Learning Colors

April 20, 2022

Miguel's lessons at school has progressed to include colors, matching exercises, and movement based activities which we duplicate at home.

Miguel has been on break from school since the Holy Week but we’re continuing to do his home activities. I’m really glad because Miguel seems to be enjoying our activities now, the same set of exercises that we used to do in 2020 but could not finish because he would cry non-stop. Anyway, our focus lately is to continue on the little progress that Miguel and his teacher have made during the last two sessions which was learning colors.

Learning colors for children with GDD and autism

Learning Colors

So what Miguel’s teacher did was to ask him to stack five Lego blocks of the same color and then press on the stack to lock them together. It’s a new activity that made Miguel a little frustrated so that made him cry. Hence, the need to practice and polish it at home. It’s a good thing that we have similar toy blocks so we were able to do the exercise at home. I just hope that our almost daily practice would have made improvements in Miguel.

Aside from that, Miguel’s teacher asked him to match blocks with containers of the same color e.g. blue block goes into a blue container, red block into the corresponding container, and so forth. These two activities are meant to introduce not just the concept of color to Miguel but the idea of matching items with the correct or corresponding ones.

Furthermore, we’re also focusing more on movement based activities to improve Miguel’s hand and eye coordination as well as strengthen his balance. We’re doing his favorite wheelbarrow exercise – the only activity that he could tolerate during our home program two years ago – and I’m happy that he’s still enjoying it. It’s a great exercise to develop upper body strength as well as overall physical coordination.

We don’t have a trampoline at home, another great equipment to have at home if you have a child because they would surely enjoy it. Just the same, we have a big block of foam which is wide enough to allow Miguel to jump and mimic being on a trampoline so it’s a good substitute. We plan to buy a trampoline from Shopee though that Miguel and Rafa can use during playtime.

So that’s our little progress lately. Miguel has also been easier to persuade to go to his classroom lately unlike during the first few sessions when he would hold on to railings or lie on the floor because he didn’t want to go. I was talking to the school receptionist during our last visit and she remarked how amazing continuous therapy could do to a special needs child. I agreed with her because I could observe it in Miguel.

Early intervention would have been the most ideal but we’re not in the best situation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, I know that things will turn out for the better someday.

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