6 Top Reasons Why Lola Remedios Is Ideal For Work From Home Dads (and Moms, too!)

Monday, 23 November 2020

Find out why Lola Remedios is one of our most trusted products at home.

Lola Remedios has become a household name over a short period of time because of its promise to provide quick relief for an itchy throat as well as the overall feeling of heaviness. What’s even better is that it’s affordable at P10 sachet and is readily available in drugstores, convenience stores, and even in your friendly neighborhood sari-sari store. 

Sachets of Lola Remedios food supplement

6 Top Reasons Why Lola Remedios Is Ideal For Work From Home Dads (and Moms, too!)

    Trying Lola Remedios for the first time 

    We first tried Lola Remedios sometime last year. Khris and I have been having bad bouts of allergic rhinitis. Some of our friends advised us to try Lola Remedios because they found it effective in relieving minor coughing and sore throat. 

    Box of Lola Remedios all-natural food supplement

    We were quite keen to try it because of the many TV advertisements that we see about Lola Remedios, claiming that it can help alleviate lamig (Tagalog, literally "cold") or the general feeling of discomfort or malaise. 

    So, one afternoon after work, we passed by the nearest Mercury Drug outlet in our office and bought about four sachets of Lola Remedios (two for each of us) because we needed to test it out first if will be suited for us. 

    It was easy to take; we just ripped the tip of the sachet and drank it straight. And yes, it was instant relief! While Lola Remedios is not medicine, meaning it’s not made for treating illnesses, it was successful in easing our itchy throats and the mint was effective in unclogging our stuffy noses. 

    Since then, we made it a point to buy a few sachets of Lola Remedios every time we felt a bit under the weather. It’s a quick relief partner that we trust if we feel an impending allergic rhinitis attack. 

    Things that we like about Lola Remedios

    Khris and I have been working from home since the community quarantine last March. Even so, we’ve been quite paranoid when it comes to our health so we make it a point to stock up on vitamin supplements (especially Vitamin C), medicines, and, yes, even Lola Remedios packs. 

    Using Lola Remedios at home

    We use Lola Remedios at home as our “first aid” to lessen the symptoms of colds, allergies, or mild coughing. If you are a work from home dad like me, I’m sure you would find it advantageous that you can just easily reach for a sachet anytime and have a quick-relief remedy. 

    I can just take a quick break from work, drink a pack of Lola Remedios, rest a little, and I’m back to working again. 

    Here are some of the reasons why we like Lola Remedios: 

    1. It’s really affordable 

    As a practical work from home dad, I like the affordability of Lola Remedios. At P10 per sachet, it’s definitely worth it knowing that it has loads of healthful benefits. 

    2. It’s made of natural ingredients 

    What I also like about Lola Remedios is that it’s made with natural ingredients. Before reaching out for chemical-based medicines, I try to improve my well-being with a natural remedy such as Lola Remedios. 

    Lola Remedios is made of natural ingredients

    Here are the 5 natural ingredients in each sachet of Lola Remedios: 

    • Ginger - traditionally, ginger is used for sore throats, pains, and even gastrointestinal troubles. Think of ginger tea or salabat, which is trusted for ages for its positive effects on sore throat and stomachache. 
    • Cloves - cloves are great home remedies for inflammations, fungal infections, and pains 
    • Honey - honey has countless health and wellness benefits, including treating coughs and colds, and upper respiratory tract ailments.
    • Fennel - Fennel is good at providing relief for stomach discomfort because of gas pains and indigestion.
    • Mint - the cooling effect of mint is great for sore throat, clogged nose, muscle aches, diarrhea, headaches, and colds 

    3. It provides consistent quick relief 

    What I like about Lola Remedios is that it is consistent in providing quick relief. The moment I finish one sachet, I always feel the immediate lightness on my chest and the easing of my stuffy nose. 

    4. You can buy it almost anywhere 

    While I keep a box or two of Lola Remedios at home, what I like about it is that if I run out of stock, I can easily go to our neighborhood store or at the nearest convenience store and buy a pack or two. 

    As a testament to its efficacy, there was a point though when the local pharmacy ran out of supply because, as the cashier said, people were hoarding boxes of it. 

    5. It’s convenient to carry 

    I remember bringing sachets of Lola Remedios at the office which was no hassle at all because the packets were small and very easy to carry in my medicine kit. I can even just put it in my pocket and not feel that it’s there because it’s really lightweight. 

    6. It tastes good 

    Lola Remedios doesn’t take like medicine at all. When I first tried it, I was a bit fuzzy because I was expecting some bitter, plant-like, or medicine taste. 

    I was pleasantly surprised though because it tasted mildly sweet from honey with a hint of ginger and a good dose of mint. It was really good and not off-tasting at all. 

    How I take Lola Remedios 

    I usually take Lola Remedios straight from the sachet because I like feeling the minty relief that it brings in my throat and in my sinuses. 

    However, another great option to take Lola Remedios is to add a sachet to a mug of hot green tea. That way, you would get the antioxidant benefits of green tea and the relief provided by Lola Remedios. 


    I am happy to discover products such as Lola Remedios that I can confidently use at home. It doesn’t have any therapeutic claim but I like that it can provide immediate comfort from my allergic rhinitis and clogged nose. 

    Precaution: Lola Remedios is not intended for pregnant and lactating women; and those with allergies to any of its ingredients.

    You can also buy Lola Remedios in LAZADA and SHOPEE.

    Lola Remedios product review

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