The 3 Top Reasons Why Clearex is Highly Recommended by Practical Dads

March 24, 2021

Sharing with you my review of Clearex, one of my most favorite home cleaning product discoveries lately.

Clearex offers a range of high-quality cleaning products to keep homes clean and sanitized. These days, keeping our homes squeaky clean and germ-free is of utmost importance. After all, the health of our family should never be compromised that’s why I was happy and satisfied when I recently got the chance to try Clearex cleaning products in our house when I was chosen to be part of the brand's #AlamDinNiTatay campaign.

Clearex home cleaning products

The 3 Top Reasons Why Clearex is Highly Recommended by Practical Dads

    Why is it important to regularly clean our homes?

    We all know that we need to regularly clean our homes, down to the last nook and cranny to keep germs and bacteria out. That will help prevent the spread of diseases, including COVID-19 viruses. As such, it’s important to choose cleaning products like Clearex that will help us achieve a clean and safe place for our family.

    Clearex Power Detergent
    Powder detergent

    However, there are other advantages of keeping our houses clean. A well-organized home can help alleviate stress and contribute to overall mental health. 

    My video for the #AlamDinNiTatay campaign:

    What’s more, it will prevent pests like cockroaches and rats from taking shelter in dark and cluttered corners of our house. These pests are also possible carriers of dangerous diseases so keeping them out and under control is also a good idea.

    What I like about Clearex

    To be honest, it was only of late when I discovered Clearex but I’m really glad that I did because it’s one of the most effective products that I used. I tried it on our bathroom floor and our toilet bowl and the tiles and surfaces were sparkling white effortlessly.

    Clearex disinfectant spray
    Disinfectant spray

    Here are some of the qualities that I liked about Clearex

    1. Effective

    Clearex products clean effectively. I tried the Clearex disinfectant spray, toilet bowl cleaner, and bleach, and found them to be effective in removing stains and molds. I particularly liked the toilet bowl cleaner and the bleach because I didn’t have to use too much of these products and yet they did the job well.

    Clearex toilet bowl cleaner
    Toilet bowl cleaner

    What I do is apply them on surfaces and leave them on for about five to 10 minutes. I then used a brush and after a few scrubs, the dirt was gone.

    We also like the Bubbles dishwashing liquid because it smells clean and it’s good in removing grease and oils from plates and utensils.

    2. Economical

    Clearex Ultra Bleach
    Ultra Bleach

    Aside from having to use only a fairly small amount of cleaning products, Clearex also offers some of the most affordable items on the market which’s why it’s a practical choice at home. It’s not common these days to find reasonably-priced products so Clearex was such an amazing discovery.

    3. Has a wide range of budget-friendly home cleaning products

    Clearex offers different types of home cleaning products, namely:

    • Disinfectant spray (P199)
    • Ultra bleach
    • Toilet bowl cleaner (P149)
    • Detergent powder
    • Car wash shampoo
    • Fabric conditioner (P99)
    • Fabric softener
    • Bubbles dishwashing liquid (P49)

    Clearex Car Wash Shampoo
    Car wash shampoo

    For whatever cleaning needs at home, Clearex has it.


    Clearex provides effective home cleaning with its array of products. With Clearex, we can fight the spread of diseases at home at a price that is budget-friendly, something that we are all looking for these days.

    Clearex Bubbles dishwashing liquid
    Bubbles dishwashing liquid

    If you are interested to buy Clearex products, you may call the contact number 0998 5416 881 or send an email through You may also check Clearex's Facebook and Instagram pages.

    Clearex review

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    1. I like that these products are budget friendly. The fact that they work is also a good thing.

    2. We clean the home regularly although some parts much more than others. It sounds like they have a really good range of products available.

    3. I will have to share this with my sister in the Philippines. I like that those cleaning products are affordable and does the job.

    4. This brand is so new to me, but it looks like a good product. I'm gonna check it out once we fully consumed our home cleaning stuff.

    5. I have never heard of this before. Sounds like a good quality line of products to have at home.

    6. カマネーロ アップルジョイ8 May 2022 at 03:27

      Wow tlgang highly recommended pala ang clearex lalo na at super effective ito at affordable price . Lahat ng need natin na pang linis sa bahay andito na sa clearex ❤️😍 tlgang mas need natin ito lalo na sa panahon ngayon , para makaiwas sa germs at bacteria lalo na at my mga bata sa bahay ❤️😊(Apple Joy Camañero)

    7. must have po pala talaga itong si Clearex 😊
      Perfect partner ni Nanay or ni tatay pagdating sa paglilinis ng bahay 💯❤

    8. chriss tabamo8 May 2022 at 03:27

      The best talaga itong Clearex. Talagang need natin to lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Para maiwasan natin ang mga germs at bacteria. Highly recommended pala talaga to. Heto talaga ang solusyon natin sa pag lilinis ng bahay. Talagang maasahan natin to.

    9. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:27

      I like your 3 reasons po kung bakit highly recommended ang clearex dapat talaga kung gagamit tayo ng products dun tayo sa trusted brand na effective,economical at higit sa lahat madami choices of variants.Ito yung the best gamitin effortless sa paglilinis kasi mabilis maka tanggal ng stain.

    10. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:28

      These three reasons that you have listed are really a nice points to considera when choosing home cleaning products. I like that CLEAREx is very effective and economical. This is the perfect partner for us, it makes our work easier, faster, and extra clean. Highly recommended.