5 Great Reasons To Order Food Trays At FOODTRAY2GO [Review]

May 28, 2021

Sharing with you our experience in ordering food trays at FOODTRAY2GO and why we think you will like it, too.

FOODTRAY2GO offers delicious food in convenient and on-the-go food trays for your celebrations, whether at home, in the office, and in practically any venue that allows outside food. FOODTRAY2GO is the answer if you like great food without the headache of trying to decide what to prepare.

FOODTRAY2GO food tray review

5 Great Reasons To Order Food Trays At FOODTRAY2GO [Review]

    Our experience at FOODTRAY2GO

    Since it’s still not safe to eat outside because of the pandemic, Khris and I have turned to food trays for our celebration. We like the fact that we didn’t have to cook food at home, which we prefer because that’s less hassle for us. We just place our order, pay the total, and then either have the food delivered at home or picked up from the supplier.

    One of the food tray providers that we recently discovered was FOODTRAY2GO. We celebrated Mother’s Day at home so we wanted to eat something special and appetizing. Again, thanks to social media posts, we stumbled upon FOODTRAY2GO.

    What FOODTRAY2GO offers

    FOODTRAY2GO makes food trays, packed meals, bundle meals, and meal packages.

    FOODTRAY2GO’s food trays have so much to offer. There are food items made of beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, vegetables, pasta, noodles, appetizers and finger food, dim sum and roasts, rice, dessert, cakes, gelato/Brazo, and drinks.

    FOODTRAY2GO's Pork Bulgogi
    Pork Bulgogi

    Packed meals are regular meals (can be pasta or rice and viand) that are packed and advisable if you are holding an event or have a lot of visitors at home (not advisable during the pandemic though).

    Bundle meals (P1699 good for 3 to 4 pax) are composed of beef or seafood (choose one item); chicken, fish, and pork (choose two items); and vegetable, pasta, and noodles (choose two items).

    Packages, meanwhile, are set meals composed of various food trays. These are the following:

    • Filipino Salu-Salo (P2148 good for 5 pax, P4295 good for 10 pax)
    • Premium Set (P6995 good for 10 pax)
    • Merienda Bites (P1299 good for 5 pax, P2597 good for 10 pax)
    • Kiddie Meals (P1698 good for 5 pax, P3296 good for 10 pax)
    • Korean/Japanese Cravings (P2148 good for 5 pax, P4295 good for 10 pax)
    • Chinese Lauriat (P2148 good for 5 pax, P4295 good for 10 pax)

    What we ordered at FOODTRAY2GO

    We ordered Pork Bulgogi (P450 good for 5 pax, P899 god for 10 pax), Baked Fish Fillet with White Sauce and Bacon (P450 good for 5 pax, P899 good for 10 pax), Misua (P400 good for 5 pax, P799 good for 10 pax), and Baked Mac (P400 good for 5 pax, P799 good for 10 pax).

    FOODTRAY2GO's Baked Fish Fillet with White Sauce & Bacon
    Baked Fish Fillet with White Sauce & Bacon

    If you are craving Korean food flavors, then you should definitely order pork bulgogi. It’s a good balance of sweetness and saltiness, and the pork is very tender. This pork bulgogi is definitely good with rice.

    Meanwhile, I do love the baked fish fillet with white sauce and bacon and I consider it my favorite. The fish is lightly battered so it’s not too starchy. The fish is moist and flavorful and the sauce went well with it.

    If you want a noodle dish that looks and tastes festive, then you should definitely order FOODTRAY2GO’s misua. It’s not the regular misua that we commonly know because it’s topped with shrimp, pork, eggs, mushrooms, and peanuts. It’s pleasing to look at but also enjoyable to eat.

    Even if we had noodles, we also wanted to order pasta because we usually don’t eat everything in one seating. We reserve the pasta dish for merienda. So, we ordered baked mac and we weren’t disappointed. It’s topped with generous melted cheese and tastes just right – it tasted of rich tomato sauce with just a hint of sweetness.

    Why you should also order at FOODTRAY2GO

    We liked the food that we ordered at FOODTRAY2GO, that’s for sure. In fact, we wanted to try FOODTRAY2GO’s other food items in our future celebrations here at home.

    FOODTRAY2GO's Misua

    Here’s why we think you should also order food at FOODTRAY2GO and why you will also like it:

    1. The food servings are reasonable

    The food servings from FOODTRAY2GO are generous enough to feed a medium-sized family. Other food tray suppliers have a tendency to make the servings appear generous when they are not.

    At FOODTRAY2GO, the servings are big and we felt that they were actually more than the price that we paid. We are more than 10 in our household and everybody got to enjoy the delicious food.

    2. The food tastes good

    We enjoyed every bite of the food that we ordered at FOODTRAY2GO. They were delicious because the flavors were exactly right.

    3. Food trays are practical

    Food trays in general are a lot more practical than cooking at home. These will save you the hassle of having to think of what to cook, buying the ingredients and prepping them, and cooking the food. It also goes without saying that you will not have to wash utensils when you opt to order food trays.

    4. The food is affordable

    If you compare the price versus the servings of the food from FOODTRAY2GO, you can certainly say that the items from its menu are affordable.

    5. Ordering food is a breeze

    We also like the fact that ordering the food at FOODTRAY2GO was efficient. The person whom we spoke to was also easy to talk to. We ordered the food a day before Mother’s Day and FOODTRAY2GO was still able to accommodate it. Just remember that FOODTRAY2GO imposes a cut-off time of 4 PM.

    FOODTRAY2GO's Baked Macaroni
    Baked Macaroni

    If you want to order, you can get in touch with FOODTRAY2GO at 0917-7026395, (02) 757-78386, or
    foodtray2go@gmail.com. You can also send FOODTRAY2GO a message on Facebook and Instagram.

    You can pay via online bank transfer and also through GCash.


    If you are looking for a food tray supplier that offers delicious food at an affordable price, then you should try FOODTRAY2GO. We also like that they were easy to deal with plus they can accommodate orders a day before the pickup of your food, as long as you place your order before 4PM.

    FOODTRAY2GO review and ordering experience

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    1. This is such a great concept and will work really well as a healthy replacement for the usual fast food takeaways which doesn't seem to be generous.

    2. This one sounds like doordash in the US! But super excited about what more food apps will be sprawling in the future. Its getting easier and easier to order now. This one's new to me so salamat sa info! New app installed haha!

    3. sounds like a nice option indeed. I do think it might be handy if you are too busy or just want something different from what you usually make. service sounds nice

    4. This is a great option for those busy days when you have no time to cook .It's interesting they have so many options and that they are delicious.

    5. I like food trays for when I'm too lazy to cook. They can last a couple of days and added to fridge leftovers too.

    6. Wow! Sarap naman po nito. Talaga namang matatakam ka sa mga foods nila 😮😍 Must try po itong pagkain ng @foodtray2go lalo nat hindi mona kailangan pang lumabas fahil pwedeng pwede ka narin mag order sa kanila, Less hassle narin talaga ❤️

    7. I am not a cook and find no joy in cooking, but I do like to entertain every so often and I always rely on catering services like this - even for Christmas! It saves me so much stress and the food is always delicious!

    8. Good option when you have celebrations. You can avoid risking yourself against the virus by going to the market and also it takes away the hassle of food preparation. You can have a delicious meal prepared for you by just ordering on Foodtray2go.

    9. We love ordering food trays! Whether its for a special occasion or simply for our daily meals, it makes me miss less dining out. The prices are reasonable and we would love to order from them next time.

    10. I do love ordering food trays. It is so convenient with a wide variety of options. Enjoyed reading your post.

    11. Foodtrays are such a great idea during the pandemic. That baked fish fillet looks delicious!