One-On-One Mindfulness Coaching with Vince Dizon for A Meaningful Career & Life Journey

January 26, 2021

Find out the many benefits that one-on-one mindful coaching brings to an individual.

With all the daily challenges that we face these days, we need all the help that we can get to stay optimistic. There is one such beneficial and probably life-changing type of personal support that I discovered just recently and it’s called mindful coaching. 

The benefits of mindful coaching
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Mindful coaching is a concept that’s most likely new for most of us because we are more used to the typical type of coaching in which we participate as a group, such as those conducted in the office.

One-On-One Mindfulness Coaching with Vince Dizon for A Meaningful Career & Life Journey

    What is mindful coaching? 

    Coaching is no doubt an indispensable tool for attaining goals and achieving success. It’s something that we are all familiar with because we’ve all had mentors who’ve coached us at some point in our lives, most notably our parents, our teachers, and our superiors at work. 

    On the other hand, mindful coaching is a more targeted, or call it an even more personal, method of coaching to achieve results that are more attuned with the needs of the individual. 

    Simply put, mindful coaching does not employ non-specific techniques, thus it is more powerful than regular coaching sessions that we are often familiar with. Mindful coaching teaches individuals the practice of mindfulness, which is to be fully aware of their current situation or circumstances. That way, those individuals will be able to better react to what’s going on around us. 

    Some practitioners would even integrate meditation into the whole mindful coaching process to help people de-stress and raise their awareness level. 

    My personal journey to mindfulness through one-on-one coaching with Vince Dizon

    I’ve had my fair share of doubts when the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown in Metro Manila happened. During the last quarter of 2019, I was already planning to leave the banking industry and start a new career in a non-profit organization. 

    One-on-one mindful coach Vince Dizon
    Vince Dizon

    However, like many people out there, I had to put my plans on hold because it was the most practical thing to do. Working from home also did not help. 

    Yes, I was happy because I got to spend more time with my family with the work-from-home setup, but the extended confinement just raised doubts about what the future holds, at least in terms of my career. It was a good thing that I met one-on-one conversational coach Vince Dizon introduced me to mindful coaching. 

    Vince is a One-on-One Executive Coach specializing in Mindful Career Coaching. He is an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ICF-ACC) who is driven by his goals to: 

    • Help individuals to be mindful of their presence, their impact, and their effect on others so they can be motivated and be able to lead better downwards, sidewards, and upwards. 
    • Be a thinking partner who can give others that mind-space to think of cause and effects then avoid mistakes and consequences of rash decisions. 
    • Help broaden the horizon of people’s minds towards achieving more and be able to sustain it. 

    A one-on-one coach is especially of big help to professionals who are working from home and, like me, have lingering doubts and questions in their heads. 

    According to Vince, the main benefit of coaching is to provide a safe mind space to do that step back to reframe our perspectives, re-shift our mindset, be open to other points of view, and accept situational realities onwards achieving our goals. 

    Mindful coaching
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    Having a coach is important because they can serve as a sounding board to voice off ideas and thoughts. This exercise can unleash creative ideas and unveil hidden treasures resulting from self-reflection. 

    Likewise, a coach can help broaden thinking beyond limiting beliefs, can open eyes wider coming-off from having so much blind spots. 

    Lastly, a coach can also shift our mind-focus and heart in the right direction of taking sustainable action using our own solutions. 

    Our one-hour online session was light and casual. It began with a question about the issues that are currently running in my head, which I told Vince about – the doubts in terms of my career, my goals, and the things that I wanted to do which would make me happy. 

    Yin Yoga

    As our conversation progressed, my mind began to take on clarity until I finally realized that I didn’t have to sacrifice my happiness for practicality’s sake. 

    In fact, I was already pursuing the things that make me happy through my blog, which is to help promote small local online businesses. By the end of our conversation, I felt a renewed vigor and a new sense of purpose. 

    The three major benefits of the one-on-one mindful coaching that I realized  

    To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know what to expect from the one-on-one mindful coaching with Vince Dizon. 

    For a while, I thought that it would be all pep talk, so when I began to realize the benefits of the whole exercise, I knew that it’s something that a lot of people can benefit from. And because the approach is very personal, the advantages will vary from person to person. 

    As for me, here are the top three positive aspects of the one-on-one mindful coaching that I realized afterward: 

    1. The one-on-one mindful coaching is a great way to clear your mind 

    I started with a cluttered mind with my thoughts everywhere. I felt like I was blabbering or saying incoherent sentences. 

    In the middle of it though, after some questions and even encouragement from Vince, I felt that my head has cleared and that I was thinking more clearly. I was able to organize my thoughts well and express my ideas better as compared to when we started. 

    2. The one-on-one mindful coaching will put you on the right track 

    With my mind cluttered, I couldn’t think well or even focus. I was questioning things and doubting if the things that I was doing were of any value at all. But when I took the one-on-one mindful coaching, I began to trust my decisions again and focus on my goals. 

    You see, I wanted to be in an institution where I can help others that was why I wanted to leave the banking industry. However, I recognized later on that I can still pursue that goal without having to sacrifice my own income. In fact, I’m already doing it because of my personal advocacy to help local businesses by featuring them in my blog. 

    3. The one-on-one mindful coaching will restore your confidence 

    Now that my head has been cleared and I know that I’m on the right track, I was able to regain my confidence. That’s crucial because your confidence is what you’ll need to be able to pursue your objectives as well as take on challenges successfully. 

    Booking a one-on-one mindful coaching session with Vince Dizon 

    You may opt to book a mindful coaching session with Vince Dizon on a per-meeting basis. Alternatively, you may already book a three-month coaching engagement with Vince. The package includes a call every other week or a total of six calls. 

    Vince Dizon is a one-on-one mindful coach and a Yin Yoga instructor
    Vince Dizon is also a Yin Yoga instructor

    If you want to get in touch with Vince Dizon, you may do so through his personal Facebook page, his Yin Yoga Facebook page, his Instagram page, or his LinkedIn page.

    Aside from being a coach, Vince also teaches Mindfulness Yin Yoga classes. You can access some of his free Yin Yoga classes through his YouTube channel.


    The world we currently live in is of uncertainties and threats. It’s true that some of us may be better at handling pressures as compared to others but there’s also no doubt that almost all of us are under a lot of stress. 

    However, it’s good to know that there are methods that are readily available to help us ease the burden, such as one-on-one mindful coaching. You can book a mindful coaching session if you feel like you need to regain your sense of direction whether at home or at work.

    Disclaimer: I received a free one-on-one mindful coaching session with Vince Dizon for me to write about my opinion. 

    Benefits of one-on-one mindful coaching with Vince Dizon

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