Kuya Miguel Has A Balloon For Rafa

August 28, 2022

Miguel recently brought home a balloon which he gave to Rafa.

A few weeks ago after his classes, Miguel came home holding a balloon. I asked his yaya (nanny) where it came from and she said that one of his classmates was celebrating her birthday. Thus, the parents treated the kids at school to Jollibee chicken and spaghetti. Of course, there were also loot bags and balloons for the kids.

Miguel has a balloon for Rafa

Kuya Miguel Has A Balloon For Rafa

I’m not sure how Miguel ended up with a balloon, maybe it was handed over to him by the birthday celebrator’s parents. Just the same, I was curious to know because I knew Miguel didn’t really care much about balloons. It was his younger brother Rafa who is always so fond of balloons.

I guess their yaya saw the curious expression on my face so she just said “Pasalubong po ni Miguel kay Rafa.” (“Miguel brought it home for Rafa.”)

That brought a smile to my face. Now, I really don’t know if that was true since Miguel is non-verbal so I have no way of validating. Still, I was happy with the thought that Miguel was being so sweet to his little brother.

As they went up the stairs, Miguel was still holding the balloon. I followed them upstairs and I asked if Miguel indeed gave the balloon to Rafa and their yaya said yes. Needless to say, Rafa was all too excited when he saw his Kuya Miguel holding a balloon. He immediately ran to get the balloon from Miguel.

I’d like to believe that Miguel indeed meant to give that balloon to Rafa. After all, he made no attempt to get the balloon back when Rafa grabbed it from his hand.

It was an unforgettable moment that makes me happy every time I think about it. I’m happy with the thought that my eldest son loves his little brother so much. I’m happy because Miguel is growing up to be a kind person.

I think that’s what every parent dreams of; seeing their kids being loving and respectful of their siblings. I know Miguel and Rafa would eventually grow up as independent individuals who are both free to pursue the lives they choose. Just the same, I hope that they would never forget to care for each other.

In the end, I also hope special needs kids would also be treated with kindness since they are innocent souls who carry nothing but goodness in their hearts.

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