The 5 Top Reasons Why I Recommend The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds

March 23, 2021

Here’s my full review of the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds and why I would recommend it to other headset users.

I recently tried the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds wireless headset for smartphones and I instantly fell in love with its compact and lightweight form. It made a whole lot of difference as compared to using regular headsets.

Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds review and experience

The 5 Top Reasons Why I Recommend The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds

    I use earphones a lot because I love listening to music when I work. It helps me relax as well as concentrate on the tasks at hand. While I like the handiness of the headset included in my smartphone package, I find that the wires can be bothersome at times, and the fact that I have to unplug them to charge my phone can be inconvenient.

    Trying the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds
    Trying the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds

    Now, with the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds, I can enjoy music, movies, and video clips with much comfort and convenience. I’m glad that I was finally able to convince myself to try a wireless Bluetooth headset.

    What I love about the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds

    The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds is an easy-to-use device, not to mention that it’s also aesthetically pleasing.

    Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds set
    Package contents

    In addition to the convenience of using a wireless earphone, here are the major advantages of the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds:

    1. Lightweight

    The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds are lightweight. At only 4.1 grans, it can definitely claim to be as light as a feather. For better context, each piece weighs less than an A4 paper, so it’s that light.

    2. Powerful battery

    The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds also provide a long standby time. With it, you can enjoy five (5) hours of uninterrupted games, six (6) hours of continuous movies, and four and a half (4.5) hours of nonstop music.

    Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds charging case
    Charging case

    What’s also good about it is that it fully charges its battery in as fast as two (2) hours so you can immediately enjoy your favorite music and movies.

    3. Durable

    The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds is made of sturdy material and it also features IPX4 rating, which means that it is sweat-resistant so you don’t have to worry about water damage when you use It for working out.

    4. The sound is great

    The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds features provide deep bass, full treble, and rich midrange sounds to give you an outstanding listening experience.

    Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds with the charging case open

    It also processes data fast with its 119-millisecond ultra-low latency feature. This is especially advantageous when playing games or watching movies when there are almost zero delays between the graphics or picture and the sound.

    5. Practical

    A pair of Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds
    A pair of Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds

    With all the features that it packs, you would think that the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds are expensive. However, it just retails at around P1,500 so that’s definitely a good bargain. You can also enjoy a discount by using my code 3WVPIVAN when you buy it through its official store.

    Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds product specifications

    To know the full specifications of the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds, please refer to the following:

    Product Description:

    • New TWS earphone of Realfit

    Package includes:

    • One (1) Realfit RT02 Earphone

    Product details:

    • Brand: Realfit
    • Model: RT02
    • Color: Black / White
    • Weight: 0.1kg / 4.1 grams
    • Material: PC+ABS material
    • Battery: 40mAh high-performance battery


    • 5H uninterrupted game playing
    • 6H uninterrupted movie watching
    • 2H full charge 20H endurance
    • 4.5H with 100+ songs uninterrupted playing


    • 119ms ultra-low latency


    I consider the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds as one of my best product discoveries of late. I never imagined using a headset other than the one that came with my phone. However, with the Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds, the difference with my current headphones are worlds apart.

    The Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds is feature-packed and it’s also easy-on-the-budget.

    Disclaimer: a product sample was provided to facilitate this honest review

    Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds product review

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    1. I've been searching for a pair of earbuds. Thanks for the review. If they will stay in my ears, then thats the ones for me.

    2. These sound like some awesome earbuds. My daughter actually needs a new pair, so I'll have to get these.

    3. These look so handy to have, I would love to have a pair.

    4. That sounds like a great deal. I will check this out on my favorite store. Thanks for the review.

    5. I hate when ear buds fall out. These sound like they'll be the perfect fit.

    6. This looks like a nice earbuds, I'm gonna check it out once I replace my old one.

    7. I don't use earbuds that often because I prefer silence when I work. These look like a really good pair though.

    8. I'ma actually in the market for a good pair of ear buds and I'm so happy to read about your experience with Gopods E5. I need to look for them and try them on for myself and see how they fit in my ears. Great review!

    9. I have a pair of these, but they came without any instructions whatsoever, & I cannot find a user manual online. I have no trouble charging them, but cannot figure out how to turn them on or to pair them. Where can I find those instructions?

      1. Hello, I don't quite recall if they came with a manual. There's no need to turn them on as they are perpetually on.

        To pair it with your device such as a smartphone, just turn on your phone's Bluetooth and find nearby devices. The name "Realfit GoPods E5" should appear in the list of Bluetooth devices then just proceed with connecting your phone to your earbud.

        I hope this helps.

    10. カマネーロ アップルジョイ8 May 2022 at 03:26

      Wow tlgang napaka ganda ng quality and specs . Highly recommended .. lalo na ang battery tlga mageenjoy tayo makinig ng music ❤️😊(Apple Joy Camañero)

    11. nice earphone po, perfect na perfect sa mga music lover na katulad q po ☺ sarap makinig ng mga good songs dito at tlagang gaganahan ka po lalo sa mga ginagawa mo kapag meron ka po nito heheh tamang soundtrip lang lagi 🥰 super affordable na po tatak realme pa, kaya sulit na sulit po tlaga, hnd sayang ang pera! ❤

    12. ang cute ng design pati color nya, perfect na perfect sa mga music lover na katulad q po, tipong gaganahan ka po lalo sa mga ginagawa mo kapag meron ka po nito heheh tamang soundtrip lang dn aq lagi 🥰 super affordable pa po tatak realme pa, kaya sulit na sulit po tlaga, hnd sayang ang pera! ❤

    13. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:27

      Gusto ko yung 5 reason kung bakit highly recommended ang REALFIT GOPODS E5 EARBUDS compare sa other brand.Mas convenient po talaga gumamit ng wireless at higit sa lahat pag matagalan na gamitin at saglit lang din ang pag charge.Worry no more din sa price kasi very affordable na at may discount pa.

    14. chriss tabamo8 May 2022 at 03:27

      Wow naman . Kaya pala sobrang ganda nya. Maganda na nga ang specs, super gandA pa ng quality nya. Very convenient Talaga. Kaya for sure magugustuhan talaga ng mga tao to specially sa mga mahilig mag music at sa Mga nag wowork out

    15. ang ganda ng quality ng product na to daddy ivan, pang malakasan po tlaga basta tatak realme noh cute ng color and design po, super affordable pa po kaya kahit sino afford xa bilhin tlaga, gusto q dn po magkaroon nito, magagamit q po tlaga xa dahil mahilig dn po aq kc aqng makinig ng music :)

    16. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:27

      I like this Realfit Gopods E5 Earbuds. I love the reasons that you have listed. Personally I like that it's lightweight and comfortable to wear. I like its specifications as well, it is a perfect companion.