The 3 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking M2 Malunggay Tea

March 26, 2021

Sharing with you my full review of M2 Malunggay Tea Drink, one of my best foodie discoveries of late.

Who knew that just by drinking a simple tea concentrate, you’d already be getting your daily dose of health-giving vitamins and nutrients? I'm talking about the M2 Malunggay Tea Drink, which comes in concentrated and convenient ready-to-drink variants. I consider the M2 Malunggay Tea Drink as one of my best foodie discoveries because of its high nutrient content.

M2 Malunggay Tea Drink and other food products

The 3 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking M2 Malunggay Tea

    M2 Malunggay Tea drink is especially good for people who are not too fond of eating vegetable, those who find it challenging to prepare delicious vegetable dishes, or those who are looking for a drink option that is healthy and refreshing.

    The importance of boosting our immunity

    Time and time again, it’s been said by health magazines and journals that keeping our immune system healthy and strong is the foundation of good health. A robust immune system will help our body ward off diseases or even heal itself faster if ever we get sick.

    M2 Malunggay Milk Tea Drink
    M2 Malunggay milk tea

    Having a strong immune system is especially important these days when the COVID-19 pandemic is still causing global turmoil. We need to keep ourselves safe by observing strict health protocols and using products that have health-giving benefits, such as the M2 Malunggay Tea Drink.

    M2 Malunggay Tea Drink is made of the following ingredients:

    Malunggay or moringa leaves

    These are a good source of Vitamin E, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, and potassium. Malunggay is known to contain big doses of Vitamin C (seven times more than oranges) and potassium (15 times more than bananas). Its amino acid content helps the body heal and build muscles.


    Okra contains zinc, and Vitamins A & K. It’s particularly beneficial for lowering the blood sugar level and the risk of heart disease. Okra is also good for pregnant women because it contains a good level of antioxidants.


    Ginger is a good source of potassium and magnesium. It also packs a lot of health and wellness benefits, such as the treatment of colds and flu, reduction of heart disease, treatment of inflammation and muscle pain, the prevention of cancer, improvement of brain function, and provides relief to upset stomach.

    Brown sugar

    Brown sugar is a healthy alternative to white sugar because of its nutrient content. Aside from this, brown sugar also adds more flavor to food and drinks.

    The benefits of drinking M2 Malunggay Tea

    M2 Malunggay Shing-a-Ling sour cream and cheese flavors
    Shing-a-ling in sour cream and cheese flavors

    Now that we know the advantages of each of the ingredients of M2 Malunggay Tea, here’s how they work together to provide overall physical wellness:

    1. It’s safe for the whole family

    M2 Malunggay Tea is FDA-approved under the healthy beverage category. That means that all members of your family who have no known allergies to the components of M2 Malunggay Tea can safely enjoy its great taste and health-giving nutrients.

    In fact, M2 Malunggay Tea helped relieve my mother-in-law's bellyache. She had been complaining of stomach pains for the past several days, so I urged her to try M2 Malunggay Tea because I know it has ginger which was beneficial to the digestive system. She tried it cold and she found it to be delicious and refreshing. 

    What's even better is that her stomach pains were gone. Thus, I gave her a whole bottle of the M2 Malunggay Tea concentrate which she was regularly drinking as an after-meal beverage. 

    2. It can boost the immune system

    M2 Malunggay Tea can aid in boosting our immune system because of its Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and Beta Carotene content.

    3. It is great for boosting the breast milk supply of mothers

    Breastfeeding mothers will find drinking M2 Malunggay Tea beneficial in boosting their milk supply. That’s because each glass of M2 Malunggay Tea is equivalent to 500 grams of moringa capsules. 

    If you look at the website of M2 Malunggay Tea, there are numerous testimonials from the moms who experienced the benefits of boosted milk supply when they began to drink M2 Malunggay Tea.

    How to enjoy M2 Malunggay Milk Tea

    Hot or cold drink

    You may add four tablespoons of M2 Malunggay Tea concentrate to hot or cold water. Stir and enjoy its delicious taste.

    M2 Milk Tea

    Add four tablespoons of M2 Malunggay Tea to 250 ml of cold milk (full cream, low-fat, or almond). You may add ice and pearls. Stir and enjoy!

    Here's how to make M2 Malunggay Milk Tea:

    M2 Soda

    You may use the same liquid proportion as above. Add the M2 Malunggay Tea drink to sparkling water or lemon soda. Add ice, stir, and enjoy!

    M2 Flavored Iced Tea

    Using the same liquid proportion as above, dissolve your favorite iced tea flavor in water and add M2 Malunggay Tea. Add ice, stir, and enjoy!

    Other M2 Malunggay food products

    M2 Malunggay Shing-a-ling

    Aside from M2 Malunggay Tea, these are the other products offered by the company:

    • Keto-friendly items
    • Shing-a-ling chips and cookies
    • Tea mixes
    • Dog Food

    Where to buy M2 Malunggay Tea

    You may order M2 Malunggay Tea through its online store. However, it is also available in the following outlets:

    • Andok’s
    • Divimart
    • The Landmark
    • Shopwise
    • Rustan’s Marketplace
    • Puregold
    • AllDay Supermarket
    • Landers Superstore
    • S&R
    • Robinsons Supermarket
    • WalterMart

    For inquiries, you may call telephone numbers 0939.3215284 and 7759.7235 or send an email through


    We need to boost our health and immunity whenever we have the chance to do so, and that means making wise choices in terms of the food that we eat and the products that we use.

    What’s good to know is that there are products like M2 Malunggay Tea that can help us achieve overall health and wellness because it’s easy to incorporate into our lifestyle. 

    M2 Malunggay Tea is not just packed with nutrients and antioxidants from vegetables but it’s also delicious and can be mixed into other food items. It’s also easy to purchase, either online or through popular supermarkets.

    Disclaimer: M2 Malunggay Tea product samples were provided to our group, Makati Foodies, to facilitate this honest review. Rest assured that all opinions are mine.

    For product reviews and food collabs, you may get in touch with Makati Foodies via Facebook and Instagram.

    M2 Malunggay Tea Drink review

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