6 Beautiful Destinations You Have To Visit At Least Once

December 30, 2021

Sharing with you some of the most beautiful destinations around the world that you have to visit at least once.

Traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures has always been my favorite way to spend time. Whether you are looking to get away from it all or to experience something new, here are 6 beautiful destinations you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. These 6 destinations should be on everyone’s bucket list because they are too good to not have seen them. So what are you waiting for? Plan that trip to one of these countries today.

Must-visit beautiful destinations to visit at least once

6 Beautiful Destinations You Have To Visit At Least Once

    1. Vegas, USA

    Las Vegas, Nevada, is a place to go to have a great time. There's so much to do here. If you are at a loss for things to do in Las Vegas, don't worry, we've got you covered. 

    You can get married at the Little White Chapel to get hitched in an Elvis impersonator’s car, you can take a helicopter to Mount Charleston for amazing views of Vegas after hiking up the mountain, and you can eat to your heart's content at The Buffet. 

    If you're looking to party, the nightlife in Vegas is incomparable to anything else in the world. There are many clubs to choose from to dance the night away to your favorite music.

    2. Egypt

    Moving to the opposite end of the globe - Egypt is known for its ancient tombs, pyramids, and temples which were built thousands of years ago by people who had no modern technology as we do now. 

    Map of the most beautiful destinations to visit around the world
    Photo by Timo Wielink on Unsplash

    Spend some time exploring this fascinating country to get insight into one of the great ancient civilizations. Visit the Valley of the Kings to see some of the tombs that were once decorated with amazing murals to see how people lived in ancient times. 

    Head to the Sinai Peninsula to climb Mount Catherine to see a very old monastery that is perched up high to see panoramic views of the entire peninsula.

    3. Italy

    This beautiful country is filled with delicious food to eat, fascinating architecture to see and to-die-for shopping to do. The city of Rome has a lot to offer to those who visit. 

    One of the most interesting things to do in Rome is to explore the ruins from Ancient Rome to get a better understanding of how this country became the leader of the world so many centuries ago. If you prefer to stay above ground, be sure to check out The Vatican Museum for some of the best art to be found in the city. 

    Finally, to get to Italy you should definitely explore some of its other cities like Milan to experience shopping up to your ankles and Florence to see wonderful Michelangelo sculptures.

    4. Peru

    Known to many as the land of the Incas, Peru is a country to explore for its rich history and to enjoy its beautiful landscapes. 

    If you want to be in awe of what nature created, head to The Nazca Lines to see how man intertwined with nature to create these massive etchings into the ground that can only be seen from high above to know that we are quite small in the world. 

    Don’t want to miss out on an experience of a lifetime? Then head to Cusco to take part in The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to get a tour of this beautiful city built into the mountains to see what people thousands of years ago could do to get to know even more about this wonderful culture.

    5. The Australian Outback

    Australia is divided into 6 different states to explore, all of which are vastly different to get to know each other better. 

    For example, if you want to get off the beaten track and see what Australia's outback has to offer, head to The Flinders Ranges to hike up to Wilpena Pound to see amazing fauna and flora that can only be found in this remote section of the country. 

    World map
    Photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash

    If you're into adventure, then you must check out The Great Barrier Reef to scuba dive to your heart's content to enjoy all the colors of the water to get a different perspective of Australia.

    6. Barcelona

    To end the year, skip your typical New Year's Eve activities to be with the locals to celebrate in true Spanish style. Barcelona is filled to the brim with amazing restaurants to eat delicious tapas to know what Spanish cuisine is all about. 

    If you are more into art, then you must check out The Picasso Museum to admire this master of the art to know that to enjoy a good night out, head to The Gothic Quarter to see some of the most impressive architecture to admire for centuries to understand how to have a truly authentic experience in this beautiful city.

    Whether it’s experiencing local cuisine or seeing amazing natural formations like mountains with lakes on top, each place has something unique worth checking out before this year ends.

    Beautiful destinations to visit around the globe

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    1. I love your list, three of them are on my bucket list.. Barcelona, Italy and Egypt. I wanna visit these places.