5 Leisurely Things to Do in Liechtenstein with Kids

July 06, 2023

Liechtenstein (officially the Principality of Liechtenstein) is the smallest German-speaking country in the world. It is the fourth smallest country in Europe and the sixth in the world.

Liechtenstein (officially the Principality of Liechtenstein) is the smallest German-speaking country in the world. It is the fourth-smallest country in Europe and the sixth in the world. Liechtenstein lies along the banks of the Rhine River, in the center of the Alps, and between Switzerland and Austria.

Vaduz Castle close up view in Liechtenstein
Vaduz Castle

5 Leisurely Things to Do in Liechtenstein with Kids

    The tiny principality is comprised of eleven municipalities, with Vaduz City being the capital. Its form of government is a constitutional hereditary monarchy on a parliamentary and democratic basis. Currently, Liechtenstein is headed by Prince Hans-Adam II von Liechtenstein.

    Despite Liechtenstein’s diminutive size, travelers can look forward to a lot of wonderful things to do here during their visit. It is characterized by verdant plains and slopes, stunning walking trails, breathtaking castles and antique structures, and museums that give travelers a glimpse of the country’s past.

    Not a lot of tourists visit Liechtenstein though. In fact, it is considered the least visited country in Europe. Nevertheless, it is good to consider Lichtenstein for your next European adventure.

    Aside from dining in restaurants and taking a stroll in its old streets, here are 5 top leisurely things that you can do in Liechtenstein:

    1. Take a family-friendly hike

    Perhaps the most popular family-friendly spot in Liechtenstein is Malbun. It is a mountain village that is situated high in the Liechtenstein Alps.

    A small cottage surrounded by greens with Vaduz Castle in the background in Liechtenstein

    Malbun offers activities both during summer and winter such as skiing, easy hikes, and entertainment. While you are at Malbun, you may also want to try the Eagle Hike. This unique adventure walk allows travelers to walk with a golden eagle as they explore the bird’s natural habitat in the Alps.

    If you are looking for an even more challenging hike, you can try Princes’ Way Hike. It’s a high-altitude trek that starts at Alpe Gaflei where you get to enjoy the magnificent views. The trail will lead you to the Three Sisters Mountains, then to Alpe Gafadura, and back to Gaflei.

    If a physically intensive hike is not your thing, then you might want to book a tour to Ruggeller Riet Nature Reserve. Located in the northern tip of Liechtenstein, the 90-hectare reserve is teeming with flora and fauna for nature enthusiasts. Aside from walking, visitors may also try cycling and skating in a designated area in the reserve.

    For history enthusiasts, why not try the Historical Eschnerberg Trail? Situated between Bendern and Schellenberg, visitors will get a glimpse of the ancient origins of Liechtenstein. The highlight of which is a visit to the pre-historic settlements of Lutzengütle and Malanser.

    Lastly, you might want to bring your family with you to the Grossabünt Outdoor Leisure Centre. It’s a spacious swimming and leisure center where you can relax after a day of hiking or any other outdoor adventure.

    2. Visit Liechtenstein’s castles

    A visit to Liechtenstein wouldn’t be complete without seeing the majestic castles of the principality. The most iconic of which is Vaduz Castle, the official residence of the princely family.

    Vaduz Castle with Swiss Alps in the background in Liechtenstein

    Vaduz Castle is perched on a hillside that commands a splendid view of the capital city of Vaduz. It is not open to the public but visitors may photograph it from a close distance.

    Meanwhile, Gutenberg Castle represents the southern tip of Liechtenstein. Located in the municipality of Balzers and built on a hillside, this former church is open to the public for free.

    3. Take a glimpse into Liechtenstein’s history via museum tours 

    Liechtenstein’s rich past is as interesting as other countries in Europe and the best way to get a glimpse of its history is to visit the Liechtenstein National Museum. Aside from highlighting the principality’s history, the Liechtenstein National Museum also showcases the country’s plants, local animals, and culture.

    A view from a high location in Liechtenstein

    If you are into arts, do visit the Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts. Located in the heart of Vaduz, the museum features regular art exhibits throughout the year.

    There are also other smaller museums scattered around Liechtenstein. These are focused on local traditions, arts, and heritage. Aside from going on a museum tour, walk around the city of Vaduz on foot. Here, you will find magnificent government buildings and other structures that feature beautiful architecture. You will be surprised to find out that there are so many things to do in this little city.

    4. Attend a cultural event

    Liechtenstein is also home to cultural events and festivals that happen throughout the year, the most recognizable of which is National Day which happens on August 15.

    Aside from the National Day, travelers may also look forward to the Country & BBQ Festival, LGT Alpin Marathon Liechtenstein, the International Masterclasses, LiGiTa guitar festival, Jazz- und Blues in Hof, and the Liechtenstein Festival in Schaan (LIFE), just to name some. In addition to providing entertainment, these events provide a look into Liechtenstein’s way of life.

    5. Visit a winery

    Not known to many, Liechtenstein is a producer of quality wines. Wineries in the country, such as the well-known Prince of Liechtenstein Winery, offer wine-tasting sessions where guests can try the wine of their choice before purchasing a bottle.

    The landscape of Liechtenstein

    Aside from Prince of Liechtenstein Winery, there are also other small vineyards located around the principality. Nonetheless, you would be surprised by how good the quality of the wines offered in those wineries is.

    Hotels in Liechtenstein

    There are many lovely hotels in the principality where visitors can stay at. Two of the best-rated hotels are the Residence Hotel and Hotel Vaduzerhof in the City of Vaduz.

    More facts about Liechtenstein

    • Liechtenstein is one of only two landlocked countries in the world. It is bordered by Switzerland and Austria. The Rhine River forms most of the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    • The official currency is the Swiss franc, though euros and dollars are also accepted.

    • The national dish is 'Ribel', made out of cornmeal or wheat semolina.

    • While German is the official language, Liechtenstein’s citizens speak an Alemannic dialect.

    Filipinos who wish to visit Liechtenstein may apply for a Schengen visa. Liechtenstein is represented by the Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines. For other nationalities, you may check first if you need a visa to enter Liechtenstein.


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    1. I have always been intrigued by lietchenstein and it’s castle. I haven’t had chance to get there yet but the hiking is definitely making it more appealing.

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