3 Top Reasons Why We Like Kleenfant Baby Wipes [Review]

May 22, 2021

Read on to find out why we love Kleenfant Baby Wipes, the safest baby wipes in the market

We’ve been using Kleenfant baby Wipes for several weeks now and we’re happy with this brand because of its effectiveness in removing dirt and grimes. But more than that, Kleenfant Baby Wipes gives us peace of mind because it’s made of 100% natural ingredients and it’s hypoallergenic.

Kleenfant Baby Wipes review

3 Top Reasons Why We Like Kleenfant Baby Wipes [Review]

    In short, Kleenfant Baby Wipes will not cause any skin irritation or allergy attacks. As such, Kleenfant is dubbed the safest baby wipes in the market today.

    Our experience in using Kleenfant Baby Wipes

    When we had our babies, we regularly bought baby wipes because of the convenience that they provided when we needed to clean our kids up. However, I have to admit that we only used baby wipes whenever we were outside the house and only during emergency situations such as when we needed to change their soiled diapers.

    Baby and Kleenfant Baby Wipes unscented variant

    When we were at the house, we preferred to clean our children using water, washcloth, and mild baby soap or wash. While most baby wipes claim that they are mild and safe for a baby’s skin, we still thought that they contain chemicals that may, in some way, cause skin irritation. Add to that the fact that we’re also trying to minimize solid waste, so we control our use of products that may just end up in the trash bin after a single-use.

    When we discovered Kleenfant, Khris and I were immediately excited to try it because it seems to have all the characteristics that we were looking for in baby wipes. It’s made of wholesome ingredients so Kleenfant gives us the confidence that it’s caring for our children’s skin while providing reliable skin cleansing.

    What we like in Kleenfant Baby Wipes

    To be perfectly honest, we still minimize our use of baby wipes. Nothing really beats soap and water and it’s more practical that way. But when it comes to baby wipes, we do love the advantages brought by using Kleenfant Baby Wipes. 

    Kleenfant Baby Wipes unscented variant on the bed
    Kleenfant Unscented Baby Wipes

    It’s a product that we trust for our babies and we love that its price is at par with other popular brands in the market. Just the same, Kleenfant is a wiser choice because of its positive qualities.

    Here are the things that we love most about Kleenfant Baby Wipes:

    1. Kleenfant Baby Wipes is made of natural ingredients

    Kleenfant is made of aloe vera and grape seed extract, both of these are known for their skincare properties. Kleenfant also has Vitamin E that moisturizes and keeps skin healthy and smooth.

    Kleenfant Baby Wipes are also biodegradable, so that's a big plus if you are conscious about where your solid wastes go.

    2. Kleenfant doesn’t contain harmful chemicals

    What’s also good to know is that Kleenfant has no chemicals that may harm a baby’s skin, such as chlorine, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, and artificial colors.

    3. Kleenfant Baby Wipes come in two scent variants

    Kleenfant baby Wipes come in unscented and scented variants. We mostly prefer Kleenfant’s unscented variant for our kids but we also do love the mild and fresh fragrance of the brand’s scented variant. In any case, both of these options carry all the benefits that Kleenfant is known for.

    Where to buy Kleenfant Baby Wipes

    You can buy Kleenfant Baby Wipes through its online store, and in Shopee and Lazada. Kleenfant comes in packs of 35 sheets and 108 sheets.

    Safety precautions

    Kleenfant Baby Wipes should only be used externally. It should not be used inside your baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

    Kleenfant Scented Baby Wipes
    Kleenfant Scented Baby Wipes

    Don’t put the product in direct sunlight. Keep Kleenfant at room temperature and make sure to keep its lid sealed once it has been opened.


    When choosing baby wipes, always consider how mild and safe it is to use on the baby’s skin. Kleenfant Baby Wipes is the safest of its kind in the market because it’s 100% natural, and it has no chlorine, no citric acid, no phenoxyethanol, and no artificial color.

    Kleenfant is enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E, and fruit extract, so you don’t have anything to worry about when using it on your baby’s skin.

    Review of Kleenfant Baby Wipes

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    1. totoo to and mura pa sya 64 lang nung isang raw yung 10 sheets

    2. These wipes sounds great, and I love that it is all-natural!

      1. Hello, Lovely. You should definitely try Kleenfant Baby Wipes.

    3. Highly recommended po. Bukod sa affordable na no harmful effects pa kaya alam alam naton safe si baby.Thank you for sharing po.

      1. Welcome po. Yes po, totoo po yan. May peace of mind pag Kleenfant Baby Wipes ang gamit. :)

    4. Wooow! Very recommended talaga to sir, para protective si bby sa germs.♥️ And super afford pa, thanks for review sir. Sobrang helpful para sa mga may baby na😊