Miryinda Restaurant Review [San Juan, La Union]

May 30, 2024

If you are looking for a restaurant in La Union that offers delicious kare-kare, then you should definitely head over to Miryinda in San Juan.

When we were in La Union and whenever we searched for the best places to eat in the province, both on the internet and on social media (TikTok/Instagram), the name Miryinda constantly popped up. As such, we just had to give it a try, especially because I saw some kid-friendly food options on Miryinda’s menu. With that, we made a lunch stop at Miryinda before proceeding to Awesome Hotel on our second day in La Union.

Miryinda Restaurant crispy kare-kare
Crispy kare-kare

Miryinda Restaurant Review [San Juan, La Union]

    My first impression of Miryinda

    Before I proceed, a word of caution, if you are bringing a car, Miryinda doesn’t have a parking space. There’s paid parking though near Elyu Inasal, and then you just have to walk along Urbiztondo Road, passing along Tagpuan sa San Juan (another popular food spot), and all the way to Miryinda restaurant.

    Family lunch at Miryinda
    Family lunch at Miryinda

    When we reached Miryinda, it was just as we expected it – small, long lines, crowded. We weren’t expecting much because it was just a garage converted into a restaurant. It seems like most restaurants in La Union are just small food establishments and not the big, air-conditioned types (except for fast food restaurants). Nevertheless, we were willing to wait because we heard the food in Miryinda was really good.

    When we saw a vacant table, we immediately went for it since our two little boys were already getting hungrier by the minute. A few moments later, another table was vacated. We were ready to order.

    What we ordered at Miryinda

    Miryinda is known for its crispy kare-kare with bagoong rice so we all ordered that. Well, it seemed like everybody else was ordering it so we had to try it, too. We also ordered the adobo flakes for Miguel and Rafa, and a plate of garlic pancit guisado in case they didn’t like the adobo. We didn’t order drinks but there is free cold water for all diners.

    Crispy adobo flakes at Miryinda
    Crispy adobo flakes

    There was a little queue so the server cautioned us of the longer-than-usual waiting time that day. We were also told that when the buzzer whirrs, we were to personally pick up the food plates in the designated area (there was also a separate area where we had to place the used plates afterward).

    When our food arrived, it looked completely enticing. We wasted no time and tried the crispy kare-kare. Indeed, it was delicious. I didn’t even have to use the bagoong because the rice, the sauce, and the crispy liempo were already flavorful. What’s more, the vegetables were cooked just right which made the dish even more enjoyable to eat.

    Garlic pancit at Miryinda
    Garlic pancit

    Meanwhile, Miguel and Rafa were eating the crispy adobo flakes without any complaints, in fact, I can see that they were enjoying it.

    Aside from these savory dishes, Miryinda is also known for its banana bread. However, we never got to try it because we were already too full to have dessert.


    All in all, we had a wonderful eating time at Miryinda. The waiting time was reasonable and the food was truly good and not just hyped. If you plan to visit Miryinda, they are open from Thursday to Monday, from 10AM to 5PM.

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