5 Highly Recommended Theme Cake Suppliers in Quezon City For Your Kiddie Birthday Party

January 21, 2021

Theme cakes are a great addition to any party because they are fun, attractive, and can make the party table really lively.

Theme cakes are a great addition to any kiddie birthday party. They are fun, colorful, and will definitely catch the attention of any child or even adult. In fact, I think theme cakes are the centerpiece of parties and other celebrations. 

Theme cake suppliers in Quezon City
Theme cake suppliers in Quezon City

5 Highly Recommended Theme Cake Suppliers in Quezon City For Your Kiddie Birthday Party

    Finding theme cake suppliers in Quezon City for our birthday kiddie parties at home 

    When Khris and I organized the kiddie birthday parties for our two sons, we made sure to make it exciting and lively even if we were just celebrating at home. So, what we did was organize themed parties. That way, our little kids would still feel the excitement and the thrill of having a kiddie birthday party. 

    We bought bright decors online, we had food delivered, we had small toys in loot boxes, we inflated close to a hundred balloons, and we dressed up. However, probably the most important element of our kiddie parties was the theme cakes that we asked to be customized from local suppliers that we discovered in Quezon City. 

    One of the things that we love about FB and Instagram is the many recommendations that we get to see in our feed and in our search results. It’s easy to find things because when something is beautiful or if tastes good, it’s immediately shared on social media. That was why it was easy for us to find theme cake suppliers for the birthday parties of Miguel & Rafa. 

    If you are also organizing theme birthday parties at home, you might want to give these suppliers a try: 

    1. Cakes, Cookies, & Co. 

    We commissioned Cakes, Cookies, & Co. for Rafa’s dinosaur-themed cake. Cakes, Cookies, & Co. is an online pastry shop dedicated to making handcrafted and artistic cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. If you check their Facebook and Instagram pages, you’d see how beautiful their designs are. 

    Dinosaur-themed cake by Cakes, Cookies, & Co.
    Dinosaur-themed cake by Cakes, Cookies, & Co.

    For the dinosaur-themed cake that we ordered, we were happy with its overall look as well as its details. The colors of the cake matched our decorations nicely. In terms of transactions, everything went smoothly from payment to delivery. In terms of taste, the cake was delicious and our family enjoyed it well. 

    If you want to order from Cakes, Cookies, and Co., you may send them a message through their Facebook or Instagram accounts. 

    2. Drizzles Bakeshop and Cafe 

    Meanwhile, we ordered Miguel’s construction-themed cake from Drizzles Bakeshop and Café. They have pre-made designs which you can check on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

    Construction-themed cake by Drizzles Bakeshop and Café.
    Construction-themed cake by Drizzles Bakeshop and Café.

    We saw that they carried a cake with a construction design and we thought that it was perfect for Miguel’s third birthday party. I think they can also customize cakes based on your preferred design and how extensive the work will require. 

    They’re one of the easiest suppliers to talk to because they reply to our questions fast. They even included six pieces of free cupcakes with the cake that we ordered, which we thought was really a nice gesture. 

    In terms of taste, both the cake and the cupcakes were good. In fact, they were all gone in no time. 

    Drizzles Bakeshop and Café also has a physical store located at 1-A Congressional Ave., Project 8, Brgy. Bahay Toro, Quezon City. Aside from Drizzles Bakeshop and Café’s social media pages, you may also inquire through its telephone number (02) 8257 4435. 

    3. Estrel’s Caramel Cakes 

    If there is one pastry shop that we love, it’s Estrel’s. For years, we’ve loved Estrel’s Caramel Cakes and it seems like it’s bound to last a long time. We order Estrel’s Caramel Cakes for birthdays, Christmases, and just about any other special occasions that we can think of. 

    Estrel's Caramel Cakes round
    Estrel's Caramel Cake (Round)

    While not technically theme cakes, Estrel’s makes fancy-shaped cakes as well as cakes with extra decors for an even more festive design. Estrel’s cakes look elegant and classy but that doesn’t mean that they’d look out of place in a themed kiddie birthday party. Plus, Estrel’s is the best-tasting caramel cake for us. 

    Estrel’s Caramel Cakes is located at 54 Scout Tobias St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila. For inquiries, you may call them at (02) 8372 2965. 

    4. Pastel Pat Patisserie 

    Pastel Pat Patisserie makes cute and playful-looking cakes. Similar to Estrel’s, Pastel Pat Patisserie doesn’t really make customized theme cakes (or I could be wrong, better ask them if they customize cakes) but their designs are eye-catching and beautiful. As such, it’s also a great centerpiece in any party, whether it’s a kid party or an adult party. 

    Pastel Pat Patisserie Chocolate Overload Cake
    Pastel Pat Patisserie Chocolate Overload Cake

    Moreover, Pastel Pat Patisserie’s cakes are also delicious. Khris ordered a chocolate overload cake topped with Jack Daniels for my birthday. 

    It looked really appealing; just looking at it made me excited with how cool the design was. While this cake is definitely not for little ones, Pastel Pat Patisserie has many other design options that are definitely kid-friendly. 

    As for the filling, it was vanilla hazelnut buttercream and it was definitely delicious. It was light and wasn’t too sweet. 

    Pastel Pat Patisserie is a purely online shop based in Quezon City.

    5. Frank and Carol's

    We love how beautifully designed Frank and Carol's cakes are. More than aesthetics though, Frank and Carol's cakes are delicious. 

    Frank and Carol's cake sampler
    Frank and Carol's cake sampler

    Mommy Khris bought a sampler cake from Frank and Carol's for Father's Day and we loved all the flavors that were included. My favorite was the blueberry cheesecake though but the chocolate cakes were also highly recommended.

    For my full review, please read this post: Frank and Carol's: Cakes That Taste As Good As They Look [Review].

    Frank and Carol's is located at Chimes Square 77, Congressional Avenue Extension, Pasong Tamo, Quezon City. You may call the bakeshop at (02) 8881-2888.


    These are the cake suppliers from Quezon City that we highly recommend. They are easy to deal with and they make really beautiful ad delicious cakes. They are also reliable because our orders were delivered on time and in pristine condition. 

    If you are organizing your kiddie birthday parties and other celebrations at home, make them extra special by ordering a cake from any one of our favorites pastry shops above.

    List of theme cake suppliers in Quezon City

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    1. Absolutely support this Local Businesses.. Kakaiba at sobrang gaganda ng PagkakaDecor at make nila, Perfectly Made with Love perfect din any kind of Occassion 👌💯🤤🤤😋 at Lahat Sobrang sasarap for sure...

    2. Wow very nice recommendations po. This is all great and the designs are all awesome. For sure the kids would love to see this kind of cakes. Good thing this is all low carbs cakes. This is truly amazing and exciting birthday cakes.
      Pastel Pat Patisserie’s cake is the one that captured my attention. It looks so delicious and perfectly design.

    3. ang cute po ng mga design ng cake talagang very recommended po ang mga ito lalo na sa mga naghahanap ng theme cake na taga quezon city very unique ang mga designs and sure na maganda ang kalalabasan talaga nito ❤️
      Sure na masarap and perfect for occassions 🥰
      very talented din ang mga gumagawa nito❤️

    4. Very recommended po talaga ang mga ito. Siguradong magugustuhan talaga ng mga kids natin ito. Napakaganda po ng design ng Cake, Sobrang ganda po talaga ng pag kakagawa nila, sobrang galing din talaga nito. Perfect din talaga ito sa mga mag bibirthday na mga kids .

    5. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:22

      Maganda nga po yung mga theme cakes. They add beauty to the celebration ☺️ personally I love cakes, and natutuwa talaga ako sa mga theme cakes kasi ang gaganda ng designs bukod sa masarap 😊 these theme cakes that you tried are really good. I like also that they delivered on time and in pristine condition, yung ang pinakaimportante sa lahat.

    6. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:22

      Wow highly recommended talaga sila kasi bukod sa ganda ng design nila super delicious pa💯na kahit sa picture mo pa lang lang maa matatakam taka and most of all na deliver din nila on time🤩