6 Important Life Lessons that a Father wants to tell his Sons (a letter)

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Sharing you these 6 important life lessons that I want to tell my children and that other fathers might find of value as well.

My dearest Miguel & Rafa,

If you are reading this letter, I am deeply happy for two reasons: one is the COVID-19 pandemic might have already passed so the world is most likely (hopefully) in a much better situation as compared today as I write this letter and two is that you are still genuinely interested to learn from Daddy.

6 Important Life Lessons that a Father wants to tell his sons
The joys of being a husband and a father

6 Important Life Lessons that a Father wants to tell his Sons (a letter)

    Fatherhood is one journey that I am extremely happy to be given the chance to take. I am immensely proud to be called a father when the two of you were born but I am even prouder to have been able to raise good, God-fearing, and respectful sons. Like any other well-meaning fathers, these things are the ultimate culmination of my dreams.

    I am still in awe of how your mother and I were able to do it but I guess it was because of how we consistently reminded you of the important life lessons that we ourselves adhere to. If it worked for us, I guess the best way to honour these life lessons is to share it with other people, especially the youth, who might find these ideals (or even just bits and pieces of it) of great value, too. 

    On the other hand, I do not also want to forget these learnings. We might have talked about these things on numerous occasions, but knowing me, I forget some details easily. So I am writing these down here. After all, it’s always good to look back at the past because memories, whatever they may be, will make us happy. Whether those are memories about instances that made us smile or challenges that we were able to overcome, they are bound to provide a dose of happiness to us. 

    So, lets walk back to the memory lane and remember those cheerful (and even not-so-cheery) days when we would talk over dinner or at the porch about how to live life. Allow me to put into words our small talks and hope that these also bring a spark of hope and joy to other people: 

    1. Find your happy 

    Life should be lived well and to its fullest. As such, we should strive to find happiness in everything that we do and in how we live life, in general. I used to say that we should try to be non-conformists or to be different at all times. 

    But what if conformity and blending in with the crowd make you happy? Well, you do not always have to be different to stand out. In fact, you do not always have to stand out if you do not want to. Just be happy with what you have, what you do, and whatever path you choose to take. As long as you are not hurting anybody or doing anything unlawful, then you are living a happy life.

    Live a minimalistic life. The less you have, the lesser your worries will be. 

    2. Work hard because the world does not owe us anything 

    One of the greatest lessons that I learned early on is the value of hard work. There is nothing easy in this world, we will not be served anything on a silver platter. There may be shortcuts but they do not guarantee optimal results. 

    However, hard work is more rewarding most of the time. Furthermore, work hard because, in the end, you only have yourself to rely to. You may find a partner in the future but still work very hard with them. 

    You may choose any career that makes you happy in the future, but love it and it will love you back. Work hard and always give it your best shot. Remember that your work may not always reward you but whatever happens, you can at least sleep with a clear mind that you gave it your all and the outcome is beyond your control. 

    3. Always exercise fairness 

    Be fair in whatever you do. Do not short-change other people, give them what is due them. Be fair especially to those who have less. In fact, try to give them extra if you have some more to spare. 

    Be fair to those who are not as strong as you are, including animals. Your character is best tested when you are given power or authority. In any case, always choose to be fair and generous. 

    4. Be grateful for your blessings at all times 

    Always be grateful for every little thing that you have. Learn to appreciate your clothes, your education, your home, the people you have in your life, your food, everything. 

    When you have food on your table, show your appreciation by respecting it, treating it as a form of nourishment and not just something to fill your tummy. Do not be materialistic but for the material things that you have, show your appreciation by taking care of them. For the people that you have, show that you care and do not take them for granted. 

    What’s more, always share your blessings. The littlest of help can go a long way or make a difference in the lives of other people. 

    Be grateful and you will always be blessed. 

    5. Religion and politics are topics that cause divide 

    You know that I personally love spirituality but I am extremely apprehensive when it comes to the topics of religion and politics. That is because different people have different opinions when it comes to religion and politics. 

    Each person has their concept of what is right or wrong when it comes to church and state. As such, avoid these topics as much as you can if you want to keep your relationships in tact with your friends. Then again, if you choose to set foot on these subjects, learn to listen and be flexible. 

    6. Be good to your parents 

    Your mother and I have always been good to our parents and I want you to be the same. Not for anything but we really value our relationship with you, our sons. It would hurt us if you would forget about us. 

    But just to set things straight, I want to know that you have no obligation to take care of us, just like how my parents raised me. However, we would appreciate it if you could visit your mother and I when we do get old. Remember that you are our life and our happiness, and that fact will remain up to our very last breath. 

    That’s it for now. I hope this letter made you smile, my sons. I did not want it to be dramatic or anything too formal. If ever I remember anything, I would keep on updating this letter so I hope you would come back to visit it. 

    The important life lessons that a father can impart to his sons and to the youth as well
    Finding my happy

    Again, I hope you are always happy and well. 

    Love always, 


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