5 Reasons Why You Should Choose QPants Baby Diapers [Review]

June 13, 2019

QPants Baby Diapers is probably one of our best baby product discoveries lately. I was happy because we have finally found a brand that marries good quality and superior value for money.

QPants Baby Diapers is probably one of our best baby product discoveries lately. I was happy because we have finally found a brand that marries good quality and superior value for money. QPants Baby Diapers may not yet be a household name when it comes to infant care but the brand is gaining popularity thanks to online shopping sites. 

Trying out QPants Baby Diapers
Trying out QPants Baby Diapers

QPants was initially available in stores around Metro Manila and select areas of North and South Luzon Luzon. However, because QPants Baby Diapers may already be conveniently bought online, mommies and daddies may order packs of it whenever they are around the Philippines.  

Searching for a good baby diaper brand + finding out about QPants

While we have been on a quest to try to streamline our household overhead for quite some time now, Ynah and I would never scrimp when it comes to our son’s baby stuff. We make sure that we only give the best to Miguel in terms of the quality of the products that we buy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose QPants Baby Diapers [Review]

    However, since Miguel is already more than a year old, we thought of switching to a diaper brand that provides superior quality but at a price point that is easy-on-the-pocket. As most parents would know, the bulk of expenses when one has a baby would be milk and diapers. While babies grow, milk and diaper expenses follow a directly proportional increase.

    Our son Miguel eager to try QPants Baby Diapers
    QPants Baby Diapers

    Admittedly, I was hesitant to try a diaper brand that is different from what we are currently using. However, I thought that it would not really matter as long as the new brand that we are going to try is of good quality.

    Miguel trying out QPants Baby Diapers for the first time
    Miguel reading a book

    Thus, when I recently received a pack of QPants, I was excited to try it because of the many good reviews I have heard about it.

    Our personal experience with QPants Baby Diapers

    We have been solely using QPants Baby diapers on Miguel and we were very happy with our experience. In the past few days that Miguel has been using QPants, the diaper has held up well despite our son’s active movement during playtime.

    Miguel comfortable in his new QPants Baby Diapers
    Miguel comfortable in his QPants Baby Diapers

    I think the biggest test for every diaper brand that we have tried would be overnight usage. Some of the more affordable diaper brands that we have used in the past would leak in the middle of the night, hence, interrupting Miguel’s (and our) sleep. We are happy to note that QPants has passed all our tests with flying colors.

    5 reasons why we think you will also like QPants Baby Diapers

    All our apprehensions about using a new diaper brand have been wiped out because of QPants Baby Diapers. Here are 5 five more reasons why you should consider QPants Baby Diapers: 

    1.       It offers great value for money

    QPants Baby Diapers XXL size
    XXL QPants Baby Diapers

    As I have mentioned above, my wife and I have been actively looking for products that provide value for money. Please note that it’s not just opting for inexpensive yet low-quality products; we should never sacrifice quality especially if it’s for our children. Thus, I consider QPants Baby Diapers as one of our best product discoveries of late. It has one of the most attractive costs among diaper brands available locally today. QPants also does not deform easily – when Miguel is playing during the day and throughout the night, the diaper keeps its form and stays in place. Combined with quality, QPants indeed provides the best value for money. 

    2.       It has a superior absorbent quality

    front section of a QPants Baby Diaper
    The front section of a QPants Baby Diaper

    Another true test when it comes to disposable diapers is absorbency. The very reason why you are buying quality diapers for your baby is that you want to keep them dry, comfortable, and away from pesky diaper rashes. I can very well attest to the superior absorbency of QPants Baby Diapers. It kept my son dry for a long time, which means that we had to replace his diaper a few times only throughout the day. Having to use a small number of diapers equates to more savings for us parents.

    3.       It is made of breathable material

    Here's how the inside of the QPants Baby Diapers look like
    Here's how the insides look like
    I consider breathability as another quality that must be present in diapers that I use for my baby. The last thing that we want is a baby crying frantically because of heat and discomfort. What’s even worse is that diapers that trap heat also make babies prone to skin rashes and irritation. QPants Baby Diapers are made of cloth-like materials that allow the baby’s skin to breathe to keep him cool and comfortable.   QPants diapers kept my son relaxed throughout the day and more so during the night.

    4.       It is available in popular online shops

    QPants Baby Diapers can be bought from popular online shopping sites
    QPants Baby Diapers can be bought from popular online shopping sites

    QPants Baby Diapers can now be bought from popular online shopping sites, in addition to grocery stores around Metro Manila and Luzon. What’s good about online shopping is that you can order items at your most convenient time and can be delivered at your preferred address wherever you are in the country. QPants Baby Diapers are available in LAZADA and in SHOPEE

    What’s even better when ordering online is that you can always chance upon promotional sales launched regularly by online shopping websites. As a matter of fact, QPants Baby Diapers has an ongoing Father’s Day Sale, offering a 15% discount via LAZADA and SHOPEE until June 16, 2019.

    5.       It is designed for comfort

    side elactic band of QPants Baby Diapers
    Side elastic band
    QPants Baby Diapers are designed for maximum comfort. The diapers fit snugly and they are easy to replace when they are already full. Just tear the waistband along the sides to remove and then easily slip a fresh diaper through your baby’s legs. That means that you do not have to struggle when it’s diaper change time. QPants is also made of soft materials to protect the baby’s delicate skin. Its waistband as well as the sides are stretchable so it can easily be adjusted when needed.

    The verdict

    We really like QPants Baby Diapers. It’s perfect for budget-conscious parents like us who do not want to compromise quality. It has all the qualities that are comparable to other more expensive brands.

    putting on QPants Baby Diapers as a bonding moment between my son and I
    A bonding moment with my son

    On a separate note, if you are working moms and dads like my wife and me, always take advantage of the littlest opportunity to bond with your baby. A simple act like changing your baby’s diaper is enough to reassure him or her of your love and care. 

    For updates, especially on promos and sales, you may follow QPants Baby Diapers’ Facebook page or Instagram account.


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