4 Top Reasons to Visit Farm Villaronte in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija with Your Kids

June 16, 2023

If ever you get to visit my hometown, San Antonio in Nueva Ecija, don't forget to include Farm Villaronte in your travel itinerary.

Farm Villaronte in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija has been making a lot of buzz on social media lately when pictures of its seemingly endless flower fields caught the fancy of netizens around Nueva Ecija and nearby provinces, and even in Metro Manila. Now, who would’ve thought that my quiet town San Antonio is home to such a beautiful and talked about destination? With that, we made a point to visit Farm Villaronte when we go home to San Antonio.

Farm Villaronte family travel guide

4 Top Reasons to Visit Farm Villaronte in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija with Your Kids

    About Farm Villaronte

    Fram Villaronte is also known as the Villaronte Agri-Tourism Park. It is located at Ilang-ilang 2, San Francsico, San Antonio, Nueva Ecija and opens everyday starting 6:30 AM. Farm Villaronte is a working flower farm; the flowers grown here are sometimes sold here as arrangements for special occasions. Other than that, Farm Villorante is often used as a photoshoot venue for prenup sessions, kiddie shoots, and even family photoshoots.

    What we liked in Farm Villaronte

    The chance to finally visit Farm Villaronte came during the long Holy Week break last April. We were excited, of course, especially since Rafa has been asking us the whole morning to take him and his Kuya back to the park. We drove to Farm Villaronte; it was easy to find since it wasn’t too far plus we used Google Maps.

    Farm Villaronte, San Antonio, Nueva Ecija

    There was free parking. We paid a minimal amount of Php50 per head (a total of Php200 for us four) for the admission fee.

    Upon entering, we immediately noticed the bahay kubo or nipa hut for rent on the side. I guess Farm Villaronte is also open to small events or family picnics.

    Anyway, the whole farm was lovely to look at. Here are some of the things that we liked about it:

    1. The view of the flower fields is relaxing

    The view of the colorful flowers at Farm Villaronte was a welcome break from the endless horizons of rice fields that you often see in San Antonio, or Nueva Ecija for that matter. The view reminds me of photos of Taiwan Flower Farm.

    Farm Villaronte flower fields

    2. Kids will enjoy running around

    While the ground is not concrete, it’s level which means kids are safe to run around, play, and enjoy being outside.

    3. The air is cool and fresh

    The best time to go to Farm Villaronte is before 10:00 AM and at around 4:00 PM. I would recommend going in the afternoon so that you can enjoy the cool afternoon breeze and even watch the sunset.

    4. The admission fee is affordable

    At Php 50 admission fee, visiting Farm Villlaronte is indeed very easy on the pocket. You can stay here for as long as you like.

    Make sure your kids are comfortable

    Farm Villaronte family friendly destination

    Your kids will enjoy their time in Farm Villaronte even more when they are comfortable. With that, here are some essential items you can bring to make sure that you have a great time at Farm Vilaronte.

    • Comfy shirts - buy them HERE.
    • Comfortable slippers - buy them HERE.
    • Back towel - buy it HERE.
    • Water bottle - buy it HERE.


    Farm Vilaronte is one of the best places that you can visit in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. It’s a family-friendly destination that you will all enjoy. I can even consider Farm Villaronte as pet-friendly because pets are allowed inside. As such, make sure to include Farm Villaronte in your family travel itinerary the next time you are in Nueva Ecija.

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    1. This location looks amazing family-friendly place for kids to have fun together with their parents or care takers. I´d love to visit Farm Villaronte if I´m ever in that state. Thank you for sharing such a great passtimes of your family!

    2. That all sounds perfect, lovely views, affordable fees, what a great spot for family holiday. The kids look really happy on the photo, nice to see you had fun.

    3. Nnnniiicccceeeeee....the view of the flower-side alone, has convinced me to visit here! This is a lovely farm!

    4. FARM VILLARONTE IN SAN ANTONIO looks amazing! As a photographer this looks like it would make an amazing location for photography sessions. I'm definitely putting this place on my travel list.