5 Easy Steps To Build Good Habits (Key Takeaways From Sun Life’s Ito Ang Araw Mo! Workshop)

March 22, 2021

Read on to find out about the five easy tips to help us build good habits and eventually achieve our goals.

The power of habit cannot be overemphasized. When we are able to build good habits, it just means that we can create a positive routine in our day-to-day life. These are routines that we do naturally and effortlessly because these have become ingrained into our lifestyle.

Steps to build bright, good habits

5 Easy Steps To Build Good Habits (Key Takeaways From Sun Life’s Ito Ang Araw Mo! Workshop)

    At the same time, that is also the very reason why we have to break our bad habits. Once we have successfully done that, our actions tend to be more purposeful and directed towards achieving our goals.

    As such, books like the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey and other similar published materials continue to be popular among people from different walks of life worldwide.

    How I build good habits

    The key to building good habits is consistency. I find that if I want something to be part of my daily routine, I have to be consistent in doing it every day. 

    Of course, it doesn’t always start easy because sometimes I have a tendency to forget things or when I’m too busy with work, things get sidelined. However, I do try to carry on whenever I can so that gets me back to my groove.

    Speaking of forgetting things, it helps to jot things down whenever an idea pops up. Keep a small notebook and a pen with you so that you can keep a note of the things that you want to do. Better yet, since we always have our smartphones with us, take advantage of its Notes app to easily record ideas.

    One of the disciplines that I wanted to develop is consistency in writing blog posts. Some years ago, I would try to commit topic ideas to memory and then write about them later on. While I was fairly successful in remembering things most of the time, I have to admit that there are also many important topics that I completely forget, then recall them only after several months.

    It was a frustrating cycle until I finally admitted that my memory is not always in tip-top shape so I disciplined myself to make blog topic line ups in a journal every month. It wasn’t easy at first because I thought of it as additional work but with consistency, I got the hang of it and it eventually became a significant part of my routine. When I have all the topics lined up, writing articles became much easier for me.

    Sun Life’s Ito Ang Araw Mo! Build Bright Habits To Reach Your Goals

    I have the privilege to attend Sun Life’s Ito Ang Araw Mo! Build Bright Habits To Reach Your Goals Online Workshop recently. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Christine Carter, a TED Speaker, author, and coach.

    It was a short yet productive workshop because it tackled the powerful concept of forming good habits. While the concept may sound simple, not a lot of people can successfully achieve it because of the encounter pitfalls along the way. The “Ito Ang Araw Mo! Build Bright Habits To Reach Your Goals” Workshop taught participants how to possibly avoid those drawbacks and successfully create good habits.

    Steps in forming good habits

    I found Sun Life’s “Ito Ang Araw Mo!” Workshop to be extremely advantageous because it can be a great help to many people who are struggling with finding success in their personal endeavors. I know a lot of people who are in similar situations. In fact, I have my own fair share of struggles.

    A perfect example would be New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all been there, creating personal promises, only to abandon them just a few months into the year. Ultimately, we find ourselves repeating the same set of resolutions year after year.

    So how do we avoid this obstacle and finally achieve our New Year’s resolutions? By forming good habits through these simple steps:

    1. Start small

    In the workshop, Dr. Carter said that we should create goals that are realistic and doable. A great way to do this is to start small or to break big goals into smaller ones. That’s way, they are easier to achieve which will encourage us to do more.

    If we start with something lofty, our tendency is to get tired, postpone our goals, until we get tired and eventually abandon them altogether.

    2. Set a cue

    Dr. Carter also emphasized that for something to become a habit we need an anchor or a cue that will act as a start button to set off another behavior.

    For example, if we want to create a daily morning exercise routine, we can use brushing our teeth in the morning as the trigger. So, the moment after brushing our teeth, we can use that as a cue to tell ourselves that it’s already time to begin our morning exercise.

    3. Make it rewarding

    One of the most important aspects of forming a habit is to reward ourselves for the things that we achieve. That because when we celebrate small victories, we tend to associate positive emotions with it and that tells our brain to repeat what we did.

    4. Plan for obstacles

    There will be challenges along the way, most notable of which would be the feeling of being unmotivated. We need to plan for these snags by creating a list of the things that would hold us back in achieving our goal.

    5. Track your goals

    Finally, we need to keep track of our progress. Note down where you are currently at versus where you were when you started. Similar to celebrating small victories, seeing our advancement will encourage us to move forward towards our goal.

    The importance of being in a community

    In the latter part of the workshop, motivational speaker Mr. TJ Agulto underscored that that it’s as fast as five days to create a habit, as long as we break this down into smaller habits.

    How to build bright habits

    TJ also said that it’s important to be part of a community because it’s a big contributor in being successful, especially if we share common goals and values with that community.

    One such community is the Ito Ang Araw Mo Community on Facebook to help members build good habits through tips, coaching, and advice from experts.


    Building good habits can be achieved through consistency and by breaking them down into smaller habits. By doing so, our objectives become more realistic and doable.

    In the end, these good habits will come out naturally and become part of our lifestyle.

    Building good habits

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