Romantic Baboy: the best restaurant for your Korean barbecue fix

Monday, 11 March 2019

Romantic Baboy is perhaps the best Korean barbecue restaurant around the metro for your samgyeopsal fix.

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Romantic Baboy (Tagalog/Filipino, noun, which means pig or pork) is perhaps the best Korean barbecue restaurant around the metro for your samgyeopsal fix. And who could ignore it? With a catchy name, it’s easy for Romantic Baboy to get people’s attention.

Romantic Baboy Korean barbecue and sidings
On the grill at Romantic Baboy

Romantic Baboy: the best restaurant for your Korean barbecue fix

    I have heard about Romantic Baboy a lot of times although I have not really had the chance to try it. But beyond a memorable name, it’s the quality of its food offering that speaks for itself.

    Our Romantic Baboy Experience 

    Khris and I have been regularly craving Korean barbecue. The taste of thinly sliced and marinated pork and beef, cooked over a grill, and eaten with fresh and crisp lettuce leaves is just unforgettable. Thus, one weekend, we decided to tug our family and try Romantic Baboy at Ayala Fairview Terraces.

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    We arrived there just a little past lunch time. However, considering the size of the branch, there was already a considerable number of people already waiting for their turn. Realizing that the queue would not budge in about an hour or so, we decided to head over to Romantic Baboy at Britanny Square, a 10-minute drive from Ayala Fairview Terraces.

    Romantic Baboy side dishes on the table
    Side dishes at Romantic Baboy

    When we got to Romantic Baboy at Brittany Square, we were excited because there was no line and the server informed us that there will soon be available tables for us. We were inside the restaurant after a fair amount of waiting time and, once we were settled in our seats, we wasted no opportunity and already chose the cuts of meat that we would like to sample first. 

    There are exhaust pipes installed on each table but since the room is air-conditioned, it was still smoky inside. Since we cannot do anything about it, we just chose a spot in the corner where the smoke was not too dense.

    Romantic Baboy’s Menu

    Among the many choices at Romantic Baboy are the following: Samgyupsal (herbed pork belly), Samgyup (beef brisket slices), Moksal (seasoned pork neck), Daepae Samgyupsal (pork belly slices), Yangyum Galbi (marinated pork ribs), Romantic Bulgogi (sweet marinated Korean style beef), Spicy Beef (beef slices in spicy sauce), Curry Beef (beef slices in curry sauce).

    Romantic Baboy herbed pork
    Romantic Baboy's herbed pork

    Romantic Baboy samgyeopsal
    Samgyeopsal at Romantic Baboy

    For banchan or sidings at Romantic Baboy, one may choose from the following: Ramyun (spicy noodles), Seafood Ramyun (seafood noodles), Robokki (sweet and spicy noodles), bibimbap, kimchi fried rice, beef fried rice, kimchi, doenjang jjigae (fermented soybean paste), and sundubu jjigae (spicy soft tofu).

    Romantic Baboy fish cakes
    Fish cakes

    We availed of the unlimited pork and beef which was Php499 per head. This includes six kinds of side dishes, unlimited rice and vegetable, and gochujang jjigae (chili paste). One may also request for unlimited servings of cheese and eggs. These can be cooked at the side of the grill as a dip (cheese) or side dish (egg).

    Food at Romantic Baboy

    We loved seeing so many banchans or side dishes laid out on the table. What we usually order are kimchi, fish cakes, scallions, baby potatoes, and pickled radishes. We also love simple dipping sauces like the spicy chili paste, sesame oil, and salt with crushed pepper. Anyway, the flavor of the meat would depend on how fresh and how well-marinated it is.

    What is notable about Romatic Baboy was that melted cheese, grilled kimchi, and steamed eggs were readily available beside the grill.

    I tried the cheese but I would much rather use the dipping sauces so as not to overwhelm my palate with too much savory flavors. The taste of the grilled kimchi was not too spectacular either because it somehow dried out.

    On the other hand, the steamed eggs became an instant hit with us. It was light, and soft and fluffy. It did not have too much seasonings, as such, the taste was almost neutral and somehow cut the richness of the grilled meats. It was so good that we requested for several refills of the steamed egg.

    Now, on to the mains. We sampled as much meat as we can, which meant all of the selections available at the menu. We were a big group anyway so we could easily share the portions with each other. In general, we found the meats to be of excellent quality.

    In particular, what we loved about the meat slices was how flavorful they were; the marinades permeated the meat well resulting in succulent slivers of goodness. Infused with smoky flavors from the grill, the meats were perfect with the lettuce wraps.

    Among the choices, our favorites were the Romantic Bulgogi, Moksal, and the Spicy Beef. After sampling all of the meats in the menu, we settled for the Spicy Beef, our most favorite in the menu, and ordered this until we were full.

    Another one notable observation was that the pork slices were not fatty as compared to other Korean barbecue restaurants. It's a little thick though so it needs a longer amount of time to cook.

    Romantic Baboy fesh lettuce leaves for wrapping grilled meats

    The grilled meats went well with the sauces and the fresh lettuce wraps. Kimchi is our favorite side dish in any Korean restaurant and we were just delighted because we can have this unlimited at Romantic Baboy.

    Kimchi does well in cutting the richness of the meats and cleansing the palate, which kept our appetites revved up.

    By the way, we also ordered drinks but take note though that the cost of the refreshments is separate from the Php499.

    The Verdict

    All in all, we definitely loved our experience at Romantic Baboy. We did not have to wait long to get our tables, so that meant not getting too cranky from hunger.

    At Php499, this Korean barbecue buffet restaurant offers good value for money. The overall vibe is relaxed, so we felt no pressure in ordering food. We were not in competition with other diners to get the attention of the servers, too.

    Speaking of getting the attention of the attendants, I am happy to share that there was no need to shout and strain our vocal chords when requesting for orders. They listened well and delivered our orders fast despite the number of diners when we ate here.

    Romantic Baboy is actually one of our two favorite Korean barbecue restaurants around Metro Manila. We had a nice meal and would surely come back once we have the opportunity to do so.

    Romantic Baboy Branches

    This Romantic Baboy branch is located at Brittany Square, Belfast Road Corner Mindanao Avenue, Novaliches, Quezon City.

    In addition to its Brittany Square location, Romantic Baboy is also located at the following addresses (as of March 11, 2019):

    SM Light Mall

    Ground Floor, SM Light Mall, EDSA Corner Madison Street, Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong City Telephone Numbers: +639391807779 and +639267319815

    Teachers Village

    97 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: 02-2946754


    625 N.S. Amoranto Corner Palali Street, Siena, Banawe, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: 02-7569409

    Eton Centris Walk

    Eton Centris Walk, Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 
    Telephone Numbers: +639563007300 and 02-7294238

    Ortigas Home Depot

    Ortigas Home Depot, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City 
    Telephone Number: +639988717121

    BF Homes

    319 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, ParaƱaque City 
    Telephone Number: 02-9832624


    Intrepid Plaza, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: 02-9879808

    SM City North Edsa

    Second Floor, Sky Garden, SM City North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: +639951397169


    Ground Floor, Caswynn Building, Timog Avenue, Sacred Heart, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: +639951397169


    Second Floor, G Square, Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan City 
    Telephone Number: +639672069570


    Ground Floor, Food Lane, Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: 02-9060328

    Ayala Fairview Terraces

    Central Garden, Ground Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Maligaya Road Corner Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: 02-7994657

    Tandang Sora

    Crossroad Tandang Sora, Tandang Sora Avenue, Sangandaan, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: +639055156519

    Batasan Hills

    The Rock Lifestyle Hub, Holy Spirit Drive, Batasan Hills, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: +639771620329

    Project 8

    Congressional Town Center, 23 Congressional Avenue, Project 8, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: 02-3747948

    Marikina City

    Ayala Malls Marikina, Liwasang Kalayaan, Marikina Heights, Marikina City 
    Telephone Number: +639951397169

    Diosdado Macapagal Avenue

    Ground Floor, DoubleDragon Plaza, Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, Baclaran, Pasay City 
    Telephone Number: N/A


    Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila 
    Telephone Number: N/A


    Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: +639567293223

    Robinsons Magnolia

    Second Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City 
    Telephone Number: +639177955886


    Credit cards and senior citizen cards are honored at Romantic Baboy. They also have seasonal promos so watch out for announcements via their social media accounts.

    Lastly, walk-ins are allowed at Romantic Baboy but we suggest calling your preferred branch before you go in order for you to gauge the availability of tables and seats.

    Romantic Baboy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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    1. The dishes sound delicious. I don't have much experience with Korean food, but I'm definitely going to try it at the next opportunity.

      1. Yup, the dishes are indeed delicious. I hope you get to try Korean barbecue.

    2. I can't believe I have never tried a Korean bbq restauarant! I need to find a local one and take my family soon! This looks so yum!

      1. Yup, just give it a try. It's going to be an enjoyable experience grilling Korean barbecue on your own.

    3. We might try this next month.Can't wait. Haha! Thanks for the details!

      1. You are welcome! I hope you enjoy your Romantic Baboy experience.


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