A Welcome Breather at EDSA Shangri-La

February 29, 2024

A weekend at EDSA Shangri-La provided a welcome respite from the weariness brought by a tough start this year.

The start of the year has been really hectic for us (the same with everybody else), as such, an invitation from my sister-in-law for a weekend staycation at EDSA Shangri-La got all of us excited. Rafa, most especially, kept bugging us about his rash guard for the entire week. Even if the air was still chilly, he kept telling us that he was excited to swim. Above all else though, it was a welcome breather from what we felt was already a full year’s worth of pressure. Anyway, we had our sights on a restful weekend, enjoying our days with the kids, plus good food, of course.

A Welcome Breather at EDSA Shangri-La

A Welcome Breather at EDSA Shangri-La

    On the way to EDSA Shangri-La

    We braced ourselves for the weekend traffic but surprisingly, the traffic at EDSA was surprisingly light. We were in the hotel in a little over an hour and that’s coming from Novaliches.

    We checked in as soon as we arrived and then went to our room to change because Rafa wanted to go swimming immediately. After eating lunch, we changed into our swimming attire and headed down to the pool area. 

    Swimming at EDSA Shangri-La

    It was chilly even if it was just early afternoon but Rafa still insisted on taking a dip. As soon as our feet touched the water, we knew that it was going to be a struggle. Thankfully, we soon got accustomed to the cold water. I think it was also in our favor that Rafa was scared of the deep pool because, after about an hour, he said that it was okay for us to go back to our room.

    Dinner at the pool bar

    During our previous stays at EDSA Shangri-La, we would just order room service, have our food delivered, or go to Shangri-La Mall to eat. However, we wanted to try the pool bar for a change, so we decided to have dinner there. 

    Dinner at the pool bar of EDSA Shangri-La

    We ordered chicken for the kids, a plate of appetizers, a fish sandwich, pizza, and pasta dishes. I think you would’ve guessed it by now that the children only paid attention to the fried chicken, but that’s okay. I’m not complaining about it because that’s less struggle for us.

    As for us, we enjoyed the appetizers of shrimp, squid rings, and potato wedges. We also liked the four-cheese pizza and pasta. It was a good dinner and completely enjoyed the ambiance by the poolside at night.

    Lunch at the HEAT restaurant

    We’ve always loved the breakfast buffet at the HEAT restaurant. This time though, we wanted to try the lunch buffet at the HEAT restaurant, and I would say it was a good decision.

    My first plate at HEAT Restaurant at EDSA Shangri-La

    After our morning swim, we got dressed and went down to the restaurant as soon as it started to serve lunch. We enjoyed slices of beef belly, salads, seafood, and dessert. I particularly helped myself to the fragrant vanilla pudding, which was always a joy to eat, whenever it was available in any Shangri-La restaurant.

    Vanilla bread pudding at HEAT Restaurant, EDSA Shangri-La

    There were also a good number of kid-friendly food choices like chicken barbecue, beef bulalo soup, bacon bits, and chicken skin.

    We ended our lunch at the HEAT restaurant with happy bellies.


    What we also loved this time around at EDSA Shangri-La was that we were allowed to check out late, but that’s just part of my sister-in-law’s employee privilege. Since it was not a benefit that is open to all, I wouldn’t divulge our checkout time anymore but let me just say that it was worth it.

    Thank goodness the evening traffic was also bearable. We were home early and we had plenty of time to settle in at home before calling it a night.

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    1. grabe, na pressure ako bigla hahaha andami pa rin ganap pala here hahaha. ganda ng blog mo sir

    2. Super cute littles! What a fun family vacation! I was trying to determine where the EDSA Shangrila Hotel is, but all I know is that it looks much more fun than Boston at the end of winter 😉

    3. Looks like a great time for all. The food seems to be incredible. Love the photos.

    4. It is great to get away and have a break like this! Definitely a wonderful way to enjoy some family time together. Looks like a great place to stay.