TheBasics Peanut Butter: A Healthy Choice Without Compromising Taste

January 11, 2021

TheBasics Peanut Butter offers healthy and all-natural peanut butter variants to consumers without compromising taste.

TheBasics Peanut Butter offers three peanut butter variants that are not only delicious but are also healthy. I’m sure that line already sounds cliché or overused to you, with the many food products in the market promising both healthful benefits and wonderful flavors. However, I was quite surprised when I finally received my jars of TheBasics Peanut Butter because from the ingredients listed and from how it was packaged (yes, packaging plays a key role in branding) it seemed to live up to its promise.

TheBasics peanut butter jars health and wellness choices

TheBasics Peanut Butter: A Healthy Choice Without Compromising Taste

    The story behind TheBasics Peanut Butter 

    I recently got acquainted with TheBasics Peanut Butter when fellow food blogger Michelle Melo of Dekaphobe blog introduced me to its owner, Marlon Tong. That was during the time when I invited small business owners for a possible feature in my blog or Facebook promotion. Marlon sent me a pitch and I was immediately impressed with his business, particularly his vision for TheBasics. 

    TheBasics peanut butter jars coconut sugar and crunchy cacao

    “We started TheBasics 6 years ago as a means to introduce more awareness of what we eat. Not just on the health side, but we do believe real food is also tastier. As with our peanut butter, our blend is probably the least sweet among the local makers as our goal is just to enhance the flavors of the peanut butter,” said Marlon. 

    According to Marlon, more than just an enterprise, the objective of TheBasics is to help educate the Filipino consumers to be more particular with the products they purchase and consume. More specifically, their goal is for Filipino consumers to be mindful of the ingredients that go into the products they buy and eat. 

    “We're also in a pretty unique position as we're probably one of the few small-batch peanut butter makers with an FDA certificate. We do aim to grow this further, as over the years, we've also learned to promote our own local ingredients such as the sugar that we use. Muscovado and coconut sugar are pretty underrated despite being healthier alternatives to the refined white or brown sugar we're used to,” added Marlon. 

    Personally, I think what TheBasics has is a good objective that is worth supporting and promoting. Let’s admit it, not many of us watchful when it comes to the ingredients of the food that we buy. More often, we get from grocery racks only those items that either tastes good or affordable. 

    TheBasics Peanut Butter flavors 

    TheBasics comes in three variants: Original Muscovado, Crunchy Cacao, and Coconut Sugar. The ingredients are straightforward: roasted peanuts, olive oil, sea salt, and, depending on the variants, muscovado, crunch cacao nibs, and coconut sugar. That’s it, nothing unnecessary. 

    TheBasics peanut butter variants

    I ordered Crunchy Cacao and Coconut Sugar flavors because these were the two most recommended variants for those who are watching their sugar intake. 

    The taste is surprisingly good, no matter how utilitarian the ingredients seemed. The texture is creamy, the taste is just right, and the smell of roasted peanuts is heavenly. Best of all, TheBasics peanut butter tasted of real peanuts. 

    I like to add peanut butter to my overnight oats. I enjoy it more like that than putting it in sandwiches. That’s not to say though that it’s not good with bread; I tried it with warm pandesal and it’s delicious. 

    My particular favorite is TheBasics Crunchy Cacao peanut butter because the addition of the cacao nibs added delightful crispness to every bite. Honestly, though, the coconut sugar flavor of TheBasics also tastes as good. 


    TheBasics Peanut Butter offers three strong reasons for Filipino consumers to support this product: 1) the peanut butter variants are made of healthy and all-natural ingredients; 2) they are delicious, and 3) they are reasonably priced. Even with a higher price point though, the healthful benefits of TheBasics Peanut Butter is a good enough reason to buy and consume it. 

    I’m glad to have discovered TheBasics Peanut Butter, a brand that is not just after making a profit but is actually mindful of the well-being of its customers.

    TheBasics Peanut Butter review

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