Wedding Tips: How To Plan Your Special Day

July 25, 2022

Here are practical tips on planning your special day to avoid headaches and other inconveniences during your wedding day.

If you have found a person with whom you want to share all the time in this world and celebrate it with your loved ones, then the wedding organization awaits you! This event requires a lot of work and good organization, so start preparations as soon as possible. In that sense, we have prepared a small reminder of all your wedding obligations, which will facilitate the organization and save precious time!

Planning your own wedding
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Wedding Tips: How To Plan Your Special Day

    First things first

    First, agree with your partner about what kind of wedding you want. This is where the wishes of future newlyweds often diverge, so it's best to have an honest conversation. 

    It is essential then to draw up a preliminary list of guests and, accordingly, how much budget you have at your disposal because it determines the next steps. Good communication is the key, and gentlemen often do have specific things on their minds when it comes to the wedding, contrary to popular belief.

    Therefore, it is advisable to take some time to discuss everything and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

    Wedding jewelry and dresses

    When picking the right wedding dress, take all the time you need. Grooms usually have it easy as suits are never out of style. However, the bride’s choice can take some time, as this special moment will be remembered for life. 

    When choosing the right dress, make sure to think of factors such as weather conditions (in the case of exotic wedding locations, make sure to go for something open and less restricting, or thicker materials in case you are planning a wedding in winter), and material. 

    Something simpler and more minimalistic is recommended as it goes perfectly with glamorous jewelry as opposed to dresses with rich embroidery. In the case of jewelry, a simple necklace with a pair of matching earrings should be more than enough.

    The ring

    Wedding rings are usually something you don’t personally pick and the choice is left to the groom, who, prior to the proposal, goes from store to store until he finds the perfect one. 

    However, this old-school tradition is slowly being replaced by a more open and liberating approach, where the couple simply looks together at possible options and makes sure they are both satisfied with the choice. 

    Thankfully, you can always choose from an outstanding and wide selection of wedding and engagement rings with the option of customization depending on your personal choice. Diamond with white or rose gold, and even platinum - the possibilities are endless!

    Or maybe you prefer a classical yellow gold wedding ring with some embroidery or simple and minimalistic diamond patterns. And for the groom, the best choice might be a freshly polished, silver-looking platinum ring. There is also the option of customized couple rings to mark your everlasting bond. Whatever your taste is, there are plenty of options to choose from!

    Location and wedding scheduling

    When planning a wedding, keep in mind that there are many beautiful locations that you can take advantage of that don't cost much and can make your wedding look beautiful. 

    Think of factors such as distance, means of transportation (exotic locations require booking flights and visas), and weather conditions of the region. Even if you go for something local, you’ll still have to take into account the reception, availability, and overall space capacity of the restaurant, which brings us to the next point - scheduling.

    Setting a date must overlap with the availability of the restaurants. You’ll have to take into account possible payment methods, decoration, and the seating arrangement of the guests (e.g., the groom’s and bride’s parents and family usually sit near the newlyweds).

    After picking the right date, location, and restaurant, look at the menu. Usually, it should be a 3 to 5-course meal with an appetizer beforehand. 

    Also, vegan and vegetarian options are a must to please the taste and wishes of all the guests coming. If you’ve picked an exotic location, incorporating some local cuisine is not such a bad idea, as it gives the menu a little twist and the guests will have a taste of something new.

    The preliminary guest list

    You’ll have to make sure all the guests you invited or plan on inviting are available that day and can make it. We strongly recommend calling each of the guests prior to the wedding, at least a week ahead, to prevent any complications and to have enough time to change something (regarding the seating arrangement or menu) if someone chooses not to come.

    However, despite all the planning, be prepared for the unexpected, as someone might not make it after all due to sickness or road traffic. No worries, these things happen all the time and they should not affect your mood on this special day.

    Likewise, an interesting idea is handing out cameras at the event to guests, as they can take photos of you and the whole event and make it more memorable.

    Finally, make sure you break down the duties; it's the best way to get things done. You both need to be knowledgeable about each planned step. Make a to-do list, then divide the list in half. Let everyone take on what is easier for them and everything should go smoothly.

    One thing is for sure. With these tips, your wedding can go smoothly and stress-free! Good luck!

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