Heritage Series: Chapel On The Hill

March 20, 2021

Sharing with you some helpful visitor information if you are interested to go to the Chapel on the Hill.

If there is one church in Tagaytay City that is most associated with weddings, it’s the Chapel on the Hill. Perched atop a hill, it offers a stunning view of the plains of Tagaytay as well as the nearby breathtaking Mt. Batulao ridge.

The Chapel on the Hill
The Chapel on the Hill

Heritage Series: Chapel On The Hill 

    The Chapel on the Hill is a fairly new church but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. The small edifice is picturesque, solemn, unforgettable, and definitely photogenic. No wonder it’s one of the top choices of couples who are about to get married.

    And in case you are not aware, the floor of the Chapel on the Hill features a labyrinth pattern.

    Visiting Chapel on the Hill

    We visited the Chapel on the Hill on two occasions. The first one was a random trip because Khris and I wanted to visit it.

    The side gate of the Chapel on the Hill
    The side gate

    We took advantage of this opportunity to explore the church as well as the grounds of the Don Bosco Batulao Retreat Center. This is one of the beautiful spots in Tagaytay because of the superb view of Mt. Batulao. The chapel grounds are also filled with trees and flowering plants so, in a way, it was like communing with nature.

    The second time that we were on Chapel on the Hill was on a Holy Week, during which we were doing a Visita Iglesia and following the Stations of the Cross. It was a solemn moment that was made even more peaceful by the chilly air and the picturesque surroundings.

    Weddings at Chapel on the Hill

    Who wouldn’t want to get married at Chapel on the Hill? I think given the chance and the budget; most soon-to-wed couples would surely want a wedding at Chapel on the Hill. 

    Mt. Batulao as viewed from the Chapel on the Hill
    Mt. Batulao

    It’s got all the elements of a dream wedding: a small church to make it intimate, the cool wind blowing, the view of the vast green plains and mountain slopes outside. We can call it the perfect wedding destination, really.

    A wedding package rate at Church on the Hill is P15,000 and includes just the use of the church. Couples would have to bring their own musicians, flower arrangements, and the officiating priest.

    What are the requirements if you want to get married at Chapel on the Hill? Here they are:

    • The couples must both submit baptismal and confirmation certificates. These documents should bear the note "For Marriage Purposes Only," and must be issued within the past three months.
    • A marriage license from the local civil registry of the city or municipality of both the individuals who are about to get married.
    • Must go through a canonical interview with the parish priest, either the couples of their duly authorized representatives.
    • A certificate of attendance in a marriage preparation seminar (also called "pre-Cana seminar");
    • Ecclesiastical or marriage banns are to be posted in the respective parishes of both parties for at least three consecutive Sundays or weeks prior to their wedding date.
    • A permit from the bride-to-be's parish, to be submitted to the parish office of the church where the wedding will take place.
    • List of wedding sponsors with their names and addresses.

    Other things to see at the Chapel on the Hill

    In terms of other buildings, some of the other things that you can see at Chapel on the Hill are the Don Bosco Retreat House and the Savio Hall. 

    A path outside the Chapel on the Hill
    A path outside the Chapel on the Hill

    These areas are reserved for retreats, meetings, and recollections, as such, we have not tried entering these quarters.

    Benches near the Chapel on the Hill

    We explored the areas immediately beside the retreat house and there are benches where you may sit as you marvel at the nearby Mt. Batulao.

    How to go to the Chapel on the Hill

    It's easy to go to the Chapel on the Hill. If you are taking a private vehicle, you may follow this direction:

    • Take Sta. Rosa exit
    • Drive to Tagaytay
    • In Tagaytay, drive straight to the Chapel on the Hill just off the Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway. You can use Sky Ranch as a reference point because the Chapel on the Hill is around 30 minutes away in the eastward direction.


    The Chapel on the Hill is one of the most famous churches for weddings in Tagaytay, although it is located in Batangas. It is beautiful and provides an intimate venue for ceremonies.

    A quote from the bible outside the Chapel on the Hill

    If you are interested to visit the Chapel on the Hill, it is located at Don Bosco Batulao, Brgy. Cahil, Calaca Batangas, c/o Tagaytay Post Office, Tagaytay, 4120 Batangas

    For inquiries, you may call the Chapel on the Hill contact numbers (02) 404-4327 and 0917 524 7192.

    Chapel on the Hill travel guide

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    1. It looks like a cool place! And who wouldn't want a wedding at a church like this- the atmosphere, surroundings, and so on would add greatly to the memories

    2. No wonder why do many people are visiting that place. It's beautiful, and the vibes and views in that place is perfect occasions like wedding.

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    4. The view of Mt. Batulao is beautiful. This is indeed the ultimate wedding venue.

    5. I'm sure a wedding here would be so special just for the history alone.

    6. I have been here! I love the view at The Chapel on the Hill! It's so peaceful.

    7. Chapel on a hill, yes please! Looks peaceful and beautiful nevertheless. Reminded me of all the school retreats we used to go back in high school.

    8. What a gorgeous location! This would make for a beautiful wedding.

    9. Looks like a very serene and beautiful place. I would love to visit one day!

    10. This locale seems quite lovely. I love to explore these types of finds.


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