Rafa turns 3

December 03, 2022

We recently celebrated Rafa's third birthday at home with some friends and little visitors.

Rafa turned three last November 11 and while the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much out there, we decided to relax a bit, so we invited some kids over to our house. After all, what is a kiddie party without kids? Plus, we celebrated Rafa’s second birthday last year without any guests so we thought it would be much nicer and more fun to have some little visitors to share our happiness with. We also invited Miguel’s best friend so that they can have more playtime together as compared to when they were at school.

Rafa turns 3

Rafa turns 3

For Rafa’s third birthday, we decided to go for a donut-themed party although we didn’t strictly adhere to it. We bought donut balloons and J.Co donuts but that was as far as we went with regard to the theme.

We also thought it to be a good idea to rent an inflatable playpen because children will obviously go crazy over it, which is what exactly happened. Rafa and his little visitors won’t leave the inflatable playpen.

As for the food, we decided to order from a new food tray supplier as well as from our trusted party tray sellers.

We opted to try The Creamery Catering just because Mommy Khris and I were able to previously try its packed lunch and we loved it. For Rafa’s third birthday, we ordered boneless chicken barbecue and Hungarian sausage pasta. I heard good feedback about the boneless chicken barbecue. As for the pasta, I thought it was ordinary and bland if not for the slices of the spicy and smoky Hungarian sausages.

Rafa and his visitors
Rafa and his visitors

We also ordered spaghetti and pork sisig from Hotdish. Both items were good, but I particularly liked the sisig which I was eating for several days.

Lastly, we also bought garlic sotanghon with grilled liempo and roast beef with mashed potatoes from 8 Spoons Party Trays. The garlic sotanghon is our favorite and it never disappoints.

For the children though, we just cooked fried chicken and lumpiang Shanghai which they liked. I mean, you can’t go wrong with fried chicken and crispy lumpiang Shanghai with kids.

Inflatable playpen for Rafa's third birthday
Inflatable playpen

To complete Rafa’s 3rd birthday celebration. we also had some games to bring in some excitement to the kids in addition to the inflatable playpen.

For Rafa’s third birthday gift, we bought him a kitchen set from One Elephant because he said that he wanted fruits and vegetables for his birthday. It’s also a great toy set to encourage Miguel and Rafa to do pretend play.

In the end, it was a fun-filled day. We saw how happy Rafa was, so it was really a great decision to have some guests over.

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