Acacia Hotel: our first family staycation

May 06, 2019

Acacia Hotel is perfect if you are looking at spending a weekend with your family or if you are on a business trip in the Alabang, Muntinlupa City area.

Acacia Hotel is perfect if you are looking at spending a weekend with your family or if you are on a business trip in the Alabang, Muntinlupa City area.

Last year, during the raffle portion in an event I attended, I luckily won an Acacia Hotel voucher entitling me to a free stay at a Deluxe Room for two with free buffet breakfast.  However, it was only during the close of the first quarter of 2019 when Ynah and I finally had the chance to avail of that staycation at Acacia Hotel.

We thought it was also a good opportunity to take Miguel to a new place where he can have a good time. After all, his day to day routine would be to go down at our condo’s activity area for some playtime.

Acacia Hotel family staycation
Our first family staycation at Acacia Hotel

Acacia Hotel: our first family staycation

    I honestly had no idea about Acacia Hotel and didn’t know what to expect although I have read a lot of good reviews about it before our staycation. Nonetheless, we were excited for the coming weekend at Acacia Hotel.

    To go to Acacia Hotel, we deemed it most convenient and practical to book a Grab car service because of our bulky bags (full of Miguel’s stuff, of course) plus a stroller. It was early Saturday afternoon so traffic was a bit light. However, we deemed it best to take the Skyway because we were already running late for check-in. Travel time was fairly quick because we arrived just in time for check-in.

    Our first impression of Acacia Hotel

    Our Grab service dropped us off at the main lobby entrance of the hotel. I had no idea how Acacia Hotel looked like so when we saw it, I was surprised that it was very business-like but the ambiance is still warm and friendly.

    The facade and main lobby of Acacia Hotel
    A view of Acacia Hotel's façade and main lobby. Photo taken from the hotel's website
    Immediately after the driveway is the hotel entrance where there are several attendants stationed. The lobby itself is beautiful; although it was not expansive, the clever use of space resulted to a grand and breathtaking entrance hall. What I liked most about the lobby is the contemporary details that can be seen in the upholstery of the chairs, the carpeting, the ceiling, and other decors. Meanwhile, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow plenty of natural lights to bathe the lobby.

    The grand staircase of Acacia Hotel
    The grand staircase of Acacia Hotel. Photo taken from the hotel's website
    I also initially thought that check in would take a bit of time because there were only a few attendants available at the counter. Good thing I was wrong because check in at Acacia Hotel was fast. We were told that welcome drinks are available at 6:00 PM at the lounge. However, we had to forego our complimentary drink because we had Miguel with us.

    The elevator lobby was also small so expect a queue to build when there are numerous guests during your stay.

    Acacia Hotel’s Deluxe Room

    Our room was at the 12th floor. As soon as we opened the door, we were greeted by our bright and spacious room. It was more than enough for the three of us. There was a lot of space where Miguel can run and play, which he immediately did. Carpeted floors are heaven-sent if you have a toddler who is just learning to walk (or for our case, run).

    Our little boy Miguel playing on the carpet of Acacia Hotel
    Miguel playing on the carpet
    The queen-size bed in the middle of the room is inviting. What we love about hotel room beds is that they are always of the right firmness. If we could only spend the whole day sleeping here, we would do it. However, we only had an overnight accommodation so we better make the most out of our time at Acacia Hotel.

    queen-size bed at Acacia Hotel
    Queen-size bed
    Most of the amenities that were waiting for us at Acacia Hotel were standard in any hotel: the 24-inch LCD television, complimentary bottles of water, a personal refrigerator, water heater, and a safe. Meanwhile, the equally spacious bathroom featured a bathtub, a shower area, and bath amenities like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. The toiletries were courtesy of Natur.

    Couch at Acacia Hotel

    tea and coffee cups at Acacia Hotel
    Cups and saucers

    bathroom sink at Acacia Hotel
    Bathroom sink

    bathtub at Acacia Hotel

    Natur toiletries at Acacia Hotel

    We had lunch outside Acacia Hotel because we wanted to have a walk around the surrounding area. After lunch, we went to South Supermarket to buy chips, cheese, and a bottle of wine. We were initially planning to explore Acacia Hotel but decided not to because Miguel was sleepy. We just spent the rest of the afternoon in our hotel room.

    Wine and cheese at Acacia Hotel
    Wine and cheese
    Come dinner time, we decided to just order takeout at North Park in South Supermarket. Again, we spend the evening in our room having a bottle of wine and cheese after dinner. I initially borrowed wine glasses from room service but they said it was not allowed. Instead, Acacia Hotel graciously lent us goblets which worked for us just as well.

    Breakfast at Acaci Café

    In any of our hotel stays, what we definitely look forward to is the breakfast buffet. It’s not different here at Acacia Hotel’s Acaci Café. The following morning, we were excited for what awaits us in the buffet spread.

    bacon at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel

    bread station at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    Bread station
    When we arrived at Acaci Café, there were already quite a number of people getting their fill of the bountiful breakfast. Because we had Miguel with us, we were ushered to a table near the windows. After Ynah got her first breakfast plate, I surveyed the buffet stations and made a mental note of the dishes that I had been craving for a long time.

    Cheese board at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel

    Cold cuts at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    Cold cuts
    First was Arroz Caldo. I could not recall the last time I’ve had Arroz Caldo so I filled a soup bowl with as much porridge as I wanted to. However, I was a little disappointed because it did not have as much ginger flavor as I wanted to have. I think they used turmeric because the flavor was not as strong as ginger. Nonetheless, I must have been craving really badly for Arroz Caldo because I went for a refill of my bowl.

    Condiments at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel

    Crispy danggit and dilis at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    Crispy danggit and dilis
    I also got several loaves of croissant, crispy bacon, a few pieces of danggit, and some sausages. The croissant was really rich and creamy especially with some butter. I enjoyed eating my croissant with the crisp and flavorful bacon.

    Ham at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel

    Hash browns at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    Hash Browns

    From the omelet station, we requested for well-done scrambled eggs without seasonings for Miguel. We were glad that our request was courteously granted.

    California maki at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    California Maki

    What struck me the most was the presence of California Maki rolls which you seldom see in breakfast buffets.

    Mixed sausages at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    Mixed sausages

    Breakfast plate at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    A plateful of all my favorite breakfast food

    I also liked the fact that there are unlimited servings of Yoginos yogurt. I particularly liked the Mandarin Cheesecake flavor which was slightly sweet and tangy.

    For dessert, there are fresh sliced fruits available. I’m beginning to like fruits for dessert because they are light and much healthier as compared to pastries and other sweets.

    Unlimited Yoginos yogurt at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    Unlimited Yoginos yogurt
    What was notable at Acaci Cafe was the attention that servers give to their guests. They are always quick to respond to our requests and they are very friendly. We were happy because they were talking to Miguel and kept him entertained during our meal. It’s such a pity that we were not able to get their names.  These are gestures that are truly unforgettable and make hotel stays extra enjoyable.

    child-friendly breakfast buffet at Acaci Cafe in Acacia Hotel
    Miguel patiently waiting for us to finish breakfast
    On the whole, the food was good and the service was impeccable. By the way, Acaci Café offers whole day buffet. If you want to enjoy your meal with bubblies, Acaci Hotel offers Sunday Champagne Lunch, an affair that is seldom heard of in the Philippines but I personally would want to try someday.

    Acaci - Acacia Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Other Amenities

    After breakfast at Acaci Cafe, we proceeded to check the swimming pool at the third floor. Although the pools looked kid-friendly, not to mention that there are lifeguards on duty, we were not able to take Miguel for a dip because we were afraid of him ingesting water since he has a sensitive tummy.

    Acacia Hotel also has a gym and a wellness spa if you would like to take advantage of the fitness and relaxation services offered by these establishments.

    By 12 noon, we were already checking out and booking a Grab car on the way back to our condo. It was a brief stay at Acacia Hotel but we completely enjoyed every moment of our staycation. We were glad because we were able to bring Miguel to his first hotel stay with us. Although our home is quite far from Acacia Hotel, we will be very glad to be given another opportunity to stay here.

    Acacia Hotel is located at 5400 East Asia Drive Corner Commerce Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781, Philippines. You may give them a call through these phone numbers: (63-2) 720 2000 / 588 5888. If you want more details, you may visit their website at

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