Celebrating Miguel’s First Haircut Without The Struggle

June 08, 2022

We were recently able to give Miguel a haircut without any struggle or resistance and we were happy with this small win.

For the first time in two years, I was able to give Miguel a haircut without him crying or struggling to run away.

Miguel's first successful haircut

Celebrating Miguel’s First Haircut Without The Struggle

    A little background: the haircut struggle

    I’ve been cutting my children’s hair since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We used to bring Miguel to Cuts 4 Tots and loved their services but because of health and safety concerns, we decided to continue with our DIY haircuts at home.

    Rafa’s hair has always been easy to cut because he has always been cooperative. However, it’s a different story for Miguel because he resisted every time I cut his hair and it’s always been that way even if do explain to him that haircuts don’t hurt. I think that can be attributed to Miguel’s condition (Global Developmental Delay with a high risk of autism).

    Even so, our earlier haircut sessions were fairly manageable because although Miguel struggled at first, he would eventually stop and just watch his favorite children’s shows.

    As time went on though, Miguel became even more resistant. His yaya would have to hold him in order for me to cut his hair. It was a struggle that usually ended up with an uneven cut. We were fine with that, shall we say, strategy but I wanted him to get used to having a haircut because he was getting bigger and stronger. We were concerned that we might not be able to hold him the next time I give him a haircut.

    Celebrating Miguel’s first successful haircut session

    Recently, it seems like that little prayer has been answered and we’re very happy about it. During our latest haircut session, he just looked at the scissors and clippers that I was holding but didn’t cry.

    Miguel's successful haircut

    He was trying to move his head away while I was cutting the sides of his hair but he was not really exerting any effort to resist. In fact, he was just sitting still. I could sense that Miguel was still a little apprehensive but he was now more comfortable with the haircut this time. I believe his continuous schooling and therapy have also contributed greatly to his demeanor.

    We finished in no time and I must say that his latest haircut is his best so far. Well, the best among all the DIY cuts that we did.

    On a further note, this is another small win for Miguel, for us, and I’m happy about it. I’m celebrating that achievement through this post.

    Do you also experience this kind of struggle when your child is getting a haircut? How do you handle it? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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    1. So sweet. My son was a bit crazy for haircuts. He has autism so they could be tricky.

    2. Congratulations on his first calm cut! Little things like this marks such great milestones in parenting experiences!

    3. This seems like a big win! Miguel is adorable and his hair looks great! Haircuts can be uncomfortable or scary for a lot of people. I recall a barber yelling at me because I took my then two year old son out of the shop without getting his hair cut. My son was terrified of the barber (who was not good with kids) and I wasn't going to subject my son to that sort of treatment. My husband started cutting the kids' hair then and continued doing it until my son was in college.

    4. That's wonderful that he sat pretty still. You never know with the first couple of haircuts how it will turn out. His haircut looks fantastic.

    5. Richelle Milar9 June 2022 at 04:17

      Wow! He look so handsome on that haircut! It is so amazing to see the first haircut of our kids!

    6. LOVE IT! My oldest (3) just got her 1st hair cut too! She was totally fine with it!

    7. I am so glad for you. It's a big step and I am sure it will be every time easier for you!

    8. Monica Simpson9 June 2022 at 08:53

      Look at that handsome boy! I know how huge this is so I'm celebrating with you!

    9. I love his haircut, he looks so series and cute

    10. Yaaayyyy congratulations. My son was the same at first. It too a fair few goes before he stopped getting upset x

    11. One of the most memorable first for a son and the parents. Congratulations!