At kung para sa safety at kung san komportable si baby. Worth it na din ang price nun.😊

    15. Tala Martinez8 May 2022 at 03:09

      Okay lang na pricey, sulit naman momsh. Ang galing nung pinaka-nipple nito, mas madali at comfortable sa babies. Plus yung less air, para hindi prone sa colic

    16. Your review is so on point in regards to hegen bottles! I love the no spill because I've had horrible episodes of not correctly twisting on the caps and it ended up spilling all my precious breast milk on my babies. I love the sustainability ideas of using it for more than one purposes too. Theyre brilliant!

    17. This looks like a great choice. It is practical and has a great design.