Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort: a pleasant and family-friendly beach destination

January 17, 2023

Laiya Coco Grove Resort is the perfect beach destination for families or groups of friends who are looking for a fun and enjoyable day at the beach.

Laiya Coco Grove Resort is the perfect beach destination for families or groups of friends who are looking for a fun and enjoyable day at the beach.

Flaglets at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort

Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort: a pleasant and family-friendly beach destination

    Located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the area. It offers amenities and activities that will ensure that its guests will bring with them pleasant memories when they leave.   

    How to go to Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort

    We went to Laiya Coco Grove in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas for a weekend day trip. This was for Khris' team outing so we had rented buses to take us to the resort. If you do not have a car but have some budget to spare, I suggest that you rent a van or mini bus going to Laiya. After all, if you are a large group, a rented vehicle is the most convenient option.

    Strip of beach at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    The beach

    Nonetheless, there are buses that go to Laiya from Metro Manila if this is your preferred mode of transportation. You may opt to take a San Juan-bound Alps Bus, either in Araneta Center Cubao or in Alabang Grand Terminal, as early as 3:00 AM. Take note that the last bus to San Juan leaves at late afternoon, thus, it's advisable to call the bus station for confirmation if you are planning an afternoon or evening trip.  

    When you get to San Juan, Batangas, go to the municipal hall where there are jeepneys bound for Laiya or Hugom. You can tell the driver to drop you off at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort. Keep in mind that jeepney operation is not 24 hours, so the last jeepney leaves at around 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM. You may also opt to ask a tricycle driver to take you to the resort but for a higher fee, of course. 

    Our Experience at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort

    I had high expectations because of the many wonderful stories I heard about beaches in Laiya, which, according to some of my friends, was a premier strip of beach in this resort town.

    Arrival of guests at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Arrival at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort

    I was not disappointed when I first glanced at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort: the off-white sand looked pretty, the water looked pristine and inviting, and the sky was a bright blue hue. Many lovely cottages and colorful wind-blown banners dotted the beach front. The long drive seemed worth it, after all.

    Team-building activity at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Games and team-building activities

    We arrived there at around 10 AM. Since this is a company outing, we were cued that team-building activities and games would start in a short while. The activities were finished close to lunchtime so buffet lunch was served in a shortly thereafter. The sweltering summer heat ensured that everybody in the group was famished.

    Group photo at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Team Ynah

    Feeling full after lunch, we rested for a brief moment, took some photographs then proceeded to change to our swimming outfits. The water was clear and the sand, although not powdery fine, was a lovely cream color.

    Features and Accommodations

    Cottage at the beach of Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort

    While Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort may seem like an ideal day trip destination, guests may opt to spend a night or two here via any of the following accommodations:

    Tree Houses

    The resort has a total of seven tree houses, all designed like native huts made of local materials, and built beside or around a tree. All houses are air-conditioned and have their own living room and toilets.

    Eyeglass at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Beach essential

    Poolside Cottages

    These are ideal for medium-sized groups or families. The rooms are likewise air-conditioned and the cottages provide easy access to the beach and the swimming pools.

    Bahay Kubo

    The Bahay Kubo is perfect for big groups or families. This is a dormitory-style accommodation that can house 20 people. It has four toilets as well as lockers. 

    10 things you can do at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort

    Enjoying the beach at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    A game at the beach

    Aside from spending time at the beach while enjoying the sun and sea breeze, there are actually a host of other activities available to guests at the resort.

    Here is a list of 10 things to do at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort:

    1. Go snorkeling

    When we were at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort, we could not think of anything else to do in the afternoon after swimming. Fortunately, a boat-owner approached our group and asked us if we wanted to go island-hopping. We said "yes," of course, so off we went to open waters.

    It was not actually island-hopping because there was no nearby island in sight. We were, in fact, going to snorkel over a reef. We were provided snorkeling gears so we swam to our hearts' content while looking at the fishes and underwater plants. 

    If you are interested to go snorkeling, the resort may arrange one for you in nearby coral gardens.

    2. Swim in the pool

    If ever you get tired of swimming in the beach, you could use the resort's swimming pool. It's a large pool near the beach and just four feet deep because it was designed with safety in mind.

    3. Play beach volleyball

    Team photo at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Team photo

    Guests may ask the resort to set up a volleyball net at the beach and experience a good old volleyball game on the sand. Use of the net is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    4. Go sailing

    Water activities at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Water activities

    This activity is available for groups and individuals. It's a unique experience offered by the resort for its guests at a reasonable cost. If you are interested to avail of it, just inquire from the admin area of the resort.

    5. Try the kayak and pedal boats

    The pristine shoreline of Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort is ideal for water activities such as kayaking and pedal-boating. both of which are available to guests at a reasonable cost.

    6. Hike at the nature parks

    Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort is surrounded by lush shrubs and tropical trees. The resort offers activities at the nature park, complete with hanging bridge and nature trail. This is a popular inclusion in team-building activities.  

    7. Explore the golf driving range

    The driving range around the clubhouse provides a stunning view of the beautiful sights around Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort. The clubhouse is perfect for private functions and meetings.

    Teambuilding at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Having fun at the beach

    8. Be adventurous by camping out for the night

    The camp site is a secure and lighted area, complete with bath and toilet facilities. Here, guests may cook and have a picnic in one of the tables in the site. Visitors may bring their own tents but may also rent one for the night if they choose to do so.

    9. Play tennis and basketball

    There is a court in the resort that doubles as both a tennis court and basketball court. Use of it is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, guests are encouraged to bring their own racket and balls.

    10. Play darts, board games, cards, and trampoline

    These are activities that are perfect for people who do not want to spend too much time under the sun. Use of these are free and may inquire for the availability of the items from the resort.


    Couple travel bloggers at Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort
    Souvenir shot

    We left Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort by late afternoon before sunset. It was definitely a day well-spent. The beach is beautiful, not as stunning as Boracay, but attractive nonetheless. The off-white sand and the long stretch of clear waters are inviting. It's the ideal destination for families who just want a day or two at the beach to satisfy their yearning for the sea.


    Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort is located at Km.20 Brgy. Laiya, Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas. For inquiries, call telephone number (043) 969-93702722 (Batangas) or (632) 894-1057 and 892-6009 (Makati).

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