5 Fun Things To Do At EDSA Shangri-La With Your Kids On A Weekend

July 13, 2023

A family staycation at EDSA Shangri-La is always a good idea because of the many fun and wonderful experiences in store for you and your kids.

We recently spent the weekend at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel and, as with our previous staycations, we had a wonderful time at this five-star hotel. I consider Edsa Shangri-La Hotel one of Metro Manila's most family-friendly hotels. Even before we had kids, Mommy Khris and I already loved having staycations at EDSA Shangri-La Hotels. Now that we have two children, we made it a point to bring our boys to EDSA Shangri-La Hotel so that they would also get to experience the joy of staying in this iconic hotel.

5 Fun Things To Do At EDSA Shangri-La With Your Kids On A Weekend

5 Fun Things To Do At EDSA Shangri-La With Your Kids On A Weekend 

    Our experience at EDSA Shangri-La with kids

    There wasn’t much difference between our previous experiences at EDSA Shangri-La as compared to our recent stay with two kids. I’d say though that it was a lot more fun with kids because you can see how genuinely appreciative they are of the room amenities – from the bed to the toilet bidet! I mean, the moment our kids saw the bed, they immediately hopped in and started jumping happily. I guess it’s also universally common among children; if they see a bed, their instant reaction is to jump on it.

    EDSA Shangri-La room with kids jumping on the bed

    Overall, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel is a kid and family-friendly hotel. It has everything that vacationing families will appreciate, highlighting unforgettable experiences, enjoyable family bonding moments, and delicious food that everybody will enjoy.

    Fun things to do at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

    If you are booking a family staycation at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, here are some of the fun things that you can do with your kids:

    1. Swim at the pool

    EDSA Shangri-La swimming pool

    I haven’t encountered a little one who doesn’t love swimming. That being said, we made sure to bring our kids to the pool area and, as expected, they had a wonderful time swimming and playing in the children’s water activity area. For bigger kids, they can also try the slide.

    water activities at EDSA Shangri-La

    2. Have breakfast at HEAT Themed Buffet

    I consider the breakfast buffet at HEAT as one of the best in Metro Manila. The food selections are extremely satisfying and the service is always reliable. During our recent stay at EDSA Shangri-La, I also realized that it was kid-friendly. 

    Rafa enjoying his breakfast at HEAT at EDSA Shangri-La

    There was a play area where kids can play with the toys after having their breakfast. There were also food selections that children will definitely love; for Rafa, it was pancakes, doughnuts, and pizza. For Miguel, it was the crunchy bacon and fried chicken.

    Magic show at EDSA Shangri-La

    We were also in luck that day because there was a magician at HEAT to provide entertainment. Rafa had a “private” magic show. We were seated at the far end of the restaurant where there were only a handful of diners and this was where the magician was preparing his props for the show. When he saw Rafa looking at him, he began doing his tricks which Rafa appreciated very much.

    3. Take your kids to the indoor play area

    Right beside the HEAT restaurant is an indoor play area for kids. We haven’t had the chance to bring Rafa to the indoor play area, but Miguel was able to try this amenity. There weren’t many activities to do here but it was enough to keep kids busy and entertained.

    4. Buy pastries at the bakeshop

    EDSA Shangri-La bakeshop

    We love the bread and pastries sold at the EDSA Shangri-La’s bakeshop. I’m sure your kids will also have a great time with you choosing which baked goods to buy. That’s not to mention that the interiors of the shop look bright and inviting.

    5. Explore the lobby

    Exploring the EDSA Shangri-La with kids

    You can also explore the spacious lobby of EDSA Shangri-La with your kids. You can walk around and show the fountains to your kids (Rafa loved looking at the rustling water). You can opt to sit in one of the chairs and just enjoy the busy buzz of people coming and going.


    The EDSA Shangri-La Hotel is definitely one of the best family and kid-friendly hotels in the Philippines. We always have a consistently amazing experience each time we stay for the weekend at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. As such, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel is always easy to recommend to other families who want to have a memorable staycation.

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