Kuya Miguel is now 5

January 16, 2023

We recently celebrated Miguel's 5th birthday at High Street Cafe at Shangri-La The Fort.

Miguel recently turned five years old. Who could imagine that from a tiny newborn, he is now a tall little boy who is attending school full-time? Time indeed flies fast and like any other parent, we are at a point in which we are wishing that Miguel wouldn’t grow up too fast.

Miguel and Rafa eating sweets at High Street Cafe at Shangri-La The Fort

Kuya Miguel is now 5

We didn’t have a party for Miguel at home but we did have a family lunch at High Street Café at Shangri-La The Fort. It was a buffet lunch but since my sister-in-law is working at Shangri-La The Fort, she was able to get a 50% discount for us. I couldn’t afford to eat at Shangri-La The Fort, really, but we were grateful to my sister-in-law because we were able to give a happy and memorable celebration for Miguel.

Dining at High Street Café was a new experience for all of us so we were all excited to see what was in store for us. High Street Café looked classy but what I liked about it was that it had a warm and welcoming ambiance. We saw several families having lunch at that time so we thought that it was a kid-friendly restaurant.

We started at our favorite stations. I had roast beef with gravy, grilled river shrimp, a plate of salad, and several slices of cheese. For seconds, I had mussels, more grilled shrimp, and braised beef. I didn’t think that I made the most of my time because I was running after Miguel and Rafa all the time.

Speaking of Miguel and Rafa, they took advantage of all the sweets that they can get, from marshmallows to chocolates, pastries, and ice cream. We were trying our best to feed them rice and chicken (they had a few spoonfuls) but the lure of the desserts was stronger. Since that celebration was really for the kids, we let them eat what they wanted.

While we were eating, the servers came with a strawberry cake and sang a Happy Birthday song for Miguel. Rafa was being himself and kept blowing his Kuya’s birthday candle.

We capped our meal with ice cream and pastries. By this time, I was already full so I just had a few slices of cassava cake and burnt rice ice cream. Yes, I tried burnt rice ice cream and it had an interesting flavor profile, one that not a lot of people will like but will surely appeal to curious eaters.

Kuya Miguel is now 5

All in all, we had a wonderful time. It was a day to be grateful for family, love, good health, and happiness.

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