The Inevitable Chaos

January 15, 2023

A chaotic weekend at home with our children.

The past weekend has been an incredibly chaotic one for us. In fact, I think it was the most chaotic one so far for us. There was a lot of mess, a lot of crying, some broken items, and the predictable shouting and raised voices that came after all of those. In fact, by Sunday evening, I was feeling a little light-headed and I thought my blood pressure was probably elevated. Good thing that I was just a little paranoid, but a bit stressed nonetheless.

The Inevitable Chaos

The Inevitable Chaos

Let me start with crying sessions. Rafa has been crying a lot lately to get what he wants: a toy, balloons, our cellphones (for his favorite children’s videos), chocolates, and so on. He has been like that in the previous weeks but it was easier that time to convince him that he can’t borrow a phone yet or that we were out of balloons. Last Saturday though, he was crying the moment he woke up. He was crying the whole time we were having breakfast and just being a demanding toddler. I remarked that my ears were already hurting from all his shrieks.

His crying spell stopped when we were on our way to Miguel’s school. Everything was fine until we went to SM City Fairview for our weekend family date. After our session at iActive and when we were about to have lunch, he was beginning to get bored again and was crying a little, asking for numerous things that we didn’t have with us at that time.

When we finally got our seats in the restaurant, he suddenly grabbed the soy sauce bottle. It slipped, fell on the floor, and the contents were spilled. There was a black pool underneath our table which the server hastily cleaned. We said our apologies but we were silent that the bottle handle was broken. Lunch went on well and we were home by late afternoon. Thank goodness the kids were tired from all the running, so they slept early.

By Sunday though, Rafa was crying non-stop again. He was being unruly and was giving us a hard time. During lunch, he was just all over the dining area and doing exactly the things that we told him not to do. He accidentally bumped a plate and sent it crashing on the floor. I was losing my cool so I just kept silent.

Above all, he was crying all the time. As a matter of fact, what I could only remember was that he was crying for almost the entire day last Sunday. We had to give in and let him and Miguel borrow our phones for an extended period of time. Talk about the inevitable chaos that comes with parenting.

I thought the weekend was more stressful than the workweek. I didn’t want to end it on a negative note though so I just thought of the positive things that happened that Sunday. For one, we were able to go on a family date, just the four of us. The kids had an amazing time at iActive, and we had a hearty lunch at Super Bowl of China. We were together, healthy, and had some money to spend to give our children a wonderful time. We ordered 24 Chicken for the kids and they loved it.

In the end, it’s up to us to find joy amidst chaos.

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