4 Churches in Cavite for Your Family’s Visita Iglesia

March 25, 2021

While touring historical spots in Cavite, you might want to consider going to these four churches to find solace and peace this Lenten season 2021.

Cavite is notable for its historical events that greatly influenced and shaped how the Philippines is today. From the Cavite Mutiny of 1872 to the trial of the Bonifacio brothers, and the waving of the first Philippine flag in Kawit, Cavite, you will never run short of historical moments that signify what the Philippines has become today.

Four churches in Cavite for your family's Visita Iglesia

4 Churches in Cavite for Your Family’s Visita Iglesia

    The spread of Roman Catholicism in Cavite

    Of course, in those periods of war and colonial rule, a strong Roman Catholic faith emerged. And as Filipinos continue to follow traditions and customs to reflect on their faith, many centuries-old churches within Cavite continue to thrive and endure the changes brought upon by the COVID-19 crisis.

    Churches for Visita Iglesia in Cavite

    Visit Iglesia (or Church Visitation) is an age-old tradition that Catholics look forward to during Holy Week. It’s a chance to strengthen faith as well as an opportunity to go on a historical trip.

    Cavite also has a lot of beautiful churches that you can visit, but since it might not be practical to go to each one of them, here are four churches that we recommend for your family’s Visita Iglesia this year.

    1. Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral, Imus

    Also called Imus Cathedral, Our Lady of the Pillar is the seat of the Diocese of Imus, Cavite. Originally built in 1795, the cathedral dons a traditional Hispanic architecture made from bricks and stones. 

    Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral in Imus, Cavite
    The photo was taken from Our Lady of the Pillar Facebook page

    The overall façade of the cathedral is a great example of how traditional architecture transcends through time and complements its modern surroundings. Devotees of the Our Lady of the Pillar can visit the church and offer their prayers and worship to the blessed virgin enshrined at the high altar.

    For Mass schedules, including live streaming services, you may refer to the Our Lady of Pillar Cathedral Facebook page.

    2. Parish of Santa Cruz, Tanza

    The coastal town of Tanza is home to roll-on/roll-off barges that receive many ferries coming from other parts of the Philippines. It is also home to the Parish of Santa Cruz, canonically the Diocesan Shrine of Saint Augustine. 

    Parish of Santa Cruz in Tanza, Cavite
    The photo was taken from the Parish of Santa Cruz Facebook page

    Many locals report that the patron saint of the church, “Tata Usteng” (Tanza’s nickname for Saint Augustine of Hippo) takes the form of a human and offers counsel to devotees praying for deliverance. Imagine seeing the saint in the flesh during your Lent visit to the parish.

    Like most churches, the Parish of Santa Cruz faced many historical events and era changes and continues to endure over time. Today, the church is adjacent to many modern developments along the perpendicular thoroughfare, Government Drive; one of those developments is Phirst Park Homes. Residents of the village may easily access the church via jeepneys, buses, and UV Express vehicles.

    You may refer to the Parish of Santa Cruz Facebook page for the schedule of services. 

    3. Saint Magdalene Church, Kawit

    Kawit is notable for being the site where the first flag was waved and the Philippine Declaration of Independence was read. 

    Saint Magdalene Church in Kawit, Cavite
    Photo by Ramon FVelasquez - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

    However, the historic town is also home to Saint Magdalene Church, one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines. It was founded by the Jesuits arrived in Cavite in 1624. With the help of six wealthy families from Maragondon, the construction of the church began in 1638.

    Saint Magdalene Church is perhaps known for being the baptismal site of President Emilio Aguinaldo. The church is located a few meters from Aguinaldo Shrine, so you can visit it after touring the late president’s memorabilia.

    4. Saint Francis of Assisi Church, General Trias

    If you are seeking a place to reflect on the country’s resilience, Saint Francis of Assisi Church in General Trias might be the right spot. The church underwent several restoration and renovation projects as a result of many earthquakes. 

    Saint Francis of Assisi Church in General Trias, Cavite
    Photo by Ramon FVelasquez - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

    The current façade of the church is the result of the 1991 reconstruction where the original look for the church was restored. Inside the church, you’ll see many ornately-carved statues of religious Catholic saints and icons placed upon a tiered carved wooden platform.

    Health and safety protocols when going out

    Stay at home and refrain from unnecessary travels. Most churches these days live stream their Mass celebrations through Facebook, you may want to take that option instead. If you must go out, check for any travel restrictions. Immuno-compromised individuals, children, and senior citizens must stay home.

    Furthermore, for those going out, wear a facemask, face shield, bring alcohol, practice social distancing, and just be on your guard at all times.


    The Visita Iglesia is one of the most anticipated activities of Roman Catholic families during the Holy Week. It’s a chance to reflect and also to travel and see historical churches together with your friends and loved ones.

    Overall, Cavite is a repository of our country’s colonial and religious past. These four churches are among the many places of worship that continue to adapt to changes. Likewise, these churches are proof that faith and your relationship with God will endure amid crises.

    Churches in Cavite for Visita Iglesia

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    1. ang gaganda talaga ng old churches ano? but isnt it too far from each other to visit them all together? or separate days sya? but would love to visit them in the future!

    2. Of all the churches in your list, I've only been to one -- the one in Imus -- and only because I used to live at an apartment at a street next to it with my friends back in college. Sad that I took that opportunity for granted and how ironic that I plan to take my kids there when the pandemic is over to see it.

    3. Such beautiful old historical churches. They all have this beautiful stone walls and simple but elegant altars where mass is celebrated solemnly.

    4. Cavite seems like such a big place for all of these churches. We aren’t catholic but we appreciate great architecture!

    5. Cavite seems like such a big place for all of these churches. We aren’t catholic but we appreciate great architecture!

    6. I'm a Catholic on papers, and am always critical about this religion. But one thing that I couldn't deny admiring is the genius mind in building sturdy churches, and some of them are centuries old. That is impressive.

    7. カマネーロ アップルジョイ8 May 2022 at 03:29

      Thankyou for sharing this daddy iv. Nakakatuwa kse mga simbahan ng cavite . ❤️ Taga dito ako sa cavite , pero ang napuntahan ko lng po ung sa saint francis of assi church sa gentri kse taga dun ako banda . Sobra tlgang makasaysayang ang mga simbahan dito ❤️ sa saint francis sobrang ganda sa loob tlgang nkakamangha ❤️😍 (Apple Joy Camañero)

    8. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:29

      Sarap din talaga maka punta sa mga historical church yung talagang matatagal na pero matatag pa din. Sana after nito pandemic maka punta din po ako sa mga listed church mo lalo di naman siya kalayuan sa manila🤗.

    9. ang gaganda po pla ng church sa cavite daddy ivan hayy kapag nawala na ung covid po ito tlaga ung unang lugar na gugustuhin q po puntahan, ang sarap siguro sa pakiramdam kapag napasok ka sa mga church na to, grabe noh kahit sobrang tagal na nila nananatili pa dn po tlagang maganda, isa dn tlaga yan sa maipapagmalaki ng cavite po, kung dati po siguro lalo na kapag ganitong panahon na malapit na po ang mahal na araw dami po siguro nagpupuntahan na tao jan galing pa sa iba't ibang lugar po.

    10. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:29

      I never seen these churches yet but these are really beautiful and worthy to be included on visits iglesias itinerary. I agree with you that these churches are proof that faith and your relationship with God will endure amid crises. this is a very inspiring blog po.

    11. chriss tabamo8 May 2022 at 03:29

      I already read your blog daddy ivan .Wow grabe. Ang gaganda pala ng church sa cavite.. Sana talaga matapos na ang pandemic na kiakakaharap natin para naman mapuntahan namin ito at maka experience man lang makarating dito.