We Were Young Once

May 13, 2022

Listening to your children laugh is therapeutic because it transports us to the days when we were also young.

One of the things that make me happy about being a dad is that being with my kids is like reliving my childhood days all over again. I treasure our bonding moments like our morning and afternoon playtime, our simple learning activities in the morning, and the bedtime stories as we wait for their Mommy to get home.

Little kids happily playing

We Were Young Once

The moments that we spend with our kids are beneficial to them, no doubt. As parents, these are the critical moments in which we get to teach them good values and life skills, build their character, and provide them the reassurance to develop their confidence.

However, have you realized that it’s also advantageous for you to spend a lot of time with your kids? Doing so can help relax and de-stress you because taking care of your children can take your mind off things that worry you or make you anxious (such as work). It’s a good way to gain back your mental clarity so that you can recharge and have the vigor to face your challenges again.

What’s more, I find that playing with my children is a great and enjoyable way to have some exercise. In a way, you are hitting two birds with one stone – you get to take care of your kids as well as your physical well-being.

But above anything else, when I look at my kids and see them happy, I couldn’t help but recall the same happy moments that I had as a child. In those brief moments, I remember how nice it is to be a child once again when you don’t give care to the world as long as you have your toys with you.

Do you remember your days of youth and innocence when everything seemed happy and positive? Have you realized that during that time, all people are good by default? There’s no bad person unless that individual does something awful to us such as breaking our favorite toy or taking our food without permission. Even so, we are quick to forgive and forget.

Being an adult is hard, that’s a given. We get inundated with a lot of problems, from complex to mundane. With all of that, we may find it hard to see the good around us sometimes.

When things become too heavy, stop for a while and think of the happy days of your youth. If you have kids, listen to their laughter. Look at their happy faces when they play. Let their innocence dilute the complications brought by adulthood. After all, we were also young once.

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  1. I'm 70 and still feel young. I do agree that kids can help you feel young too. Grandchildren and great grandchildren can too.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺