Lolo Claro’s Restaurant: Exceptional Fried Chicken (Menu + Branches)

February 25, 2024

Lolo Claro's Restaurant offers delicious home-cooked meals but one item that stands out in their menu is their exceptionally-good fried chicken.

Lolo Claro's Restaurant is possibly one of the best restaurants to try when you are in the Cavite area.  The restaurant offers delicious, home-cooked food but one item in their menu that stands out and they take pride in is their good fried chicken.

The entrance of Lolo Claro’s Restaurant
The entrance of Lolo Claro’s Restaurant

Lolo Claro’s Restaurant: Exceptional Fried Chicken (Menu + Branches)

    Our experience at Lolo Claro's Restaurant

    We had the opportunity to eat at the homey Lolo Claro's Restaurant while we were on our way back to Manila from our Pico de Loro weekend trip. We did not have time to cook lunch at Pico de Loro because our check out time was at 12:00 noon. 

    The interiors of Lolo Claro’s Restaurant
    The interiors of Lolo Claro’s Restaurant

    While at Naic, Cavite, we made a quick stopover to have our tires inflated. We asked around for recommendations for the best restaurant in the area and we were told to go to Lolo Claro’s, just a few meters from the vulcanizing shop where we were at.

    We drove back a bit and we immediately spotted the signage announcing that we have found Lolo Claro’s Restaurant.


    It was a quaint restaurant, with interiors and decorations reminiscent of its provincial roots. This was not at all bad, in fact, I like it because it was unlike the typical modern restaurants in Metro Manila that may look intimidating at times.

    Lolo Claro's was not air-conditioned but there were plenty of ceiling and wall fans buzzing which kept the dining area comfortably cool. However, if having no aircon would be an issue to you, then you might not enjoy it here.

    There were many diners that time, mostly families and groups of friends celebrating, plus it was already lunchtime. Anyway, Lolo Claro’s also seemed like a good place for celebrations.

    Food at Lolo Claro's

    A waiter handed us a menu when we had settled at our table. The meats were mainly fried chicken and lechon kawali (crispy fried pork belly) partnered with rice and either chop suey and pancit canton (stir fried egg noodles with meat and vegetables).

    The menu of Lolo Claro’s Restaurant
    Lolo Claro's Menu

    The server told us matter-of-factly that their fried chicken tastes like Max’s. Looking at the photos, the chicken indeed looked similar to Max’s with its crispy skin devoid of any breading and cooked to a beautiful golden brown. 

    I don't usually eat chicken but I liked Max's version because it does not have any strong chicken aftertaste and the meat is not fatty or oily at all. Intrigued with Lolo Claro's version, I ordered ¼ fried chicken meal with pancit canton and rice. Khris, meanwhile, wanted to try the lechon kawali with rice and chop suey.

    Fried chicken meal with pancit canton and rice at Lolo Claro’s Restaurant
    Fried chicken meal with rice and pancit canton

    We did not wait long for our orders to arrive. The fried chicken looked as good in person as it is in photos. The skin is inviting, almost begging to be bitten. I took a piece of the skin and it was indeed crunchy and full of flavors. And yes, it was every bit like Max's fried chicken. The meat, meanwhile, was cooked throughout but it remained juicy and savory.

    I also liked the pancit canton because it was very flavorful. It had a thick sauce and generous vegetable toppings and pieces of meat. It went well with the chicken and rice.

    Lechon kawali with rice and chop suey at Lolo Claro’s Restaurant
    Lechon kawali with rice and chop suey

    I also had a bite of Khris’ lechon kawali and it was good. It was crispy and seasoned well; it was nicely-cooked and very tasty. It had a layer of fat which will surely satisfy the taste buds of those who like pork fast. We did not eat it though.

    Meanwhile, the chop suey was cooked just right which meant that the vegetable remained crisp without tasting raw. It also had a flavorful sauce which was also delicious. This chop suey, its sauce most notably, is the perfect pair with lechon kawali.

    Iced tea at Lolo Claro’s Restaurant
    Iced tea

    Our meals also came with free glasses of iced tea. It was the usual instant iced tea but it was okay since it was complimentary, anyway.

    Aside from rice meals, Lolo Claro’s also offers sandwiches and pasta dishes. They also have desserts in their menu like yummy leche flan, fruit shakes (some are fruits in season), and the all-time Filipino favorite halo-halo.

    Our Verdict

    For this hearty meal, we paid P175 for the chicken plate and P185 for the lechon kawali. Not bad. When settling your bills, be sure to check your receipt though. The waiters can get confused with the computation but most likely because of the huge number of diners when we came here.

    For those who are passing by Naic, Cavite, be sure to pass by Lolo Claro’s if you want a good meal that give value for money.


    Lolo Claro's branches

    The main branch of Lolo Claro's Restaurant is located at Gov. Drive, Garita A, 4112 Maragondon, Cavite. You may call their telephone numbers 412-0544 and 0919-506-1837 for inquiries.

    Lolo Claro's has two more branches located at Naic (telephone numbers 412-2592 and 0929-593-4534) and Trece Martirez (telephone numbers 419-2280 and 0920-806-9240), both located in Cavite.

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    1. Very Nice, Cosy and Accomodating Place Daddy Ivan, Sobrang Sarap ng mga Combo Food nila, at tlagang Pinoy na pinoy po ang mga Lutuin, at Ang mumura pa ... really must visit this and try the Yummy Foods and Drink .. THANKS For sharing this po #SupportLocal .

    2. Mukhang masarap nga po kumain jan at mura pa

    3. Woaah thank you for this dadi iv sa akin din po hindi issue yung walang aircon kaya feeling ko magugustuhan ko din yan pag nakarating ako jan. Anyway chicken lover po ako so na amazed ako sa sinabi nila lasang Max chicken yung chicken nila🤗Well sarap kaya ng chicken ng Max. Nakakatuwa naman po may free Ice tea complete na din sila kasi may dessert pa. Plus the price is very affordable.

    4. Thankyou for sharing This daddy ivan.. Grabe must visit po talaga dito.😍 Gusto ko tuloy matikman ang chicken nila.. Lalo nat yung sinabi nilang Lasang Max ang chicken nila 😍😍 At hndi lang yun may pa free Ice tea pa sila 😍 For sure binabalik balikan talaga ito.😍

    5. Definitely a must try. I love fried chicken.

    6. Lolo Claro's is one of the traditional restaurants where they serve our favorite filipino foods. good to stop by and have a taste of their fried chicken