nice two Meat u: treat yourself to premium Korean barbecue

Saturday, 14 December 2019

It’s easy to recommend nice two Meat u (yes, this is how they write their name) to anyone who is looking for premium Korean barbecue.

It’s easy to recommend nice two Meat u (yes, this is how they write their name) to anyone who is looking for premium Korean barbecue. At nice two Meat u, they offer fresh cuts of samgyupsal as well as flavorful side dishes. What’s more, you will not have to worry about overcooking or under-cooking your food because the restaurant staff will do it for you.

meats and vegetables grilling at nice two Meat u

nice two Meat u: treat yourself to premium Korean barbecue

    Please keep in mind though that nice two Meat u does not offer unlimited barbecue; however, you can have as much of the side dishes as you want.

    Location and ambiance

    We tried nice two Meat u at Ayala Malls Circuit during one of those holidays tucked in the middle of the work week. We were so excited to find out that Ayala Malls Circuit is very near our condo so we made it a point to explore it whenever we can. It’s actually a very convenient location for those in Makati as well as in nearby cities.

    japchae of Korean noodles with meat and vegetables at nice two Meat u

    Furthermore, Ayala Malls Circuit is not located along a major highway, thus, there is not much traffic buildup. As for nice two Meat u, the restaurant is located at the second level of the mall. We had a hard time looking for it because it was located in a concealed side of the mall. We had to ask around before we finally found it.

    The interior of the restaurant is spacious; the tables are wide and space between other tables is adequate so that diners can comfortable move around. Unlike other Korean barbecue restaurants, there is minimal smoke coming from other tables, probably because meats are cooked in cast iron grills and not in conventional coal grills.

    Overall, nice two Meat u’s vibe is friendly and welcoming.

    Food at nice two Meat u

    Food at nice two Meat u is nothing short of outstanding. Just to reiterate, nice two Meat u does not offer unlimited meats, hence, that might be a big deciding factor for some people. However, should you decide to eat here, you will be treated to fresh and high-quality cuts as well as flavorful limitless orders of side dishes that we truly enjoyed.

    beef brisket deckle or chadolbagi at nice two Meat u
    Chadolbagi or brisket deckle

    We were a group of four when we went here so we ordered Pork Barbecue Set C which is composed of samgyupsal (your choice of a big plate of moksal aka neck meat, hangjeongsal aka pork neck, or galmaegisal aka pork skirt), six sides, japchae, banchan, lettuce wraps, and sauces. This set is priced at Php1749.

    samgyupsal at nice two Meat u

    We chose moksal and we deemed it a good choice because the meat was almost bite-sized when cooked. It had the right amount of fat to keep the meat moist and flavorful. We had a great time wrapping the meats in lettuce leaves and dipping them in various sauces. 

    fresh and crisp unlimited lettuce leaves at nice two Meat u
    Fresh lettuce leaves

    Speaking of the lettuce leaves, there was not a batch served to us that was not fresh, green, firm, and crisp. That for us speaks volume of how nice to Meat u puts utmost importance on the quality of their food.

    banchan or side dishes of kimchi, egg, seafood roll, potato, eggplant, and turnip at nice two Meat u

    What we also noticed here was the quality of the kimchi – the flavor was intense and went really well with the meats. This is a side dish that Khris and I truly love eating and nice two Meat u serves some of the best kimchi that we have tasted in similar restaurants.

    hotpot soup of meat, vegetables, and mushrooms at nice two Meat u

    In any case, if you are used to eating Korean barbecue buffet, you need not worry about the meat not being unlimited because the servings at nice two Meat u is generous.  Aside from the banchan, the japchae’s serving was big so that also filled us up quite well. We were full and completely satisfied after our delicious Korean barbecue lunch at nice two Meat u.


    Overall, we had an enjoyable Korean barbecue lunch at nice to Meat u. It was not crowded when we ate there so that added to the positive experience at this restaurant.

    our table of goodies at nice two Meat u
    Our table at nice two Meat u

    The food is delicious, the servers were attentive and quick to respond to our requests, and the price was just right. The presentation of the food was also impeccable, so it’s not embarrassing We hoped they would have more branches around Metro Manila so that we can eat here whenever we wanted to.

    samgyupsal or Korean barbecue on the grill at nice two Meat u
    Samgyupsal on the grill

    nice to Meat u is located at the Second Floor, Circuit Lane, Ayala Malls Circuit, Olympia, Makati City. For reservations and inquiries, you may call their telephone numbers 02 76170099 and +63 9171350009.

    Credit cards are accepted at nice two Meat u.


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