3 Top Reasons Why We Trust Dove Baby Wash At Home [Review]

May 18, 2021

One of our recent best finds is the Dove Baby Wash, so here’s a post about our experience in using it.

We’ve been using Dove Baby Wash at home for several months now and I could say that it’s one of the best baby products that we’ve recently tried. Dove Baby Wash is mild and gentle to our children’s skin and hair but we’re also confident that it provides effective cleansing.

Dove Baby Wash product review

3 Top Reasons Why We Trust Dove Baby Wash At Home [Review]

    How we discovered Dove Baby Wash

    I remember seeing Dove Baby Wash in the baby section of the supermarket whenever Khris and I would do our groceries. I also recall considering trying it at that time but we were so used to buying another brand that we would put off getting Dove Baby Wash.

    On one occasion when Khris was buying some baby supplies at the mall, her friend suggested that she tries Dove Baby Wash. According to her friend, their nieces use Dove Baby Wash and it cleanses well without drying baby skin. As such, Khris bought two bottles of Dove Baby Wash Sensitive Moisture, and we began using it when we ran out of our other baby wash brand.

    What we like about Dove Baby Wash

    We immediately liked Dove Baby Wash from the first time that we’ve tried it. Honestly, we were afraid to try a different baby wash brand because we’ve stuck to one cleansing product since our first baby was born. We do like that product but it’s not readily available in grocery stores or supermarkets. We had to order it online which meant that there is some waiting time before it arrived.

    A pump bottle of Dove Baby Wash
    A bottle of Dove Baby Wash (image from Dove's website)

    Anyway, if we find that Dove Baby Wash fits our needs, we can already switch to it because it’s much easier to buy. In the end, we realized that Dove Baby Wash is great for our babies so we shifted to it.

    Here are some of the things that we loved about Dove Baby Wash:

    1. Dove Baby Wash is fragrance-free

    Scented baby products smell nice and fresh. While the fragrance is mild, we still can’t help but think that it’s still added perfume or chemical. It would be nice to use a product such as Dove Baby Wash that is fragrance-free but leaves baby’s skin and hair smelling clean.

    We are so used to scented products that we think that it’s the only way to keep our children smelling fresh. However, since children don’t really sweat like adults, they don’t need perfumes for them to smell nice. What they need is good cleansing from a product like Dove Baby Wash for a waft of freshness.

    2. Dove Baby Wash is as gentle as water

    Dove Baby Wash is formulated to be as gentle as water, which means that it’s pH-neutral, tear-free, and hypoallergenic. We believe this claim because Dove Baby Wash rinses off easily without leaving any sticky residue on our children’s skin.

    3. Dove Baby Wash gently moisturizes skin

    What we also love about Dove Baby Wash is that it keeps our children’s skin moisturized. While it washes off easily, Dove Baby Wash doesn’t dry out our babies’ skin. You can feel that your baby’s skin is soft, smooth, and supple after using Dove Baby Wash. That’s good because dry skin can sometimes be itchy and can be uncomfortable for babies. In fact, Dove Baby Wash is even well-suited for eczema-prone skin.

    How to use Dove Baby Wash

    Dove Baby Wash is ideal for the daily cleansing of a baby’s skin and hair because it’s a top to toe wash. Moisten baby’s skin and hair with water, pump an ample amount of the baby wash into your hands, and then gently apply to your baby’s skin until it forms a lather. Do this also to your baby’s hair. 

     Since it’s gentle on the eyes, you don’t have to fret when a small amount of lather gets into your baby’s eyes. Rinse Dove Baby Wash thoroughly with water.

    If you are looking for a gentle baby head-to-toe cleansing product other than a baby wash, you can try Dove soap for your baby. It has the same benefits as Dove Baby Wash but in a bar form.

    Dove baby soap is also pH-neutral, hypoallergenic, moisturizing, and gentle to the skin and eyes. Dove baby soap has a mild fragrance developed for the baby’s sensitive skin.


    Dove Baby Wash is an effective yet gentle baby cleansing product that we have only recently tried. We instantly loved this product because it’s got all the good things that we’re looking for in a baby wash. Unlike the previous brand that we always used, Dove Baby Wash is readily available in major supermarkets and grocery stores.

    Dove Baby Wash review

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    1. Thank you for sharing po. I love your top 3 reason. Maganda pala ito gamitin kasi safe pa sa skin ng kids😍.

    2. As a mom to be, I am always looking for products that I am going to want to use when the baby gets here. Thank you for this reccomnedation!

    3. I've always enjoyed Dove products. They're so moisturizing. I had no idea they had a baby soap so thanks for sharing.

    4. Thank you for sharing. We love Dove products at my home. My baby has sensitive skin!

    5. I wish this was out when my girls were babies. I absolutely would have used this!

    6. I wish Dove Baby Wash had been around when my kids were babies. I use Dove on myself every day, and I know their baby products will work wonderfully.

    7. That sounds like a great bodywash. Dove has always been so kind to my skin. I'm sure it works well for tender baby skin, as well.

    8. This is super helpful! I do not have a baby but one my coworkers is pregnant. The go to was always johnson and johnson but now with this information I will share that dove baby wash is a great alternative.

    9. I had never heard of this product before, and I had no idea Dove made a baby wash. I love their products and this sounds great for little ones.

    10. I love gentle cleansers and moisturizers. I didn't know Dove had one though.

    11. I know that Dove has made great strides with its products, I'm talking about quality!

    12. Anything without a strong, over powering smell and I'm in. While I understand why people like things with strong smells, I simply can't stand them and think they can do more harm than good in the long run.

    13. This looks like a great product! I love Dove's line of washes.

    14. Those are some great points and as a Dove user as well, I can totally agree. I've used Dove products for my babies and for myself for quite a while now.