The Top 5 Baby Products That We Trust

June 27, 2020

Here are the top baby products that we trust and why we would recommend them to other parents as well.

Since becoming parents, Khris and I have always been particular when it comes to brands that we use for our babies. While we are not really brand conscious when it comes to the products that we use for ourselves, it’s a different story when it comes to our sons. For our babies, we only want products that are safe, mild, and caring for their skin as well as their clothes, bottles, and toys.

A list of the top 5 baby products that we trust

The Top 5 Baby Products That We Trust

    We have actually tried many baby brands before but some really stood out in terms of how good and effective they are in caring for our babies and their things. That being said, we stuck with these brands and continue to use them until now.

    Anyway, here are the top baby products that we trust and why we would recommend them to other parents as well.

    1. Mustela Cleansing Gel

    I first heard about Mustela from my officemates who have kids. Of course, I couldn’t care less since we did not yet have a child at that time. But when we became parents, Mustela is the first brand that came to our mind. 

    Mustela cleansing gel is one of the top 5 baby products that we trust
    Mustela Cleansing Gel 

    Aside from that, this product somehow stuck to our mind because it’s the brand that the nurses at St. Luke’s Medical Center used for our firstborn’s very first bath. That time, we remarked how good Mustela smelled.

    Here are the reasons why we like Mustela Cleansing Gel:

    a. It leaves a fresh and long-lasting scent. Admittedly, the smell is what we like best about Mustela. The light and clean smell linger on the baby’s skin for a long time.

    b. It cleans well and washes off easily. The foaming cleansing gel is soap-free yet it cleans the baby’s skin gently yet effectively. It does not dry the skin and is safe even for newborns. Furthermore, it washes off easily and does not leave a stubborn soapy feel on skin so you are confident that it will not irritate the baby’s skin.

    c. It is made of natural ingredients. Like any other mindful parent, we only trust products that are formulated based on natural ingredients. The main ingredient of Mustela cleansing gel is Avocado Perseose, a patented natural ingredient that protects skin and moisturizes baby’s skin.

    d. It soothes the baby’s skin. We like how effectively Mustela cleanses and how easily it washes off. Even so, Mustela is also great in relieving skin dryness. Skin still feels soft, supple, and moisturized even after washing.

    Aside from the Mustela gentle cleansing gel, we also use the Mustela Vitamin barrier cream which is effective in preventing and relieving diaper rash.

    Mustela cleansing water is one of the products that we love
    Mustela Cleansing Water

    We have also tried the cleansing water, soothing chest balm, and the spray cologne. We usually brought the cleansing water whenever we go out and use it during emergency diaper situations. Meanwhile, the chest balm is great when the baby has cough and colds while the cologne is perfect for that long-lasting freshness all day.

    2. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

    Cetaphil is another brand that has closely been associated with gentle and effective baby care. We trust it for our babies and even for our own personal use. As a matter of fact, we use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser as a facial wash because it cleans the skin well without the dryness and irritation caused by soap.

    Cetaphil is one of the top 5 baby products that we trust

    For our babies, we alternate the Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo with Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel just to have variety in terms of scent. But overall, we find that Cetaphil is just as effective and gentle as Mustela.

    Here’s what we like about Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo:

    a. It cleanses gently and does not irritate eyes. It provides effective skin and hair cleansing while providing confidence that you would not hurt your baby’s eyes when you use it.

    b. It softens the baby’s hair and smells good. Not that baby’s hair isn’t soft but Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo feels lighter on baby’s hair and does not have a sticky feel after some time. It’s also a plus that it smells fresh and clean for a long time, even after our toddler is all sweaty from running around.

    c. It washes off easily. Cetaphil is easy to rinse off and does not leave a sticky after-feel on the baby’s skin.

    There is a variant though, the Cetaphil Moisturizing Bath and Wash, that is not our favorite because it was too rich, hence, was a bit hard to wash off. We tried it once but it left a lotion-like feel on our baby’s skin so we thought it might feel a bit sticky when he begins to sweat.

    3. Johnson’s Baby Wash

    Johnson’s is another brand that has become synonymous with reliable baby care. This is one of the more affordable brands when it comes to baby’s needs, thus, making it one of the most recognizable brands across all social classes. 

    Johnson's baby is one of the top 5 baby products that we trust
    Johnson's baby products are clinically-proven mild

    Despite its relatively affordable price tag, Johnson’s products are proven mild and effective. It’s one of the brands that we also trust and would confidently use it on our babies. We particularly like the baby wash and what’s even better is the new formulation of Johnson’s baby wash line that offers improved scent and more skin-nourishing ingredients.

    Aside from affordability, here’s what we like about Johnson’s Baby Wash:

    a. It’s available in almost all grocery and convenience stores. I remember when we ran out of Mustela when we were in the province a few years ago. We scoured drug stores and grocery stores in and around our town’s public market and the only brand that we found was Johnson’s. We were happy because we also love Johnson’s Baby Wash and, in this particular case, its availability in our province also equates to its reliability as a brand.

    b. It nourishes the skin very well. We also like how Johnson’s incorporates natural ingredients in its baby wash such as milk, rice, and oats. So far, among popular baby brands, it’s only Johnson’s that carries this kind of formulation.

    c. Refill packs are available in stores. For practical parents like us, it’s reassuring to know that our favorite brands offer refill packs so that we would not have to buy their products in bottles each time we need to.

    d. It smells fresh. Johnson’s has always had an amazing and fresh scent. However, its scent was also enhanced along with the recent improvement in its formulation. Its smell is now at par with the more expensive brands that we know of. 

    4. Human Nature Bottle Cleanser

    Khris and I have always liked Human Nature. We have used its hand sanitizer spray which is unlike other hand sanitizers in terms of its scent and how it feels to the skin. We also know that the brand uses ingredients that are natural and safe, meaning there are no harmful chemicals that go into their products. 

    Human Nature is one of the top 5 baby products that we trust
    Human Nature products are safe and effective

    As such, when our first baby was born, Human Nature is among the products that we immediately bought. We particularly liked the diaper cream and the baby bottle cleanser. We used the diaper cream for a long time. In fact, we would have continued to use it if only it were easily available in the grocery stores that we frequently visited.

    We also bought and used for a long time the Human Nature Baby Bottle Cleanser. We liked how squeaky clean the bottles were after each wash. It was also effective in removing that spoiled milk smell that sometimes lingers even after vigorously scrubbing every nook of the bottle.

    Here’s what we like about Human Nature:

    a. It is 100% Filipino-made. We love supporting local businesses and we are happy to use Filipino-made products that can compete well with foreign brands. Human Nature is one of those brands that adhere to high standards of quality that’s why we are confident in using their products.

    b. The products are effective. Again, the true test comes with how effective the products work. Human Nature products deliver well. The diaper cream that we used a lot in the past is good in preventing rashes as well as relieving the irritation when they do break out.

    The baby bottle cleanser is another product that we loved. It lathers well and has a light and fruity scent that is effective in eliminating the smell in bottles.

    Aside from the baby cream and the bottle cleanser, we have tried at one point the baby detergent. Again, it cleaned our baby’s clothes well and left them smelling good. And because it was from Human Nature, we trusted that they do not leave any residue on baby clothes that may cause skin irritation.

    5. Joy Baby Dishwashing liquid

    This is one of our most recent discoveries. It is fairly a newly-launched variant but it looked promising when we saw it in the supermarket. We have always trusted Joy for our dishwashing needs because it is practical to use yet very efficient in removing grease.

    Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid is one of the top 5 baby products that we trust
    Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid (from Joy Philippines' Facebook page)

    Honestly, we stopped using Human Nature bottle cleanser because we found it a bit expensive. We asked our pediatrician and she recommended that we use Joy Antibac, which we did and found to be just as effective. However, it leaves a strong scent which sometimes made us feel uneasy.

    Thus, when we saw Joy Baby Dishwashing liquid, we were excited to test it out and see if it is just as effective as Human Nature’s bottle cleanser. Well, after just a few days of using it, we were happy to note that we have finally found the perfect baby bottle cleanser.

    Here’s what we like most about Joy Baby Dishwashing liquid

    a. It has a subtle scent. It is not as strong as the other variants so it does not leave baby bottles smelling like detergent. It has a subtle scent that effectively removes the smell of milk from bottles.

    b. It effectively removes milk residue. Joy is a trusted name when it comes to removing grease and grime. The baby dishwashing variant is no different; it is just as effective in removing milk residue from bottles, and oils and stains from our toddler’s food bowls.

    c. It is affordable. This is definitely an advantage of Joy Baby Dishwashing liquid. It comes at an affordable price but it will not let you down in terms of its effectiveness.

    d. It is readily available in grocery and convenience stores. This is another advantage of Joy Baby Dishwashing liquid. When you run out of it, trust that you can run to your favorite convenience store and you will find it there.
    So those are the brands that we trust for our babies. Some are expensive but, on a lot of occasions, you really have to pay a little extra to ensure that you are using the best in terms of quality. But that does not mean that we will not use products that are affordable for our baby’s needs.

    These days, we really have to be practical when it comes to buying things. In the end, it’s good to know that there are many good options available in the market today to suit our needs and budget.

    What is your favorite baby brand or product? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share them in the comments section below. 

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    1. Some of those are my picks also , proven and tested and effective. Honestly,IL definitely try them all,why not venturing into consideration this product

    2. Wow.. lahat nga to perfect at talagang Useful Things Para sa mga Babies, Para mapanatiling Malinis ang kanilang Katawan sa araw araw ... Proven and tested narin po talaga tong mga to specially nung Cetaphil at Johnson, Mabango at napaka Affordable Pa.... thanks for sharing this Dad..

    3. Ang gandang products na proven and tested safe sa ating mga Little one. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά
      Gustong gusto ko din ng Cetaphil KASi ang daming feedback n nkk glow sa skin ni baby and good for baby's sensitive skin. Kaya lang di Kya ng bulsa Kaya Johnson's baby nlang ako. Affordable.

    4. Thankyou for sharing this po daddy ivan.. Very recommended nga po itong nga ito. Actually yung Cetaphil po yan po ang ginagamit ng Baby ko noon. mga 3 months ko lang po pinagamit sa kanya, hndi na kasi kinaya ng Budget! πŸ˜… Pero sobrang ganda nga po nya dun nawala rashes ng baby ko. Pero ngayon johnson naman po ang gamit ng baby ko Ngayon, sobrang bango nito at malambot sa skin ng bata bukod pa dun napaka mura lang din nya . Trusted brand narin po talaga ang mga ito..

    5. Thank you for sharing this brands for babies needs. Honestly I used Johnson's baby bath and shampoo for my baby since she was born. Yes this brand is affordable and yet mild and effective. I never tried any of the brands that you mentioned only Johnson's because it is the only brand that I can afford to buy.
      Im interested with this Joy baby diswashing liquid must try it.

    6. Talagang very recommended ang mga products na ito for our babies dahil sure na maganda gamitin and safe to use πŸ‘
      Very recommended talaga lalo na ung cetaphil at johnson ☺️