3 Reasons Why I Choose And Recommend Lana Lane Essential Oils

January 08, 2021

Lana Lane essential oils are just as effective as other more popular brands but what I like about them is their easy-on-the-pocket price and more.

Lana Lane may not be making as much noise as other essential oil brands but that does not mean that it’s not as effective. In fact, if I were to choose an essential oil brand to use, I’d readily go for Lana Lane.

Lana Lane Essntial Oil Immune Booster Blend
Lana Lane Immune Booster

3 Reasons Why I Choose And Recommend Lana Lane Essential Oils

    What are essential oils?

    Essential oils are, well, oils or essences that are extracted from plants. They capture the aroma and even the flavor of the plants from which they are derived. They are popularly used in alternative medicine to treat a variety of conditions or just to provide a relaxing atmosphere because of their scent. 

    My experience in using Lana Lane essential oils 

    I have to admit though that I have not had much experience in using essential oils. I tried a popular brand but it was only when a friend had me sniff a blend when she was convincing me to buy essential oils from her. It was so expensive; I thought the price could not justify the possible efficacy of the essential oils. 

    However, when a friend and former colleague established her own small business called Lana Lane selling her own line of essential oil blends, I got to try using it for myself. Although I admit that I’m not still a regular essential oil user, I had a good experience in using Lana Lane blends. 

    I used an immune booster blend to help me relieve my allergic rhinitis and I liked it. Not only did it help me with my nasal congestion, but the scent was both relaxing and uplifting. I also used it before going to bed and it helped me to sleep soundly each time. 

    I also tried Lana Lane’s hair thickening blend. Although I wasn’t able to sustain its use, I noticed that it helped reduce my hair fall. It was effective for hair fall induced by stress and childbirth and there were many testimonials from satisfied clients who used it. 

    In Christmas 2019, I bought gift packages from Lana Lane which contained an immune booster blend and a night relaxer blend. I was surprised because my officemates were delighted to receive essential oils as gifts, they even asked me where I got them. 

    Anyway, two of my colleagues told me that they loved Lana Lane’s night relaxer blend because it helped them sleep well throughout the night. 

    Why I like Lana Lane 

    As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m not yet a full-time essential oil user. That does not mean though that I discount the wellness benefits of using essential oils. 

    Anyway, I’m thinking of buying essential oils for our home soon because we (Khris and I and the kids) always have allergic rhinitis. When I finally do, I will definitely buy Lana Lane essential oils. 

    Here are the reasons why: 

    1. Their essential oils are affordable 

    I always believe that quality products come at a price. Especially for my kids, I’m always willing to buy items that are priced higher as long as I know that they are of good quality. 

    Even so, that does not always mean that if a brand is priced lower than the more popular ones, they are not as effective. That’s the same case with Lana Lane. Its essential oil blends are priced much lower than the more popular ones but they work just as well. Roller blends cost P100 to P250 depending on the size.

    Sometimes, you do pay a high price tag only for the brand name.

    2. The blends deliver their promised effects 

    You have to understand that products work differently for different individuals. The same is also true for essential oils. 

    I’m not saying that Lana Lane is the most effective out there but based on my experience, the blends that I tried delivered as they had promised. I found them to be effective; the scents were relaxing and they worked as intended. 

    3. Lana Lane’s blends are made with safety in mind 

    The owner of Lana Lane, Ms. Balot Amechachura-Del Rosario, is an advocate of the safe use of essential oils. She began her journey with essential oils when she started to make blends for her husband and children. 

    However, she began to intensely educate herself with the safe and effective use of essential oils when her sister developed an allergic reaction after using a popular essential oil brand. 

    According to Balot, while essential oils are from plants, we still need to how to use them so that they provide positive effects and not cause unnecessary harm. These are the principles that she adheres to each time she mixes her Lana Lane essential oil blends. 

    Balot is also conducting workshops as part of her effort to teach people on the beneficial use of oils. 


    So those are my top reasons for choosing Lana Lane essential oils. I found that the combination of effectiveness and reasonable price works well for me that’s why I’m recommending Lana Lane to those who would like to begin their journey in essential oils. 

    Aside from those I mentioned above, Lana Lane is not part of a multi-level marketing organization so I don’t receive unwanted sales pitches from the brand. 

    If you want to try Lana Lane, you can visit their Shopee store here. You may also join Lana Lane's Facebook group for discussions and knowledge-sharing on essential oils or visit its website.

    Lana Lane Essential Oils review

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