10 Best Destinations in Africa for Your Family Vacation

March 24, 2022

Sharing with you a list of the best destinations in Africa for a family vacation.

Are you planning to travel with your family soon, but don’t know where to go? Are you looking for a new destination that can bring new experiences to the entire family? If you answered “yes,” then traveling to Africa should be next on your bucket list.

Best destinations in Africa for a family vacation

10 Best Destinations in Africa for Your Family Vacation

    There have been a lot of misconceptions about Africa. For one, many believe that Africa is a desert, and there’s nothing much to see there. However, this is far from reality because the country is a great travel destination that offers countless activities for the entire family.

    For your next family vacation, make sure to visit the following destinations in Africa:


    Tanzania is located in East Africa and offers plenty of activities for the family. This country features some of the best family safaris as it has several exotic animals and wildlife parks. The country also has several national parks that allow the family to see chimpanzees, zebras, and gazelles up close.

    After spending a day with the animals, the family can explore the beaches of Zanzibar. This island in Tanzania has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.


    Mauritius is known for being the best family-friendly destination in Africa. The activities offered by the country are safe for all family members and relatively cheap. This means that the entire family can enjoy it without breaking the bank.

    You’ll never run out of activities to do when you’re in Mauritius. Your family can visit Port Louis to shop in the local markets, scuba dive in the Blue Bay Marina Park, or spend a day at the Casala Wildlife Park.


    Different family members will want different things when traveling — adults will likely want to lounge while kids want to try out new and exciting activities. Tunisia can cater to all of these as it has a bucketful of diverse tourist attractions.

    If you want the kids to have fun on the beach while the adults sunbathe, visit Djerba. The whole family can also ride dune biggies and take on camel treks in the Grand Erg Oriental. The country also houses many historical sites, such as the El Djem Amphitheater and Bulla Regia.


    Does your family want to experience a self-drive safari? Then you should definitely visit Namibia. This country in South Africa is popular among tourists for being best traveled using a 4x4 and offers massive dunes, famous coastlines, jaw-dropping desert sceneries, and exotic wildlife.

    Namibia is a large country, so make sure to plan your itinerary carefully. You want to have sufficient time to try different activities and visit numerous spots for relaxation and adventure.


    Botswana comprises diverse terrain lands and lends itself to various activities that suit anyone interested in the great outdoors. Even if this is your family’s first time visiting the country, everyone will surely have fun as the locals are known to be warm and friendly.

    Some of the best things to do in Botswana are taking guided game drives, riding aquatic safaris, and enjoying predator sightings. Your family can also track the Big 5 — buffalos, leopards, lions, elephants, and rhinos — in the Okavango Delta.


    Morocco is an incredible country in North Africa that offers plenty of activities for the family. Whether the family wants to stay in glammed-up hotels, visit desert dunes, or spend time in a traditional bathhouse, Morocco has got all of these covered.

    When in Morocco, never miss booking a camel trek to the Dunes of Erg Chigaga. This is Morocco’s largest sea of sand and is one of the most adventurous the country offers. You and your family should also shop the Souqs in Marrakesh and windsurf at Sidi Kaouki.


    More than 500,000 tourists visit Kenya every year — and it’s easy to see why. This country in East Africa enables tourists to experience wildlife safaris at its finest. The wildlife parks in Kenya might be smaller than other spots in Africa, but for sure, the size will not affect your experience and enjoyment in the country.

    Kenya is also an excellent destination for wet activities. You and your family can snorkel at the Indian Ocean, sail the Lamu Archipelago by riding a dhow, or enjoy jade-colored waters and white-sand beaches at Diani.


    Known for its high-end resorts and beautiful landscapes, Seychelles island is a must-visit for families. The Seychelles island is one of the oldest islands in the world and boasts of numerous activities ideal for adventure-seeking families.

    In the Seychelles islands, your family can do some scuba diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, island hopping, and even take a helicopter ride to see the country in a bird’s eye view. Ziplining and hiking are also very popular on the island.


    Also known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda showcases a plethora of tourism choices suitable for every member of the family. Its culture-rich spots also enable tourists to learn about the country.

    Get the most out of your trip to Uganda by going on a mountain gorilla trek, visiting endangered rhinos, and canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi. Your family can also choose to try different adventure activities in Jinja, such as kayaking, white-water rafting, and bungee jumping.


    Located in East Africa, Ethiopia is a landlocked country divided by the Great Rift Valley. This country has managed to impress travelers for years due to its diverse culture, breathtaking natural wonders, delicious cuisine, and welcoming people.

    Complete your itinerary to Ethiopia by spotting an Ethiopian wolf in the Bale Mountains, taking a boat trip on Lake Tana, trekking to the Erta Ale Volcano, and visiting the Danakil Depression. For a more relaxed activity, explore the castles of Gonder — one of UNESCO’S world heritage sites that showcase preserved 17th-century African infrastructure.

    Start Planning Your Trip

    Regardless of your family’s interests and budget, everyone will always have something to love in Africa. This country even offers activities suitable for every member of the family.

    So, what are you waiting for? Check airfare tickets and accommodations, and start planning your upcoming trip to Africa. This next family trip will surely be one for the books!

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    1. Your post on family vacations in Africa is both inspiring and informative. Having visited Ghana myself, I can attest to the incredible experiences Africa has to offer. Your article beautifully captures the essence of exploring this diverse continent with loved ones. It's great to see you highlighting the wonders of Africa and encouraging others to embark on similar adventures. Keep up the fantastic work!

    2. There are lots of great places to visit on this list. I've always wanted to go to Morroco or Tunisia.

    3. Great ideas in this article for family-friendly vacations in Africa. I traveled to Tanzania many years ago and have often thought it would be nice to take the family, so I appreciate the other options listed here. Stephanie

    4. This was fascinating! Africa has been on my husband's bucket list since he was a child. We were both thrilled to read about all these places to visit!

    5. This was fascinating! A trip to Africa has been on my husband's bucket list since he was a child, and we both found this article to be an amazing read about some places we could go!

    6. I had no idea Africa had so much to offer! I will definitely be looking into it more and adding to my bucket list! Thank you for sharing and teaching me something new!

    7. I'd love to visit every place on your list. Self-drive safari would be incredible and I'd especially like to visit Uganda to meet all the amazing people who have shared their stories with me.

    8. Honestly, Africa isn't my top choice for a family vacation. But your post truly attracts me to the land. I will surely visit the place one in life with my family. I'm sure my children will love the safari a lot.