Anika Island Resort: A Beautifully Unique Seaside Resort In Bantayan Island

January 21, 2023

Anika Island Resort is a charming little beachfront property nestled in Sta. Fe town in Bantayan Island, Cebu.

Anika Island Resort is possibly one of the most unique hotels that we have been to because it uses repurposed cargo containers for its accommodations. Aside from this, the resort is also one of your best choices when looking for accommodation on Bantayan Island, Cebu because of its attractive lawns, comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and affordable price.

Anika Island Resort signage
Anika Island Resort

Anika Island Resort: A Beautifully Unique Seaside Resort In Bantayan Island

    Our experience at Anika Island Resort

    We were not really expecting Anika Island Resort to be stunningly attractive. Sure, it looked good in photos but it was much more splendid when we saw it in person. What really lured us to finally book a room was the price.

    Relaxing on the beach at Anika Island Resort
    Relaxing on the beach

    You see, every time we travel, we seldom give much care about our accommodation because we'll be out and about most of the time. We will just use our room to sleep and take a bath. So, as long as we have the basics (i.e. clean bed and toilet, strong water supply, and powerful air-con unit), we are good to go. In short, we always put the priority on practicality. 

    That's why it's always such a big bonus whenever we chance upon hotels that offer much more than the basics for a reasonable price. Anika Island Resort is that type of accommodation; it combined a good balance between affordability and good quality.

    Welcome gift at Anika Island Resort
    Welcome gift

    The accommodation package that we got also included a transportation service to and from Sta. Fe port. Anyway, as soon as we entered the gates of Anila Island Resort, we immediately noticed how well-maintained its gardens and facilities looked. 

    The cargo container rooms were also something that we could not forget because of its distinctive design. It was such a fresh deviation from the usual architecture commonly seen in other seaside resorts.

    Choosing a room

    We booked a Courtyard Room, the smallest type since it was just Khris and me who will stay in the room. However, depending on how large your group is, you may choose to get any of the following rooms:

    Courtyard Room at Anika Island Resort
    Courtyard Room

    Ocean View Room

    This is the most expensive at P4,000 per night. The Ocean View Rooms are nearest the beach, so this is a good choice if your idea of a great morning would be to immediately step into the sandy shores of Bantayan Island.

    This can accommodate three to four persons (an extra mattress is billed separately).

    Sunrise View Room

    The Sunrise View Room is priced at P3,300 per night, ideal for groups of three to four persons. Again, if you need to request an extra mattress, it will be charged separately. 

    Garden View Room

    The Garden View Room is surrounded by lush greeneries and colorful blooms. It is priced at P2,800 per night and is ideal for two persons up to a maximum of three.

    Sunset Pool Side

    The Sunset Pool Side rooms overlook the swimming pool and feature a verandah. The poolside rooms are further categorized into three: Sunset Poolside Twin (P3,000 per night for two persons), Sunset Poolside Clubhouse (P3,500 per night for three persons), and Poolside Clubhouse Deluxe (P2,500 per night for one person).

    Courtyard Room

    The most affordable at P2,000 per night and good for two persons.

    The Courtyard Room is small, just enough to fit the two of us, but it looked comfortable and homey. Anika Island Resort's website said that the Courtyard Room can fit a third person but I think that would already make it too cramped.

    Bed at the Courtyard Room of Anika Island Resort
    The bed

    Anyway, we do like that the queen-size bed had fresh sheets and the toilet was clean. The bed was so comfortable that we instantly fell asleep as soon as we put our bags down. We must be that exhausted from the long journey from Manila to Bantayan Island. 

    Toilet at Anika Island Resort
    The toilet

    The room did not have an electric kettle though so we had to ask for hot water at the restaurant when we wanted to have coffee. It was just a minor issue that did not affect our great experience at Anika Island Resort.

    5 top things to do in Anika Island Resort

    Anika Island Resort is a small hotel so there really isn't much to do in terms of indoor facilities. However, why spend it inside when the beach at Sta. Fe is magnificent? Here are some of your options:

    1. Beach bum

    At Anika Island Resort, you can just relax and spend a lazy day at the beach. They have a well-maintained beachfront with fine, cream-colored sand. 

    Strolling along the beach at Anika Island Resort
    After walking along the beach

    The aquamarine water is inviting so a dip is definitely in order. At night, there are no parties or loud music so it's really just the calming sound of the waves that will lull you to dreamland.

    2. Swim on the beach

    The crystal-clear water of Sta. Fe beach is inviting. It's okay to give in, don your swimming attire, and spend a good hour enjoying the seawater.

    3. Swim in the pool

    If you feel that you've already had a good dose of the beach, you can also spend time in the swimming pool. 

    4. Take a leisurely stroll along the beach

    Sta. Fe beach in Bantayan Island
    Sta. Fe beach

    Khris and I enjoyed walking on the fine white sand of Sta. Fe beach. We also took a peek at the nearby resorts to see what they had to offer.

    5. Watch the sunset

    No beach getaway is complete if you will just miss the sunset. The setting sun on the horizon, against the blue water, was a sight to behold. Sit on the sand, enjoy the breeze, and watch the sky as it changes its colors.

    If you wish to explore the town of Sta. Fe, you may arrange an island-hopping or a familiarization tour at the resort's reception.

    Chloe Cafe

    Dining at Anika Island Resort is also another experience courtesy of Chloe Cafe. The restaurant offers Filipino, American, and Italian dishes. 

    Outside Chloe Café in Anika Island Resort
    Outside Chloe Cafe

    The interiors of Chloe Café in Anika Island Resort
    The interiors of Chloe Cafe

    When we first ate here, we were expecting the servings to be small, having been used to the hotel food portions in other popular tourist destinations. To our surprise, each item can feed three hungry people well.

    Fish tinola at Anika Island Resort
    Fish tinola

    What's good about it is that food is reasonably-priced without compromising the taste and quality. Try their fish tinola, fish kilawin, and grilled meats and seafood. 

    Inihaw na liempo at Anika Island Resort
    Inihaw na liempo

    I particularly enjoyed the fish tinola. It's one whole red snapper cooked in a broth flavored with spring onions, spicy green chilies, and ginger. The soup was flavorful and invigorating, a good cure if you are sluggish or hungover.

    Pancit canton at Anika Island Resort
    Pancit canton

    The experience, of course, would never be complete without Anika Island Resort's ever hospitable and helpful staff.


    Anika Island Resort gave us wonderful memories of our visit to Bantayan Island. The resort is good-looking, it offered great food, and the price of its rooms was just right.

    The next time our friends ask us for a recommendation on where to stay in Bantayan Island, we would definitely tell them to get Anika Island Resort.

    Anika Island Resort is located in F. Roska St., Brgy. Okoy, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, you may contact Anika Island Resort via its mobile phone numbers: (+63) 917 328 4898, (+63) 999 886 4465, and (+63) 922 843 9517 or through is telephone number: (+63 32) 438-9073.

    Credit cards are accepted at Anika Island Resort. For deals and promos on Anika Island Resort, you may check here.

    Anika Island Resort review

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    1. MAganda mag spend ng vacation po dito sa anika island resort. Bukod sa maganda na yung view dami mo pa pwede gawin may choice ka din kung gusto mo sa pool mag swimming or beach.Yubg room ni comfortable din and affordable no worries din po magutom kasi masarap dun nag food nila. Must visit po.

    2. Sulit na sulit po ang pag punta dito sa Anika Island Resort, Napakagandang place at talaga namang mag eenjoy ka dito , lalo nat kung kasama mo ang mga taong mahal mo.. Napaka ganda pa ng room at sure na sure na magiging komportable ka dito at talaga namang napaka affordable pa. Must visit here po..

    3. Sulit na sulit po ang pag punta dito sa Anika Island Resort, Napakagandang place at talaga namang mag eenjoy ka dito , lalo nat kung kasama mo ang mga taong mahal mo.. Napaka ganda pa ng room at sure na sure na magiging komportable ka dito at talaga namang napaka affordable pa. Must visit here po..

    4. A beautiful place in cebu. Ilalagay ko to sa bucketlist ko. I know in time makakapagtravel din kaming mag sawa. Affordable price. Masasarap pa ang foods

    5. Anika Island resort must be written to your bucket list. A nice place to take a rest and enjoy the vitamin Sea. good thing here is the price. With good accomodation and surroundings, this is surely worth it. Maybe someday when all will be going well, we will dip in the beach of Anika Island resort

    6. What a very Nice and Beautiful Place Recommendation again Daddy Ivan 🥺❤❤ sobrang ganda po talaga magRelax at maghangOut jan kasama ng Buong Pamilya or Barkada, ganda pa ng Room

    7. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:26

      Must visit nga po ang Anika Island Resort and Talagang highly recommended hindi pa masakit sa bulsa yung rate ng room nila.Dagdag pa yung ganda ng beach nila plus delicious food po😊.

    8. カマネーロ アップルジョイ8 May 2022 at 03:27

      Wow ang ganda nman dito . Ang ganda ng welcome gift nila 😍 dami pang room na pwedeng pagpilian . Gusto ko ung sunrise view room sa beach ang ganda . Ang sasarap at nkakatakam pa ang mga food nila ❤️😍(Apple Joy Camañero)

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      i like the concept of Anika Island Resort for using repurposed cargo containers for its accommodations. this is a nice place to stay, the food is great, the rooms are nice and the beach is awesome that i wanted to watch the sunset there.