9 Things to Carry While Travelling To Russia

August 29, 2022

If you are planning to travel to Russia soon, then here are the 9 top things that you should carry with you.

Russia is a unique destination to travel to. It has a lot of picturesque places that are Instagram-worthy and a lot of history and culture to explore. It must be one of your must-visit destinations considering its manufactured beauties like the kremlin, Saint Basil’s cathedral, hermitage museum, Suzdal, and natural scenic beauties like Lake Baikal Siberia, Mount Elbrus, etc. However, it being a socialist nation, there are several you need to take care of before traveling to Russia.

Travel tips for Russia
Photo by Daria Shevtsova

9 Things to Carry While Travelling To Russia

    Russian is the language spoken there widely, and the climate is very unpredictable out there. The best months to visit Russia are the summers from march-August. Winters can be harsh there, being close to the arctic circle.

    1. Russian Visa

    You cannot travel to any country without a Visa; it is more important in Russia. The Russian visa policies are strict here. 

    You should apply well in advance through an embassy. Check if you have received a Visa permit for the correct number of days and plan the trip accordingly. Another essential tip is always to carry the visa on you. You might be checked randomly by the cops in Russia, and the absence of one could cause unwanted trouble.

    2. Cash

    Make sure you have roubles in cash before entering the country—at least a little of them for the initial hours. You can, of course, use ATMs to withdraw cash, but you might be stranded in case of any emergency or faulty machine. 

    Also, remember that most merchandise does not accept credit or debit cards. Therefore, it is advisable to carry cash and change at all points of time.

    3. Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is a must for every traveler in case of flight delays, theft, or any medical emergencies; your insurance might be beneficial. It also covers cancellation charges in case of any delays. Choose travel insurance that covers all of the above and is affordable.

    4. Travel Itinerary

    Science the places to visit in Russia is widespread, and Russia is the biggest country in square feet. You should know all the travel facilities and accommodations available to every destination and choose the cheapest and fastest route.

    5. Toiletries

    This is essential for every traveler. Have a sample of all the toiletries you use. It would help if you also carried an extra toilet paper roll as public toilets can be a little shabby in Russia. 

    Make sure to take your sanitizers, soaps, gels, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc., and anything else you need daily to save money. They are readily available in pharmacies, but it is better to keep one. Also, remember to take your contact lens solution with you if you use lenses.

    Medicines with their prescriptions can be taken in your bag.

    6. Plugs and Adapters

    The plugs and adapters in Russia are similar to the ones used in Europe. Russia uses 220-volt electricity, and you might have to check your adapter capacity to charge your phones. Therefore, it is advisable to check it and bring appropriate gadgets.

    7. Outfits

    The more layers you can wear, the better. Wear your thermals at all points if you are not accustomed to the weather. Have hot water with you always to keep you warm. If you are looking forward to enjoying the nightlife, make sure you have packed some classy outfits for clubbing, as most of the clubs in Russia have a dress code and allow only if you are dressed enough.

    8. Souvenirs

    If you have booked a BnB or staying with a family, it is courteous to take souvenirs from your homeland. This is a custom in Russia, and you will be appreciated for the effort.

    9. Some Do’s and Don’ts in Russia


    • It is better to stick to bottled water in Russia.
    • You must keep your money safe and secure at all times.
    • Bring your Prescribed medicines to last your trip in Russia as you might need a local prescription for a refill.
    • Carry your hotel Invitation while entering Russia, and you can even use it to apply for your Russian visa.


    • Do not take pictures standing on the streets
    • Respect their culture and religion and do not take pictures inside places of reverence.
    • Try to stay away from discussing politics and history with the natives. You can be listening but not arguing.

    Bottom Line

    Russia is a great place, especially a Disneyland, for people who love architecture. It is a great place to travel and tour. Try to learn a few Russian words before you go, have some rubles in your pocket, and you will enjoy the trip thoroughly.

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