Arvy’s Bistro’s Yummy Food Trays

July 19, 2021

We recently discovered a new food tray supplier called Arvy’s Bistro and we completely love their food selections.

Arvy’s Bistro offers sumptuous comfort food that is perfect for any celebration. Packed in convenient food trays, Arvy’s Bistro’s food items are perfect for intimate gatherings at home or even simple family meals during weekends.

Arvy's Bistro food trays review

Arvy’s Bistro’s Yummy Food Trays

    How we discovered Arvy’s Bistro

    Since the pandemic started, it’s no secret that we relied mostly on food trays for our special occasions. We’ve ordered food trays for Rafa’s first birthday, Miguel’s third birthday, and practically any other birthday celebration at home.

    What we love about food trays is that they are convenient. They can be served immediately on the table without having to transfer them in separate serving dishes.

    We’ve tried many food tray suppliers, all of them discovered by Mommy Khris on social media, and we’re glad that we liked most of them. We love to order from different suppliers because we love variety.

    For this year’s Father’s Day, Khris’ latest foodie discovery is Arvy’s Bistro. They’re one of the easiest to deal with and we liked that they were pleasant to talk to even if we knew that orders were pouring in because of Father’s Day. We also like how they would update us of our orders, which we found to be a nice gesture considering that only a handful of our previous food tray suppliers did that.

    What we ordered at Arvy’s Bistro

    We ordered roast beef with mashed potatoes, baked salmon, and cheesy baked lasagna. We booked a Grab bike to pick the food up since Arvy’s Bistro was also just within Quezon City and in less than an hour, we already have our delicious orders.

    Our orders at Arvy's Bistro were roast beef, baked salmon, and cheesy baked macaroni
    Our orders at Arvy's Bistro: roast beef, baked salmon, and baked macaroni

    It was close to lunchtime when the food arrived so we immediately set the table. The roast beef with mashed potatoes was a sight to behold with tender slices of meat topped with gravy and sliced mushrooms.

    The mashed potatoes looked like the perfect sidings for this dish although I had the roast beef with rice, too. Anyway, the mashed potato was creamy and herby, which we all loved eating with slices of the roast beef.

    Meanwhile, Arvy’s Bistro’s baked salmon is another recommended dish if you want to make your celebration extra special. It’s a big block of baked salmon meat with what appeared to be a cream-based sauce and corn and carrots sidings. It’s delicious because the creamy sauce went well with the baked salmon and vegetables. We almost finished the entire serving in one sitting because we couldn’t stop eating it.

    As for the cheesy baked macaroni, we ate it for our afternoon snacks and we loved how generous the cheese toppings are. It has a well-balanced taste that came from tomato sauce, cream, cheese, and meat. It’s well-suited to the Filipino palate so I’m sure this will also be a hit in any home.

    What we like best about Arvy’s Bistro is the price. The food trays are relatively affordable so that’s a big plus for Arvy’s Bistro.

    What’s in Arvy’s Bistro's Menu

    Arvy’s Bistro's menu is a nice combination of Asian and Western cuisines like baby back ribs, cordon bleu, roast beef, baked salmon, pot roast pork loin, a seafood boil, baked oysters, baked mussels, Korean favorites, pasta, pancit guisado, kare-kare, chop suey, and chicken wings, just to name a few.

    There are also holiday menu specials like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter Sunday. These are mostly announced on Arvy’s Bistro’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

    How to order at Arvy’s Bistro

    If you want to order food trays at Arvy’s Bistro, you may get in touch with them via Facebook and Instagram. You can pick up your order or have it transported via Grab Express. I think Arvy’s Bistro is also available on GrabFood already, so you can also check that out.


    If you are looking for delicious food in ready-to-serve party trays, then Arvy’s Bistro is a good option. It was a good selection of Filipino food favorites, as well as other Asian and Western cuisines.

    Aside from the mouth-watering food, we like that Arvy’s Bistro was consistently updating us of our orders and the price of the items was easy on the budget.

    Arvy's Bistro is located at 195 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City.

    Arvy's Bistro food and restaurant review

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    1. Wow Kakaiba rin po pala dito sa Arvy's Bistro, really Should try this, Sobrang Dami ng Serving nila in one Trays, and Picture Palang Makikita mo na yung Sarap ng pagkakaluto .. Defenitly Recommended also Because the Menu was combination of Asian and Western cuisines.. sulit na sulit po talaga.. and really worth the Price pa .. daming Choices of Menu na Mahihirapan ka talaga mamili. 😊😋😋🤤

    2. I wanna try this Arvy’s Bistro. Halos lahat ng nasa menu nila favorite ko. Gusto ko din yung may extra mile sila na magbigay ng updates sa orders. Highly recommended, scrumptious foods and excellent customer service.

    3. Oh yum, this looks like tasty food. I am all about easy, so I'd be happy with serving these!

    4. This food sounds delicious. The portions look like a good size for a family.

    5. Now that looks like some delicious food and most definitely a bistro I would love to go to and try out myself!

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    9. Thank you for sharing complete details po dadi. i love this Arby's Bistro perfect forvany occasion po lalo na ready to serve part trays na. Mas less hassle pag ganito tipid sa time and pagod lalo na parang ang sarap din ng bawat menu nila🤗.

    10. Richelle Escat19 July 2021 at 22:13

      I love it too when the crews are still accommodating even if they have a lot of orders to fill.

    11. Done reading this blog po. Talagang ang sasarap po ng foods dito ARVY’S BISTRO ang daming pagpipilian and pwede ding pagsalusaluhan ng family. Worth it to buy talaga and very recommended sure na mabubusog ka dito sa foods nila 😍

    12. Scarlett Brooklyn20 July 2021 at 00:04

      The foods are so delicious 😋 even the name of the restaurant sounds delicious.

    13. These look like amazing food trays! It looks like Arvy's Bistro has a lot of yummy food choices.

    14. the food does look pretty tasty. nice review of arvy's bistro

    15. This sounds like a great solution for busy weekdays. The food looks so delicious. I love how convenient it is!

    16. Those meals sound so convenient, and they look delicious and hearty. I've never been to Arvy's but it would be nice to check out.

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    18. Now I am hungry. This food is so inviting! Love that I can get it so easily!

    19. Must try po itong Arvy's Bistro, For sure masasarap po ang mga foods nila dito. Napaka heathy din talaga ng Ibang foods nila. Worth it po talaga ang pag punta dito.

    20. Oh wow, Arvy’s Bistro sounds great! The food looks delicious and the portion also looks decent. I'll check it out surely.

      Thaks for sharing,
      Everything Enchanting

    21. The food looks amazing! Now if only I can order from here in the U.S., I would definitely do so. -LYNNDEE

    22. Lol drooling over the pictures only. I should really go there soon. These platters look absolutely delicious

    23. This looks like a great place to get food so you don't have to cook. The menu has a lot of variety which I love. Too bad we don't live in the area. Thanks for sharing!

    24. Must visit this place ang ganda dito , ang sasarap pa ng mga foods ang daming choices sa menu nila . Nkakatakam 🤤❤️ thanks for sharing ❤️

    25. Highly recommended 💯 I love their scrumptious dishes and excellent customer service. This was an enjoyable dining experience. Very convenient pa yung ready to serve party trays nila in case you don't have time to personally prepare the foods.