7 Highly Recommended Party Trays in Metro Manila for your Family Celebrations

January 22, 2021

Here's a list of out most recommended party trays and platters in Metro Manila.

Party trays have long been popular but only for intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones. Think of potluck parties; if you don’t have the time and the skill to cook impressive food, then a party tray is your savior.

Party trays in Quezon City

7 Highly Recommended Party Trays in Metro Manila for your Family Celebrations

    However, they became even trendier during the pandemic because of the restrictions in outside dining. Come to think of it though, party trays are a great idea when it comes to celebrations because they are convenient, practical, and they taste as good as the food prepared by more popular restaurants. 

    Finding local party tray suppliers in Metro Manila  

    We discovered some highly recommended party tray suppliers near our house in Quezon City when we had two kiddie birthday parties at home. Since then, we realized how convenient it was to just order food and have it delivered to our house. 

    And with the quality and the quantity of the food, it’s easy to see why more and more people these days are opting to order party trays instead of cooking food at home or celebrating outside. 

    We ordered food trays for Rafa’s birthday. After that, we’ve celebrated two more birthdays, Christmas, and New Year. For all those occasions, we choose to order party trays from local caterers in Quezon City as well as other areas around Metro Manila. 

    Our most recommended food trays and platters in Metro Manila  

    We’re just glad to have come across several good party food suppliers for our family gatherings. I understand that many people have a lot of horror stories when they order food online. We don’t have any of those stories, thankfully. 

    Anyway, if you are like us who love to celebrate at home over good food, let me share with you some of the best party tray and food platter suppliers in Metro Manila. 

    1. Hotdish Foods 

    I’ve long been intrigued with Hotdish because of one food item that I’ve been reading on blogs and magazine sites and that is the pancit sisig. 

    I love both pancit and sisig; who knew that I can enjoy both of my favorite food in one dish? Well, yeah, it’s possible because of Hotdish’s inventiveness. 

    Hotdish pancit sisig party tray
    Hotdish pancit sisig

    What’s also good about Hotdish is that it’s just near our place, so I don’t have to worry about late deliveries or lost delivery guys. 

    We ordered pancit sisig, premium meatballs, fish fillet tempura, and pork empanada. All the food was good but the fish fillet would’ve been more enjoyable if it were freshly-cooked and crunchy. I most definitely enjoyed the pancit sisig but it was so rich, I had to have rice with it. 

    Hotdish Foods is located at 63 Commonwealth Avenue, East Fairview, cor. Marlboro St, Quezon City. For inquiries and orders, you may call them at (02) 8936 7053. 

    For our full review, please read: Hotdish: Delicious Food Fit For Any Occasion At Home

    2. 8 Spoons Party Trays 

    We were browsing on social media for a caterer for Rafa’s first birthday when we stumbled upon 8 Spoons Party Trays. They had a lot of good reviews and the items in their menu were not the usual items that you see in other caterers, most especially the crab sotanghon. 

    8 Spoons Party Trays crab sotanghon
    Crab Sotanghon by 8 Spoons Party Trays

    So we ordered a tray of crab sotanghon, creamy baked penne with Spicy Hungarian sausage, beefy burger steak with mushroom gravy, and fish fillet in tartar sauce. They all sounded classy but at a reasonable price. 

    All of us were excited to try the crabs sotanghon and we weren’t disappointed. It was topped with a giant crab shell but the flavor of the noodles itself tasted of crab. It was delicious and the perfect addition to any party. 

    Our next favorite is the beefy burger steak with mushroom gravy. The patties looked more like giant meatballs; they were that meaty. The gravy, meanwhile, had lots of shitake mushrooms. It was really good. 

    The creamy baked penne was also good, but it was overshadowed by the crab sotanghon. But it’s also a good choice because it was loaded with pieces of Hungarian sausage. 

    The fish fillet, however, was a bit dry. It had nice flavors and seasonings but it needed more sauce, like maybe cream or butter.

    8 Spoons Party Trays is located at 8 J Aquino Cruz, A. Bonifacio, Quezon City. For orders and inquiries, please call their telephone number (02) 8542 2168.

    3. Arvy's Bistro

    Since discovering a lot of amazing food tray suppliers during the pandemic, Khris and I have made it a point to try as many as we can. 

    It's really an easy task because Facebook and Instagram have a lot of great party tray recommendations; the photos themselves are enough to make a good impression. 

    Food trays from Arvy's Bistro
    Our orders from Arvy's Bistro

    One of these great discoveries is Arvy's Bistro. We ordered roast beef with mashed potatoes, baked salmon, and cheesy baked macaroni. 

    What we liked in Arvy's Bistro, aside from the delicious food, was how affordable its food trays are. We also loved that the restaurant was so easy to deal with and would update us on our orders.

    Arvy's Bistro is located at 195 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City.

    For our full review, please read: Arvy's Bistro's Yummy Food Trays

    4. Auffrance

    Some people from Metro Manila, particularly wedding organizers, may very much be familiar with Auffrance and that's because it's a popular food catering company in the mid-90s up to the year 2011. 

    Pot roast beef with baby potatoes and spinach lasagna party trays from Auffrance

    Auffrance was a sought-after food supplier for weddings but had to close shop after the owners decided to focus on other ventures.

    In 2020, with food delivery services gaining a lot of traction because of the pandemic, Auffrance decided to venture into food and party trays. We liked that what Auffrance is offering is mostly from its original menu. As such, one can expect first-rate quality in the food items that Auffrance is offering.

    Auffrance is located at White Plains, Quezon City.

    For our full review, please read: Auffrance's Delightful Food Traus [Review]

    5. Blake’s Wings and Steaks 

    Khris and I recently tried eating at Blake’s Wings and Steaks and we completely enjoyed our food. We had Garden Salad, Dibs on Ribs, and Porterhouse Steak. 

    Blake's Wings and Steaks party trays
    Porterhouse Steak

    We also found out that Blake’s Wings and Steaks offers set meals and platters; some are good for 5 people and some are good for 10. The food is perfect for informal and intimate gatherings. It’s a great feast for meat lovers! 


    One thing that we love about FOODTRAY2GO is the many choices it offers in terms of serving options. There are packed meals for individual meals for small events, there are bundle meals for small celebrations, and there are packages for bigger gatherings.

    Misua noodles tray from FOODTRAY2GO

    The food is delicious and ranges from Filipino to Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. The food is well packed in trays so that you can conveniently serve them to your guests once they are delivered. 

    FOODTRAY2GO is located at 275 1500 Col. Bonny Serrano Ave, San Juan.


    7. Jollibee 

    You can never go wrong with Jollibee. It’s our favorite fast-food chain because of its comforting food selection. Jollibee is a restaurant loved by generations of Filipinos. 

    Jollibee family pan burger steak
    My favorite Jollibee Burger Steak Supreme

    It’s a good thing that it also offers family party platters or family pans if you want to enjoy delicious Jollibee food at home. You can order Jolly Spaghetti, Burger Steak, Palabok, and Chickenjoy in a bucket. 

    What’s good about Jollibee is that they are practically everywhere, and they deliver almost anywhere. Whenever the craving for Jollibee food hits, you can just call their delivery hotline #8700, or order online, via the Jollibee app, Grab, and FoodPanda. 


    Organizing a party at home is easier nowadays knowing that there are a lot of good party tray suppliers out there. You can forget about decors and everything else but not the food. 

    If you want to create a good impression with your guests and make your parties unforgettable, serve them good food. They will go home happy if they enjoyed the food.

    Food and party tray suppliers in Metro Manila
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    1. I like all your recommendations, lahat po masarap. It makes our preparation less hassle, madali pang mag order. Fave ko yun Blake’s Wings and Steaks saka Jollibee. All time fave ko kasi chicken joy at burger steak.

    2. I like your list po dadi iv. Highly recommended for any occasion po. Convenient kasi meron na ganito before kasi kailangan mo talaga mag luto ng sarili kaya ang hirap. Ngayon order ka lang less pagod na.

    3. I like your list po dadi iv. Highly recommended for any occasion po. Convenient kasi meron na ganito before kasi kailangan mo talaga mag luto ng sarili kaya ang hirap. Ngayon order ka lang less pagod na.

    4. They are absolutely amazing food . We got hooked with them . Good food with the whole family is happiness and joy

    5. done reading this blog po ❤️
      thanks for sharing this po talagang this is very helpful and recommended po itong 5 party trays and sure na masarap ang mga foods and good to share with your family 🥰

    6. Very recommended po talaga itong 5 party trays. For sure na masasarap talaga ang mga foods nila at perfect din talaga ito sa Okasyon.. Siguradong masasatisfied ka talaga dito. Thankyou for sharing this daddy ivan..

    7. Defenitly Yummmy Foods, and Highly recommended, talagang Aakit sayo amg sarap ng mga foods nla at dami ng Serving na Perfect pang buong Pamilya, truly Good Food is a Good Mood 😊😋😋🤤🤤 must try this indeed...

    8. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:22

      Highly recommended nga po sila kasi ang sasarap ng food nila and affordable pa at higit sa lahat lasang lutong bahay lang din.Sakto talaga to lalo na sa mga mommy's na wala na time mag prepared ng food para sa party less hassle pa.

    9. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:22

      I agree po mas pinadali na ngayon ang preparation kasi may mga options na tayo when it comes with food. I like your recommendations lahat po masarap. Like ko din po na included yung jollibee, all time fave ko to, especially yung chicken joy and burger steak nila, kahit araw araw kong kainin di nakakasawa 😃

    10. Unfortunately, FoodTray2Go's taste and serving sizes has deteriorated due to the high cost of ingredients.
      I recommend Calle Nakpil and Illo's in the list.