The Smallest Things

July 23, 2022

When I became a father, I realized that the smallest things are actually the ones that really matter.

I had big dreams when I was single. I guess that’s natural for all of us. When we are just starting out in our jobs, we all wanted to be something. That something is up to us to define though but more often than not, it’s related to achieving, climbing up the corporate ladder, and so on. We wanted to feel respected or be heard; in short, we wanted to matter.

It's the smallest things that matter for dads

The Smallest Things

Anyway, when I became a father, my whole outlook changed. As long as I mattered to my family, then I’m fine. Whatever I did revolve around ensuring that the welfare of my family is the priority. Furthermore, I began to realize the importance of even the smallest things: time well spent with my kids, quick dates with my wife, reading stories before bedtime, taking Miguel to school and bringing Rafa with us, and even time spent alone to work on my personal projects.

Yes, we still need to work and earn money to support our family. However, as a father, I do my best to put a boundary between office time and family time. I believe the same is true for most dads or at least those whom I know of. We do want to give the best to our family but that doesn’t mean that we have to compromise our time for them.

I also realized recently that when I get collaborations with brands that my family loves, I get really excited. Just recently, a healthy coffee brand sent me several packs of instant guyabano and mangosteen juice drink. I know my family would love that treat that’s why I couldn’t help but smile to myself when I was checking the items in the delivery bag. I was happy because I have something that will also make my family happy.

My point is that I don’t have to force myself to give something grand to my family in order for me to feel that I’m a good provider. As long as I’m giving them enough and as long as they are happy with the simplest things that I give them, then I can rest easy knowing that I’ve been a good husband and father to them.

Some people may take this for granted but it’s important also for fathers to feel appreciated and valued for the things that they do for their family, even if they are just small things. I know that because I’ve been in a situation where I felt like I’ve lost. However, with the determination to provide and with the support of my family, I was able to keep going. And through faith and prayers, things eventually started to fall into place until I got my groove back.

If you know a dad (or anyone for that matter) who is struggling, do your best to encourage him. Appreciate his efforts especially if you can see that he is doing what he can. If you are a dad who is experiencing some difficulties (this is common during this pandemic), just do what you can.

You can start all over again, pick things up slowly, appreciate the little things that come along your way, and realize that it’s alright to give something small to your family especially if that is all that you have and you worked hard for it. Above anything else, keep in mind that bad situations are not permanent, they’re just a phase that will soon pass.

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